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18 hours ago

Great trail, can be difficult at times to find the path.

Easy hike. The lodge was interesting.Wind can make it a little more difficult.

Great up and down easy. Blue sky everywhere!

I really enjoyed hiking to the top of Texas' highest peak. Thank you very much to the people responsible for building and maintaining this well-maintained trail. Thank you also to whoever was responsible for putting the shiny metal monument marker at the top of the mountain. It was very cool having such a prominent marker at the top of the mountain. Note: near the top of the trail, well above the camping area, there's a section of the trail where you can take it to the left or the right, and both places and up back on the trail, but you should take the left way that has you go over bed rock to the opposite side of the ridge, rather than the right side (muddy) which takes you needlessly over a short but steep "up and down" back to the trail. Both ways work, but you can save yourself a bit of needless aggravation by taking the correct trail path that goes left at the spot,

Beautiful hike, feels like you're on the moon... recommend taking some Gatorade or something similar to get you through it. Sun reflecting from all angles can take its toll on you. Lots of sunscreen!

Tough hike once I reached 3.5 miles.. stopped at 4 miles . The hike back to truck was slightly rough suggest good hiking shoes and thick socks.

Feel great & stronger.

Beautiful hike! Haven't hiked in a while. This hike was a bit difficult going up but with plenty of hydration and energy snacks, we made it through.

If your not in shape your gonna be hurting

Amazing! Great trail, kids had a blast and not too strenuous! If you like geocaching there a some great ones along the trail!

15 days ago

Kristen and I were first on the trail after gates opened at 8 am. Lots of scat. When you get to canyon the trees are amazing. Some water although looks like this may have been more in the past. Loved the Pratt cabin and the hunter cabin. Magic place.

Kristen and I went to top and back in under 4 hours. I agree it is more like a 9 mike hike. Trail is perfectly marked. Saw deer on hillside above us. One super windy section near the Guadalupe campground. Great hike. Great view.

16 days ago

Beautiful but strenuous trail.
The last 500 feet is rocky with a fair amount of scree. I fell at the top when my boot caught the edge of a rock. Five miles of hiking, 3000 ft of elevation and sixty mile trip to Carlsbad ER who, I might add, were very caring and did a great job stitching me up.
Everyone at the summit agreed and compared GPS’s, this is a 10 mile hike not 8.8, 9.2... that trail signs and books claim.

This was a great hike, views and terrain, awesome! The weather was mild being February (a plus). Being a 42 yr old Midwesterner with no significant local elevation changes this hike was a challenge but doable, 5.5 hrs out/back. You need to be in reasonable physical condition to complete it though. Also, must take plenty of water and some snacks. Well worth the planning!


17 days ago

Great hike with amazing views over White Sands. Very quite and peaceful hike. Takes about 2hrs.

This was a difficult hike but worth the view at the top! It is up hill most of the way there, with some flat breaks. Don’t be fooled by all the false peaks, we kept thinking we were close to the top and then we would see a higher peak.

GPS will not work inside the cavern, so forget about track recording. Otherwise a very nice, well maintained cave system. Walking up is not as difficult as it seems.

19 days ago

We did a ‘baby equilateral triangle’, went in for about only 5 markers, then cut across to the other side of the trail, and walked out, for a total of 1.5 miles. Worked great with children. With a lot of exploration on the way, took about 1 hour. Saw a bleached earless lizard. The sand just beneath north slopes was very cool despite the air temperature being well above 80s.

I was able to pull it off took all day literally like 10 hrs but I wanted to enjoy it and I’m disabled. So if I’m able to do it surly most can

Steep and rocky hike but worth the views. I wouldn’t recommend in the summer since there’s no shade. Definitely worth it, the highest point in El Paso. Lots of cholla cacti near the peak.

24 days ago

Not for people with knee problems.

Loved this hike. Beautiful scenery and the Grotto is a nice rest area. Be aware, after the Grotto, the hike gets tougher-not hazardous, just tough. Most of the elevation gain starts then. If you're planning on camping at the site at the top, you'll need to take water, which makes the hike a bit tougher. We went in late October. After the Notch, only saw 2 people.

Terrific hike. 3 hours up, 2:15 down, plus time at the top. First third of the hike is the steepest. Last third and the peak were very windy - 40-50 mph gusts that day according to the folks at the visitor's center - so a fleece and windbreaker are highly advisable. Still, I wish I had been in shorts rather than long pants. On the advice of the visitor's center I had 3L of water, but 2L would have been plenty. Saw a number of hikers carrying only 1L, though that would be too little in my view. Depends on the temps, of course. The day I hiked it was about 50 degrees at the TH at 9 am. Bring sunscreen.

on Pine Tree Trail

30 days ago

Lots of people since it’s near a camping spot, but the views were gorgeous and the trail very well maintained. There were a couple of damp spots from the rains when we had gone, but overall a great trail.

Did the short side from the visitors center to the cave and back. Nice warm up. Great views

Perfect for a morning stroll. Nice and easy. I went in March and saw a half-dozen bird species. Great with kids.

1 month ago

An incredible trail! Took the whole family on it. Enjoyed the scenery and being within the Organ Mountains. A little longer in length than listed - But made for a great hike!

Easy and nice trail. Excellent views

1 month ago

Nice hike and some good views! Some spots of loose rock/gravel.

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