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For 25 years, the Trails Challenge has been designed to get you outdoors, exploring on your own, with friends, or with loved ones. This year’s Trails Challenge highlights 20 of our most interesting parks and unique trails for all abilities. We have included easy, moderate, and difficult routes, leading hikers to scenic destinations through a variety of parklands. We’ve also included information about special features in the selected parks. Keep in mind you can use any trail route to complete the Challenge, not just those listed in this year’s Guidebook, by exploring at least five trails or 26.2 miles (the distance of a marathon). Be sure to visit our 2018 Trails Challenge Web Page at ebparks.org.

EBRPD Trails Challenge 2018 Map

Beautiful loop.
Very muddy.
Nice to see water in the creek.

The winter rain left some muddy parts to forge; but hey hiking in winter aloft the expanse of the Bay- who cares? A great get out of the hub-bub and hike kinda place. You’ll have cows on the trail to skirt around but they seem oblivious. Saw dogs chasing a Coyote and wondered about the owners, but not too long. Great open hills to climb.

loop trail located near Antioch, California that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is rated as difficult and offers a number of activity options. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

This is basically my backyard and I love it. So much here to explore

This is one of the better trails in the park. Although it’s under six miles, it is a strenuous hike, with lots of steep grades.

Slipping, sliding and slogging up and down hills through mud. That definitely added some difficultly to the otherwise moderate terrain. The trail is pretty poorly marked, so it's easy to go off on tangents. There were tons of cows and timid calves out. Saw two turkey vultures and a pair of ravens. Pretty awesome views of Mt Diablo and the east bay. The rock scramble was pretty short, but I would recommend going counter clockwise so that that section is on the uphill. Loved the mossy oak environment.

Nice hike but with varying trail signs, which made it hard to tell if you were on the loop or not. Very beautiful though! Lovely at sunset. Good for dogs.

Lovely long walk with varying difficulties, and so close to the city! Traveling clockwise will put the hard hills first. Dogs can be off leash, just beware of roaming cattle. The forest section can get a little muddy and slippery at times, so wear decent footware if it's rains recently.

With help of this app trail was easy to navigate..

the trail was very slushy due to recent rains. the early part of the trail is mostly shaded. the cattle roam around the trails and can sometime seem threatening but mostly they go about their business. we went at around 8am, the time Gates for the parking opens and went around the trail in about 4 hours. it's moderate trail except for the Ravens trail which can be steep if you go counter clockwise. the view from the top of Highland Ridge is amazing. you can see all across the Central valley and we were lucky to see all the way to the snow clad Sierra hills. on the other side you have a great view of the same Ramon valley and beyond. overall a good hike in the cooler time if the year. summer can be brutal as expected in the East Bay trails.

It’s been a long time since I hiked there but it was a favorite when we lived in Antioch.

Nice and peaceful trial track.

Did this late in December. Not an easy hike in sneakers and lots of wet terrain. Looks easier to navigate some sections on bikes and saw a few bikers on various parts.
Even saw some runners, but not sure that is much fun given all the mud laden sections. Almost took a header navigating the steep muddy beginning! Since it was overcast, missed any true views, but overall a pleasant hike devoid of summer crowds and bugs!! Hope to find more challenging hikes in the future.

epic bike trail down the hill ha but was a great hike lots of vertical challenges, very well marked all different levels of expertise

Nice local trail. Not too many people, very cool single-track trails rimmed with Manzanita trees. Lots of birds, Redtail hawks, a Harrier and lots of Acorn Woodpeckers. The hills are turning green, nice hike close to home.

Be prepared for several pocked trail pitfalls. Steep narrow heavily over grown trees to hike through. Not an easy trail. The take away is the broad views. Take a friend.

Wow! Great trail! I added on Foothills Trail to bring the hike in at 8.3 miles. Love all the rock formations, streams, woods and rolling hills! After more rain, should see a waterfall too! I didn’t feel that it was a hard trail, definitely moderate but not hard.

Great variety of terrain and views. Exciting mud in some places- bring appropriate shoes in wet season. May have to detour around cows+calves on the trail.

Very easy hike, good place to relax with your family and friends on the weekend.

this trail is one of my regulars. absolutely love anytime of the year and there's never really anyone else on the trail once you get past the cemetery.

One of my fave hikes to go on with my dog, there is the best of open space preserve and sheltered lush forest. During the summer the shaded portion is welcomed after the heat!

Lovely views of the lake! Not a difficult hike at all. I I added on the Ten Hills Trail along the Golf Course to connect to East Shore and skipped the Cameron Loop connector to make my hike 5 miles. More paved route than I prefer but this hike was a good way to get out and avoid some of the smoke that is blanketing the Bay Area. It was pretty busy with fisherman, hikers, bikers, runners. Seems like a lot of people had the same idea of trying to stay active in the smoke.

Great place in the middle of city! Lots of cows and people. Some inclines to start and finished through the woods. Great view of the city! There is a portion of pavement which is my least favorite but on this route, it’s minimal.

I do this trip often. Its a good wide trail, good incline and lots of cows to see!

Did this hike today with my husband and mom. None of us are avid hikers but the hike was the perfect length with just enough hills to make us feel like were getting in our workout.

Pretty nice hike. The last 2 miles up the Raven trail were tough (16-20%) grade, but the 360 deg. view at the top was incredible. Saw some mule deer.

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