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The only reason I gave it four stars was due to getting to the trail head. If you love to rough up your vehicle then by all means travel the last 5 miles up there early spring with pot holes the size of a car. BUT! Totally worth it. The pools and streams where beautiful and still recommend the hike

3 days ago

Great hike! Went last year, and plan on going again soon. Good hike to take kids, we even took one of those big wheeled child stroller’s. Much is a road. Ppl in the town are pretty friendly and it’s interesting to see how their energy set up runs.

Beautiful walk, short and easy

Super pretty hike. The entire trail was covered in hard packed snow and some ice. Boots chains and poles for the win!

Went this weekend. It was amazing. 3/17/18 it was snowy still, slippery in some places. Be careful, but otherwise wonderful!

nature trips
11 days ago

This is the best place to go during the salmon run. You can see these incredible animals jump up the falls trying so hard. It’s a moderate hike but kids can definitely do it as well while experiencing this amazing event. At some spots it can be slippery. At the top of the falls is a small education center, park benches and playground.

This was our first time coming here and didn’t really know what to expect as a friend had been suggested it so we thought, why not? If you’re looking for a quiet hike, this is not it. We got an early start but it was a constant stream of people, bikes, horses, etc. Not a big deal to some but not my idea of a hike. It was also clear that many people don’t clean up after their dogs, which was disappointing as I carried my bags the easy 2.5 miles to the garbage. We came from the Hantwick TH and planned to take some trails past the bridge but there was zero signage which for a place like this, you’d think they would have some guide or map other than just elevation. we did the most obvious small loop and called it good as we were getting a little irritated trying to figure it out past that. Like others have said too, hard to see the falls in high water season so maybe a sign to let you know what you may be looking at would’ve been nice. The scenery and bridge were beautiful, it just wasn’t the right “hike” for us.

Short easy hike. Very crowded. Amazing waterfall. In order to enjoy this hike, snow spikes or hiking boots for icy and snowy surface is required. In my opinion, snowshoes are a little bit overkill.

Really a gorgeous hike. Snow was covering the trail so leave your nikes at home and hike with good traction shoes. Spectacular view at the end of this trail!

My all time favorite hike. But it has gotten so crowded in recent years. I visited here just weeks before the fire closed it in 2017.

Very sad. But can’t wait for it to reopen.

nature trips
12 days ago

Such a peaceful and family friendly place to set ones Internal reset button. Worth the experience.

13 days ago

The water here is the prettiest blue to turquoise.

17 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous hike. Lots of great people and friendly pups along the way. Snow was covering the trail, good shoes with adequate traction or shoe spikes would be a wise choice. Not deep enough for snowshoes.

Couldn’t get my sportwagen through the snow today unfortunately but looks like a beautiful area! Going to try again in a month or so

Visited this park about a week back. Surprised by the length of the trail & the size of the falls! Worth a visit for a quick little walk.

23 days ago

I was impressed with the size of this trail, it seems like a tiny park for the homeless to chill at but I saw no homeless and it was a large park. the trails are easy on the way in, a hill on the way out that's bad on the lower back, but you'll survive. i recommend this park to anyone over the age of 1.

Very pretty and easy stroll to take an out of town friend that doesn’t really hike. Beautiful on a rainy morning I’m sure we will be back for a picnic on a drier afternoon!

Such a great hike! So many beautiful pools to stop at. Also a good place to go backpacking. I’ve been twice and plan on going again later this spring.

my very first trail in Oregon

1 month ago

Always a beautiful hike! One of our favorites

Nice trail for a family hike!

1 month ago

Great hike. Treacherous without traction. Snow melt bogs at some points, but can be walked around.

2 months ago

Favorite waterfall in the Mt.Hood NF. Typically short easy trail


First 1/4 mi of trail was clear with spots of thick very slick mud. 1/4 way in trail turns to solid black ice...spikes are needed!

Found pair of shoes at trailhead mens size 9. So if they are yours I have them!

2 months ago

Can be busy, but always nice!!! Spring and summer brings some pretty flowers around the loop. I love the bridge :) Easy walk, slight inclines in areas that can prove to be difficult for some, just go slow. Fantastic for kids and animals :)

Couldn’t complete because of the ice. Recommend spikes for your boots. Very dangerous with cliffs and ice. Will come back and try it with better traction.

2 months ago

Amazing hike I loved it. Some parts were treacherous because they were covered in ice and I did not have the right shoes on-- I had my converses. But I was determined to get to the falls and crawled my way through the hard parts. I suggest you bring some sort of traction for your feet you won't get far with out it!

We found this hike to be a little vanilla and relatively crowded. While the path is well taken care of, we tend to go hiking for a little more seclution. During January the falls are more of a set of large rapids but I'm sure they are more appealing during the dryer months. The river setting is nice and there are plenty of opportunities to stop and have a picnic at one of the many park benches provided. The thing that saved the day from total disappointment was the pair of bald eagles we found only 40 to 50 feet up in a tree right off the trail over looking the water. They seemed completely unoffended by our presence and stood for our many pictures of them.

I had two very painful falls coming back down, but did not have crampons. I went yesterday, definitely have the correct shoes with crampons!

2 months ago

Definitely grab your mini spikes for this one right now! The last mile and a half is practically an ice skating rink. It’s fun, but there are some precarious edges you wouldn’t want to slip and fall down.

2 months ago

Great winter hike (12/31/17). If you go on a day below freezing without recent snow cover, then crampons are your best friend. People without them were crawling and sliding as most of the trail is very icy.

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