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Great hike but quite muddy and slippery at some points, wear good shoes and you’ll be fine! Breathtaking views at the top.

This trail is scenic as goes along a creek for a bit then it climbs considerably. The all trails mapping is incorrect as forgotten valley is within 2 miles. If you want a real workout continue up mountain lion trail until it meets back up with burro trail.

Earth Day! Two 9 year old boys, one lazier than the other, hiked bootleg-coyote-mule-barn- bootleg. We started around 10 am, stopped for 2 picnics and ended at 2:45.

The Coyote trail was difficult with the vertical gain, but best to do the work upfront and coast on down.

We had fun, likely will not return until fall to this trail. The meadows are filed with aspen and that will be gorgeous in October.

It has a little bit of everything. I look forward to going back.

The prints and fossils were cool, but the cyclists scream profanity at you and your kids for being on the wrong side of the trail, regardless of the fact that they too keep wandering over into the pedestrian lane AND there's a tour bus we're all trying to avoid. Nice place to bring the kids though, if you're into that kind of stuff. I've had a few issues with cyclists on the trails but these people were something else. Manners y'all.

My out of shape friend from Texas did it and so can you. We had copious amounts of cured meats beforehand! And a banana cream pie.

Went Sunday 15th of April.

Not sure why trail marked is called forgotten valley. It does through forgotten valley (Trail is called burro trail.) but take you up to windy peak.

We took this way coming down, but went to the right on the first fork, taking us up mountain lion, the trek up was beautiful and challenging, the way down (through forgotten valley) was rewarding.

I suggest taking this loop, because going up on the forgotten valley side to windy peaks gets pretty steep near the end.

Whole loop for us was 5.9 miles. Beautiful views. Ate lunch at the top of windy peak was gorgeous. Will be coming back to backpack this summer.

A little difficult for an easy trail but well worth it.

7 days ago

Beautiful hike today on 4/19. Packed snow and ice almost completely covering entire trail up to the end of the trail. Definitely helped to use my yak tracks. I didn’t slip at all or have any difficulty while using them (besides the altitude and the entirely uphill trail-lol). Not too much of an elevation gain but the altitude definitely makes it more challenging. I was truly surprised by how many other people were on the trail and the fact that 95% of those people were very ill prepared for hiking. I’m here were people in shorts and almost everyone else was wearing either tennis shoes or casual shoes. No wonder I saw so many people falling. Please be prepared for the ice/snow and weather

My dog loves playing in the creek. Very easy to move on. Can get crowded in the summer and on weekends

Forgotten Valley is actually probably only about 3.5 miles round trip. I’d rate it as moderate... plenty of uphill. Beautiful bright blue pond and old houses from the 1800s at the end of the trail. Went 4/16 and no snow. Make sure to keep track of where you turn as there are a few times the trail branches off.

Would recommend starting via Flatirons North instead of South. Otherwise you turning back on flatirons when coming back around in the open space.

Easy beautiful trail. Views of the red rocks are amazing.

11 days ago

Great for toddlers and carrying babies (no strollers). Busy on the weekends, but not crazy. Definitely worth the time for a fun family afternoon hike.

Great easy hike though there’s quite a bit of mountain bikers. Keep your eyes up!

One of my favorite easy hikes, usually busy though.

Beautiful hike through pretty pine trees and gorgeous mountain views. Some muddy spots but nothing bad. Peaceful and pretty! Not too strenuous which made it very enjoyable.

Scenic hike but very short. Visit the amp if you haven’t visited before

Nice and easy trail with gorgeous views.

This was a nice short hike, about 3 miles. Nice trail, a little muddy from melting snow, not bad though. Quite a bit up hill but very doable. View at the top is beautiful and a good place to have lunch. Nice mountain stream along the bottom half. Will be back. A good place to take out of towners.

Nice late afternoon hike with my baby, quiet despite being close to highway. Beautiful scenery and easy access to the creek to dip your hands or feet.

This is a great trail for visitors from out of state or for those who want a just a little adventure close to the metro area! It’s easy and short, but some really pretty views along the way. It is usually busy. Plan on visiting the amphitheater and museum, and the Trading Post (with new museum additions)!

24 days ago

Went today, it was a wonderful hike. In the icy spots just stay on the snow along the edges.

Nice steady incline on the way up. March-May is a little in spots located under tree cover along with mud. Can get a little crowded on weekends so hit the trail early.

25 days ago

Nice to go in April when it’s much less crowded.

As someone mentioned before me, this mapped trail leads to windy peak - which is beautiful. Moderate difficulty, good view from the top. Last about 0.7 mile had packed icy snow. Extra traction would have been helpful, especially on the way down (I ate it once). But doable just in boots. Good hike!

The title Forgotten Valley is misleading as the map shows a route to Windy Peak; Forgotten valley is just to the west of this route and sings along the way will indicate. There is a state park fee to enter this area and parking is available for about 20 vehicles near the trailhead. This route begins on the burro trail and ascends to a junction with mountain lion trail. You take mountain lion up to the north shoulder of windy peak and then it reconnects with burro. Signs lead the way to the summit which raises up to around 9,000ft. There were a few snowy patches and micro spikes would have been helpful for the last half mile. There was skipping and sliding today. Windy peak lived up to its name and provides amazing views to the west across golden gate and to the snowy high altitude peaks beyond. The whole journey took me just under 3 hours including some rest time at the top.

a little muddy but nice for March!

27 days ago

narrow and rocky trail, with heavy use by bikes and runners we always felt like we had to move off the trail to make way. started from stegasauras parking lot, didn't see any bones on that side of the hill but the view to red rocks is nice, if you can ignore I70 in sight.

on St. Mary's Glacier

1 month ago

Beautiful hike this morning, we had the top all to ourselves. Looking forward to coming back and experiencing it in warm weather.

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