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Amazing hike! It’s not too long of a hike and it’s on a paved trail with dirt trails coming and going from it. The falls are amazing and your able to get right up too them. There’s a upper and lower fall. You can get down to the lower part but you have to be careful with the rocks! Beautiful views!

Beautiful place!

2/3 of the way is pretty basic. The last 1/3 was more fun. Stepping through and over more creeks, trees, rocks. The terrain became more intense. Once I reached the waterfall, the temperature had dropped and the rocks were iced over. It was beautiful, very private and reclusive.

10 days ago

This is a beautiful trail, kid friendly. Short with some elevation gain. The waterfalls make it all worth it, we spent about an hour taking pictures and splashing in the pool at the bottom.

Waterfall is best part no surprise but hike is busy because it’s paved with all levels able to enjoy it. Mostly tree high Mountain View

10 days ago

It's a nice looking (though not very dramatic) water fall at the top of a fairly large ascent. The trail is easy in the sense that it's well paved, without any rocks to climb over. Just keep in mind that you are basically walking a ramp to the equivalency of the top of a thirty foot building.

It was great to see, along with all of the other folks hanging out up there, but I don't feel the need to ever return.

10 days ago

Thursday 01/10/2019

Bald River Trail (also called Trail 88) begins to the left of the parking area which is left of a large waterfall visible by the road. The trail takes you to the top of the falls and continues on from there. It is easy to follow (but minimal signs and no blazes) and there are a few camping areas along the way. When you get to the sign with a map you’ll see two trails, the right takes you to a camping area and the left (heading up) is the trail.

There are a few minor water crossings and one more significant one that we reached about 1mi in. This one we did get a little wet at even while attempting to maneuver around it (SEE PHOTOS w/text labels). We only saw one other person while hiking this trail, everyone else was taking photos of the large waterfall from the road.

THIS TRAIL IS AMAZING and very easy (at least the half of it that we did). There are various water falls, a partial cave, rhododendron tunnels, neat rock formations, campsites, open areas, and steep areas. I would highly recommend this trail and would like to go back in the future. (I am an average or below average hiker who is also pregnant and was carrying a 14mo old.)

I believe most of these reviews are for the very short trail to the top, which is not the entirety of this trail. We hiked half-way in about 2.25mi in and back totaling roughly 4.5mi so my review is based off of that.

one of my favorite places

Hiked on New Year's Day. A little muddy but overall in good condition. Falls were flowing beautifully. A great short hike.

11 days ago

Nearly better than clingmans dome due to the fact you can pretty much access this year around. the hike is short. about 3 fairly steep switch backs made of gravel start you out before switching to a paved maintenance road. at the T turn left and the tower will be just a ways up ahead of you. incredible panoramic views, just be sure to dress warm because it can get super windy at the top. took my 80 year old grandparents and we completed it in about a hour and a half. good for the whole family. foothills parkway is worth the drive all by itself too, this is just a bonus.

12 days ago

Great trail with excellent views. We caught a cold front just passing that left plenty of snow and ice, and a blue bird sky! Ample 360’views - day and night.

Camped along northern edge of Bald just within tree line so out of wind. Trail to Little Huckleberry Bald runs through that camp. That route seems rarely used, given overgrown trail/trace. There are flags marking the way. Worth the effort to visit lower Bald along this route.

Was surprised by the amount of light pollution from nearby cities impacting star gazing. However, still darn good nighttime viewing.

Look forward to revisiting!

Very technical trail, but nevertheless, a fun and beatiful trail running opportunity!

very easy hike I walked a 2 year old anyone could do it beautiful trail nice view

14 days ago

Easy to access trail ending with a beautiful waterfall with lots of areas to hammock and enjoy the upper and lower falls. Usually fairly crowded given the easy access but lots of lesser traveled spur trails to access from all sides of the trail. Sandy pines to rhododendron - beautiful!

Short, paved trail with lots of traffic and great views.

on Laurel Falls Trail

15 days ago

Very nice hike, very busy even though we went early. The waterfall is smaller than imagined but very nice area to sit and take the view in.

16 days ago

Kinlock Falls is really easy to get to and is a pretty spot. We went after it rained all week and the road muddy enough that we didn’t want to drive the car through it for fear of being stuck. But, we pulled off the road about 1/2 mile before the falls and just walked to it. It’s worth checking out.

16 days ago

Wildlife and historical

Right on the road. Deep water and rushing water! Worth seeing.

19 days ago

Did this hike on the way to Mt LeConte. Falls were gorgeous and you're able to walk behind them. Went on a Monday in December so there were no worries of crowds whatsoever.

20 days ago

The trail is an incline until you reach the falls. The falls are spectacular! Very worth the trip. The trail is paved but it is not appropriate for strollers/ wheelchairs/etc. The paving isn't smooth. There are some steep drop-offs directly beside the trail as you near the falls (and at the falls) so be very careful with children. The trail was busy the day I went. I think it normally is, but it wasn't crowded to the point that it detracted from enjoying the day. Love this trail!

20 days ago

It’s great for a small hike. Has a rope swing and places to jump in. If you want to stave to the waterfall, I would suggest you don’t drive a small car. There are some spots (especially after rains) that you could get stuck)

21 days ago

Gorgeous. Very short hike, but it is quite steep and was a little slick after a recent heavy rain.

we found the trail, but there are no trespassing signs posted now.

22 days ago

Probably the most people I've seen on one single trail! Falls are nice and don't worry, they're will be someone to take your picture when you get there!

23 days ago

We love driving the loop but was a great way to see it hiking it instead this time! This place never gets old !! Just beautiful!

scenic driving
24 days ago

We drove the Cherohala Skyway to River Road. What a beautiful drive! It was a rainy day so the water was flowing pretty heavily. River road lead straight to Bald River falls. There's parking on the other side of the bridge. People were in the road taking pictures of the falls from the bridge. There's a small trail to the left of the parking area that you can take to the top of the falls. It's a short, easy hike. Dog friendly as well. Pictures uploaded.

mountain biking
27 days ago

Love biking this loop

Very heavy foot traffic. It’s about a mile to the falls and a mile back. Super easy hike and one to do with family/kids. It gets narrow as you come to the end, but nothing that isn’t manageable. The fall was pretty, but hard to enjoy because you practically had to wait in line to get to it, and so many people were crowded in a small place that it was almost dangerous. If I were to go back I would definitely go early. We had to park about half a mile from where the trail starts. There were some great spots to take pictures along the way though. It’s definitely a hike for all skill levels.

We hiked this trail in early spring 2018. I had my 4 year old son (who can go all day today swear), wife and 8 year old son. When the powerhouse releases water it can come up on the trail and be a little dangerous . It’s a nice easy hike. If you go early, before they release water, fishing is really fun. The small pools hold all the fish, making them an easy target. We only hiked a couple miles in and back. I’m sure the 16 mile trek would be great.

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