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Novice hiker, but i am in decent shape. Not too tough. Trail was great. I went early in the morning to catch the sunrise at the summit. The trail isn’t intimidating until you get to the last stretch to the summit. Basically, the heli Landing spot is where it gets dicey. Just take your time. I got lost going down a couple times. That was the gnarliest part. Sunrise was great time to hike it. Tennis shoes are ok, but hiking shoes/boots would have been much better

heavy traffic on the trail but nice views from both sides as you're ascending. Be prepared to walk a near mile just to get to the trail head.

Definitely not a trail running trail- Absolutely spectacular views well marked Trail very pretty. All rocks. And definitely not a trail to take If you want to move fast! extremely crowded far too many hikers on trail for my preference

19 hours ago

Well laid out trail with some loose rocks in spots so watch those ankles! Great payoff with a pool of water (it rained a little recently) below a group of rocks with Hohokam petroglyphs. Shamefully some recent graffiti added near the site.

Fairly easy hike. Can get slippery at the end but beautiful.. Best in Jan/Feb after a good rain

This is my first time hiking camelback Mountain! I’m disabled and it was brutal! I made it 50 or so feet from the top. But didn’t feel safe scaling the rocks to the top. I’d be willing to try the echo canyon trail, I’m told it has more support. It’s definitely a challenge both physically and mentally. The energy of the mountain is definitely different! It’s super crowded! I’m still wrapping my mind around it

3 days ago

Ild call this moderate for sure. It’s lots of loose rock, sorta steel, and a bit of both at the end. With the effort though!

The views are awesome!
Good challenge, but really crowded and people don’t yield:(

Nothing special....exactly what I expected from the reviews but a decent place to go for a walk nonetheless.

Super short hike but amazing views and the kids love it.

Multi-purpose trail, a lot of mountain bikers. Great trail if you have pets or kids.

Nice, relatively level, hike. We brought our Husky Sequoia. She is 10 years old and did just fine. Trail has arrow markers to follow. We had to look at the map in this app a couple of times though. Saw no horses, cattle, or other wildlife. Parking was easy in large lot. You have to purchase a pass for your dashboard onsite. There are toilets but NO running water. Saw hardly any people which is great!

A nice trail for a morning hike. Lots of traffic - hikers, runners and cyclists - but all were super chill.

Took much longer than expected with my seven- and nine-year old kids. But totally doable as a family.

Great workout trail but not my favorite for views. If you want more moderate uphill take it clockwise steeper grade counterclockwise. will probably do trail again in spring as i think there will be a lot of desert blooms to see then. Travel safe.

great easy hike with lots of trees and things to do for kids. Clean area and bathroom.

Absolutely beautiful views! I love the twists and turns in the trail. It’s a pretty easy hike with barely any incline. Good for the whole family. Probably my favorite hike in this area!

Great trail it gradually gets harder closer to the top

This is my favorite trail in Sedona and a must for anyone hiking the area. We hiked this trail in early December and the weather was perfect; started with jackets and slowly removed layers as we went on. We started the hike at 10:30am and went counter-clockwise. The changing topography and the views makes the hike fun and keeps your interest. The only down-side is the noise from the jeeps, 4-wheelers, and dirt bikes that drive on the dirt road that runs alongside Munds Wagon, which you barely hear once you’re on Cows Pie.

For those with hiking experience this is a fairly easy trail with some elevation gain where the incline is steady but not strenuous. A pair of shoes with good grip is highly recommended, especially as you round the mountain on Hangover; you need to go down very steep portions and at times shimmying down on your bum is your best option. Don’t always follow the white markers, which are for mountain bikers, because there are better lines just to the left or right of them better suited for hikers.

I read some reviews that say this is not a good trail for children. We brought our 9 year old and he had no issues. He has only hiked a couple times and moved quickly through the trail. He is a little scared of heights and was nervous on a few occasions, where we held his hand to help him out. He loved scrambling down the steep side and enjoyed the break at the saddle. I would suggest this hike for children.

Cactus galore. My poor pups and I were attacked by jumping cactus and stepped on probably 5. I turned around halfway.

This was amazing! It is $50 per person but totally worth the views. The tour guide is extremely helpful with taking pictures as well! A must see!!

I remember reading a previous review of how awful this trail was but I’d have to disagree. I don’t encounter a ton of animal feces and didn’t walk far to enjoy the hike. We parked a small way up the road on the bridge so it wasn’t long at all. I assume you can park there because there were a couple other vehicles. The trail is obviously more used as a bike path but the hike was calming and not difficult. The views today with the cloud dusted sky were phenomenal & the sun hit Red Mntn just right. We didn’t encounter anyone until the last half mile or so and only 2 bikers but everyone was friendly and considerate of each other. It’s not strenuous and could easily be done with children although there are a couple spots where you get some cardio in.

Hiked Camelback in Feb 2018. Great workout. Fun and challenging climb. Beautiful view at the top.

it was a great hike..make sure you don't leave the trail..beware of jumping cacti

on Antelope Canyon

9 days ago

For those of you who do not know, Tours must be booked to do this! Would recommend going in the summer and when the sun is in the middle of the sky, I went in the fall and the light rays were not as great (as told by our guide). Very busy, but worth seeing.

10 days ago

Hike in genral gets 5 stars lots of technical terrain and great views. However trail gets a 3 or 4 as it is not marked and if you don't have this app or one like it you will not know where the trail is. Be prepared for some trailblazing but well worth the time once you get into the bottom there is so much to explore. I took my 7 and 10 year olds with me and it didnt slow them down at all. We did also run into a few of the salt river horses in the bottom. Travel safe!

Hiked it today. Santa was at the top giving out candy canes. Fun hike! Watch for blue dots so you can stay on the trail

Awesome. Loved the steps and the views of the city.

10 days ago

Nice hike. Gradual climb so not strenuous but kinda challenging for my parents (in their 70’s) due to the rocky path. Very cool drawings on rock face and lots of boulders that the kids love to climb. Some water in the pools but it wasn’t flowing.

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