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nice little warm up trails

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A pretty easy hike and the waterfall is beautiful. You can walk behind the falls. Even though it’s a short, easy hike, I would recommend take no water.

Really pretty hike. Saw a black bear cub on the hike less than 15 feet off the trail.

Beautiful trail It is all uphill, so not really for those who have difficulty walking. We loved it and are looking forward to hiking it again.

19 hours ago

Nice easy stroll/hike. Longer than most “easy” rated trails which is nice and it’s not too populated. Follows a nice stream.

Great trail. Astonishing views, and fascinating flora on the other side.

21 hours ago

I gave this a three due to road noise.
It is a nice trail to stretch your legs and walk your dog. The kids we saw while taking this walk enjoyed playing in the river.

Get there early if you want a more quiet walk. Many families there by mid morning to tube in the creek. (Which looked fun!) The trail was manageable for my older parents and younger kids. The waterfall and creek make for beautiful photos with the family.

My husband & I hiked this trail yesterday with an early start. Beautiful trail with lots to see. Love to hike with water features from the creek raging along the trail, waterfalls, & peaceful trickling streams trailing down the mountain, its here. Calm pools for fishing, wildflowers & rock formations, you won't be disappointed! Glad we arrived early as we finished our hike, loads of eager tubing fans were trekking up the trail to get a chance to ride the waves of cascading water in the creek. There is something for everyone here. A great day all the way around!

1 day ago

Not steep but long climb, the first mile was a very wide pathway but after that it was more of a trail. Overall good trail. 3 waterfalls along the trail. Some difficult parts but mostly easy

I would not rate this as moderate, it is very easy- the trail was filled with families with small children. I am 26 and moderately in shape. Beautiful forest trail, heard lots of birds. I would definitely recommend exploring the base of the waterfall, as the top portion was crowded with so many people it felt like Disney World. If you can climb down, the base is very peaceful.

It’s very slick coming back on part of the paved trail. I prefer gravel or dirt trails but paved it better for kids. Both of my kids fell. I fell with my 3 year old on my shoulders due to slick pavement. But worth the hike there and back. Does get crowded in the early afternoon. Morning is less crowded.

1 day ago

This trail has something for everyone, scenic views, fly fishing, water falls, and just enough incline for a slight challenge. The trail is well maintained and clean except for horse manure. Lots of trails in this area are horse friendly ( so watch your step).

Go early! We arrived at 8am. Crowds were coming in on the way back.

Easy trail. Nice and quiet early in the morning. No issues for our crew of 9 with 5 kids (ages 6 to 14). Personally not a fan of paved hikes, but easy for all levels. Nice waterfall.

2 days ago

Great waterfall hike with small children!

Way too crowded!

Very good trail for the family. We have three 7 year olds and they did fantastic. At the waterfalls you can go down to the bottom. They discourage it but if you use common sense it makes the trail that much better! We loved it! On the way out we saw a black bear that made the trail that much better.

on Grotto Falls Trail

3 days ago

We got there around 8:30am on a Sat. The trail was not super busy and we even had some time to ourselves at the fall. We enjoyed every part of this hike. It was not too strenuous, interesting things to explore and awesome waterfall to walk behind. When we left, the crowds were coming in.

4 days ago

Very beautiful trail ! It is easy but not a well paved trail. But the waterfall in the end is amazing

6 days ago

Short hike, moderate climb, beautiful waterfall.

6 days ago

Went with the wife and kids very easy and manageable for everyone.

Great hike. Went on 7/10. We arrived at the falls around 9:00. By the time we left at 9:30, there was a line of 50 or more people trying to reach the falls. There were lots of folks walking up as we walked down. Go early and bring a towel. The pool at the base is great to wade through.

7 days ago

We did this trail in March. It was a beautiful trail but it gets pretty steep for small children. I was constantly having to keep them close so they wouldn’t slip down the mountain. Besides that the waterfall was beautiful. ❤️

Great moderate hike. Lots of tree roots on trail. Falls are beautiful. Highly recommend! I also would really advise going early. I started around 6:45AM. Coming down approximately 80 people were headed up to falls. (Kept count as a game :) )

A fairly easy trail with waterfalls and not a lot of others on some areas of the trail. There are quite a few connections with other trailheads along this trail also. It’s a good trail to start with and do beginner hikes to build up to more strenuous hiking trails.

nature trips
11 days ago

Good hike. A small but beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail. You can play around in that area as well.

12 days ago

I did this hike on July 3, 2018. I really enjoyed the section up to the waterfall. The trail starts out wide and runs along the river. There are places where you can look into the river, or climb out onto the rocks within the river, but be careful because it can be slippery. As other reviewers stated, there are lots of roots and rocks to step over so I had to pay close attention to my steps. I'll also echo other reviewers in saying that you need to look up to see the waterfall otherwise you might miss it. I intended to complete the trail, but I ended up only going a mile or so past the waterfall because the bugs were starting to bother me, even with several re-applications of Deep Woods. Even with the bugs, it was a very enjoyable hike because I saw only a small handful of people, so pretty much the only thing I heard along the way was the sound of the river. I also saw a couple of deer, and many butterflies. It's worth noting that the road to the trailhead is gravel, and it's narrow in some sections so you may need to pull over to allow oncoming cars to pass.

lots of roots, rocks, and a couple small stream crossings keep you on your toes, but overall a relatively easy hike. the falls are amazing, but best to do this trail later in the day or in the off season as it tends to get quite congested.

13 days ago

Great hike. The log bridges make for some amazing photos.

This is honestly a trail for everyone. heavily trafficked, but still worth it. The pavement isn't the best and there are sections that you can actually go off the paved portion.

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