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Great winter/spring hike in cooler weather.

Did this hike on a Saturday after it rained on Friday night. The views were beautiful and clear the entire hike. Extremely light traffic. Only saw a few people midday on a weekend. I definitely plan on doing this hike again. It was great.

3 days ago

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I loved it! Only hiked for 6 miles but it was worth it, mostly uphill so not for beginners, it’s great for building up stamina for more difficult hikes. I’d definitely recommend it.

Great workout! definitely bring a water bottle, dog friendly .. hard to find parking though, has become a popular place to hike, happy to see people trying to stay active

Breathtaking! Great place to find yourself and get away from city life

great hiking, nice view

9 days ago

Went up the North side and came down the South. The loop takes about 2 hours and change. Beautiful views of the surrounding areas.

Great hike, nice views. I prefer going counter clockwise. You incline for about 3 miles instead of going clockwise where the incline is a shorter period and the rest is downhill. Easy hike though, you can finish in an hour or less if you keep a good pace

Love this trail and the views are gorgeous!!!

Good strenuous hike the first 2miles then you walk along the crest of the mountain. if time alotted, would have kept going but had an appt to keep. Will have to go back.

nice work out with first half of trail uphill and second half all downhill prefer going clockwise as it's a less steeper and more gradual climb, there's a nice stop at the top with shade and benches then when you're down, a nice canopy of shade trees to finish your hike, prefer to go places where there's free parking, but it's only 3 dollars week day so that's not too bad.

16 days ago

Loved it! Especially in the rain

I imagine it may be nicer during the week, but very crowded on a Sunday morning, even in early February. We picked up lots of trash (wrappers and empty chip bags) near the base of the waterfall :(

22 days ago

Great hike. Nicely marked trails and mile markers. Beautiful view. Only negative is parking.

Easy Hike. Fire-roads the Thank entire trail (paved and unpacked). Beautiful views!

Great hike. You have 2 options. To the right you have steep incline for about 3mi, then gradual down. The left is opposite.

Wow, what a enjoyable walk!

Quick hike with my dog. Beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail but there is some scrambling and crossing of streams. Overall, I enjoyed this hike in the middle of the week starting at about 11am and at the end of February! Not too hot!

I love this area but it’s easy to get lost because there are so many trails and roads. It is not moderate, it is hard if you are not in good shape! Road/trails are a steady incline but so worth it. For those asking about the swing: once you get to the campground, you will see 2 white signs. Hike between them (trail is on the right). After a short distance you will meet up with the road again. Take Sam Merrill trail east or west (there are signs) to get to the top of Mt. Lowe. I took West because it looked easier to navigate (the trial is slightly hidden by a log and I walked right past it. Look for the sign). Gorgeous views and a cool little swing. 18 miles total for me, using sunset ridge to start the hike. I uploaded the funky little map I saw, which is pretty accurate!

Great trail run

28 days ago

Similar to Runyon Canyon in Hollywood but less foot traffic. Went up the North side and came down the South. Nice, steady incline, on the North and pretty steep coming down the South. If you are looking for a challenge, go up the South side. About 2-2.5 hours round trip. Bring water and a hat. Nice views of Burbank and DTLA at the top.

Hmm...I only clock about 6 miles up to Henninger based on where I start I’m assuming. Not much scenery and no shade. If you want to build your tolerance of going up hill, I’d recommend this hike. Otherwise, there are other hikes that have a lot more going on (optically).

The signs weren’t super clear (at least to us) and we ended up walking 5 extra miles for a total of 14, lol. Make sure you bring enough water since it is a long hike. The top is beautiful and hiking shoes are recommended for the downhill because it can be a little slippery.

Can get very crowded. Get there early morning or late in the day to avoid the crowd.

Great hike, kid friendly, beautiful waterfall at the end.

I’ve never seen a trail so trashed and crowded in all of my hiking. Literally trash everywhere. Every other group we passed had music blaring from speakers attached to their backpacks. It would probably be a very pretty hike super early on a weekday morning... that’s the only way I’d ever give that trail a second chance.

Very great hike. Like a few others, the hike will certainly test your resilience and endurance. The hike is a continuous upward hike. If your body is not conditioned, you will have a hard time getting up there. Still looking forward to finding the Mount Lowe tavern ruins. Did not get there today due to time.

1 month ago

Wonderful time, nice and easy, Enjoy, ;-).

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