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Easy, but fun! Had it at four stars, but then I thought “it’s perfect for what it is.” Five stars!

So much fun with my son and wife! Seen so many of nature’s gift.. loved it!

has some nice swamp areas and birding but the traffic noise is a bit of a distraction

Great for a little neighborhood / family friendly nature preserve! Saw deer, frogs, and turtles ! Saw a few people walking and jogging on a Saturday late morning.

Nice oasis in the city with actual trails to run. Wasn’t too busy for a weekday evening.

Really great and less frequently traveled trail. Going over the bridge gives you a great view of the Potomac and there is a statute of Teddy Roosevelt on the island. Very easy hike, gets muddy after rain however. You can go swimming at certain points but take caution; it's swim at your own risk.

Good urban escape

1 month ago

So many things to see and do. Love the evening concerts

I thought this place was cool! Some people were playing in the fountains that weren’t running... so that was freaking weird- but overall a really good place to take my dog on a walk and let her swim a bit. Super easy place to walk around. Probably one of the lesser known places to go in the area, there’s a huge statue of Teddy Roosevelt people liked to take pictures with. I’ll definitely head back soon.

Very easy, but unique trail you could walk in flip flops. I highly recommend you bring plenty of bug spray as the mosquitoes were out in force!

There's a large empty lot with "residents only - tow away zone". Odd because it looks like residents have plenty of other parking much closer to their homes. Decided to go elsewhere rather than risk it. This is a very spread out area of the suburbs, so any street parking you might find is probably a good 15 min walk from the trail itself.

Airplanes frequent overhead creating a lot of noise. It’s very slippery and muddy after big rains.
Great for bird watching. Lots of Redwings and mallards.

Teddy Roosevelt Island houses one of the lesser-known monuments and is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life without ever leaving the city. This is an extremely easy, flat, paved path with a few through-trails in-between the major loop. Experienced hikers who are looking for a challenge would find this trail boring, whereas tourists looking for some relief or those looking for a leisurely stroll would love this area. It is fairly deserted during regular business hours, but can get busy on the weekend.

Walked about the Theodore Roosevelt Island bridge entrance, my first time really exploring this area. The bridge over to the Island was closed today as a public safety precaution due to recent flooding in this area. My plan was to run around the island before running Martha Custis, but since I couldn't I just walked about taking pictures.

This is a pretty cool spot, and is also the location where you park for the Martha Custis Trail. The place was already swarming with people on a Sunday at about 10:30, so I advise doing things early, like 5-6 am on weekend visits. I will be returning.

Great way to respect a president who loved the outdoors! nice and quiet island, hike it to escape the craziness of DC, plus lots of wildlife

Pretty tame trail, distance and views are cut in half if you want to jog/run or if you bring dogs, it’s not allowed on much of the trail, but still a beautiful scenic trail, a nice get away from everything hectic around it

Great walk for family with strollers! Ample coverage from the sun, beautiful trail, easy hike. Perfect for walking with littles!

Nice paved path for bikes, trail was pretty empty on our early spring ride

nice walking, paved paths so I wouldn't call it hiking but still a good walk with the dog. aviary and gardens are pretty cool as well.

A rambling review: one of my favorite places to go for a hike. I know the trails pretty well and they are well-marked. As usual, people allowing their dogs to crap in the middle of the trails and walk off-leash is annoying, but the place is still nice. Geese are numerous too (goose poop near the old airfield is everywhere), and in places hikers have to watch their footing thanks to excessive trail damage from horses and mountain bikes. Campsites are nice with clean bathrooms. Beautiful views from the various overlooks near the river. Combining several trails can get you 10 or more miles of hiking, with lots of options for shorter hikes.

Great! Even in the snow!

6 months ago

I nice walk. We take the grandson and our Golden Retriever as often as possible. The side trails are nice as well if you don't have small children with you.
Question - description above says the trail is 1.25 miles long but the out and back is 3.4 miles. I am an old guy and probably just don't understand new math but this just doesn't add up?? Does anyone know how long the trail is??

A nice walking trail if you want to get out for a stroll

Amazing, peaceful, diverse

8 months ago

The Nature Preserve itself is less than 5 miles total but if you take the alternate paths to and from parking, it becomes extended. However, these back roads are not part of the nature preserve.

I really enjoyed the old graveyard off the whip poor will trail, as well as the parachute landing site dedication.

Nice big open park full of flat paved walking path. A bit confusing on which way to go at forks at times but easy to wander off and find your way from the road if need be. Nice view of the south river and very dog friendly.

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