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17 hours ago

Pleasant easy stroll. Path is easy enough for strollers and wheelchairs. The boardwalk is fun. So are the Pokestops and gyms ;)

1 day ago

Hiked in Sept. and the colors were dazzling. Trail to lower mine was easy. I took a small trail just off the “road” for the first .5 mile for some variety. I then added distance and difficulty by extending the trail to the saddle at the end of the canyon.

Easy trail, somewhat protected with a gentle ascent, barely noticeable once you are on the trail. Only tricky part is getting down to the creek just before you get to the falls. Rocks are a little slick and you just need to be careful. Crossing the creek is easiest if you just get your shoes a bit wet. Gala are gorgeous and be really careful if you decide to head up to the falls.

Loved this trail. Unfortunately it burned in sept of 2018. who knows when someone will go and replace all the wood bridges. Even if they did it will be a very sad sight for a while.

Perfect walk for family with little babies or toddlers!

This one is a fun and everyday type hike. Beautiful views of downtown and the two mountain ranges. Also, at the peak there is great history of the landscape of the valley and how the city was developed overtime.

3 days ago

Pretty beautiful; enjoyed it. Great hike for a date with someone who isn’t that outdoorsy.

3 days ago

Great little hike. Go early, or forget about getting a parking spot!

It took me 20 minutes at a moderate pace to go up and a little more than 20 minutes down. It's a bit rocky in some places, so if you're not confident on your footing, it feels slippery. It seems to always be crowded at the top.

very fun the donut was a hike to get to though.

This was a beautiful hike but you now have to pay 6 dollars to park at the base of the hike or walk 2.2 miles to get to the hike.

Fun hike, the suspension bridge is really fun, it's a giant bridge that sways and bounces! Great views along the entire hike.

This was a fun hike! Best to go in the morning or evening since there is not much shade. I was able to wear our 6 month old and our 3 and 6 year olds did well (with a little extra encouragement!). The bridge was really neat. Our older kids had fun climbing rocks on our way back down the trail.

7 days ago

East trail for a quick hike in the evening.

Hiking on a weekday when it’s less busy? Want to shave 1.6 miles off the stated 3.0 mileage? Save yourself the aggravation and drive the 0.8 miles down the road to the ACTUAL trailhead. I really wish people used these reviews to provide useful information as was intended for this forum. The app incorrectly states that the trailhead is off the side of the highway but if you drive down the paved road for 0.8 miles you will see the actual trailhead. I was really irritated to add mileage walking down a private road which doubled the actual mileage of the hike — especially on a Monday when it wasn’t busy and there were spots at the trailhead. The trailhead isnt large so I imagine on weekends it would fill up quickly. I’d say maybe 20 cars can fit, maybe less. Wish I knew this before hand. Also once you make it to the waterfall if you want to see the actual donut hole that people photograph you have to hike up the waterfall over slick rocks. While this did not pose a problem for me, a lot of the reviews claim the elderly can do this hike and I’d like to clarify that it is true to a point given the climb up the waterfall itself. If you’re reading this please pass it forward and write useful information on these reviews so it helps everyone seeking information. Should be common sense. Don’t be a sheeple.

Beautiful hike. Not much water this time of year. Want to do this in the spring.

worth seeing.

From Missouri reviewer: this trail was very easy. There’s a bit of an incline at the beginning but otherwise it was a great trail for all ages. The waterfall was beautiful but very rocky so be careful! We climbed up and over the waterfall to have lunch and it was lovely. Highly recommend for a quick hike for people not from Utah, and who aren’t use to the altitude but still wanna get outside.
Views: 5 stars
Trail difficulty: easy
Access to trailhead: easy drive up road.

8 days ago

Fun! Great for kiddos. We got to eat some apples too!

8 days ago

always love hiking this trail. sometimes you'll see animals sometimes not. but a great trail none the less.

8 days ago

Took my boys on this trail. It was a great beginner trail for them to get started on. We went on a Thursday evening and there was only one other group of campers on the other side of the lake. We found a good spot in the trees and setup our hammocks. The weather was beautiful and surprisingly, the mosquitos were minimal. I would definitely come here again.

9 days ago

This trail was primarily on outside of park on a paved walking path on the street. We ended up going off the path to a path across the street that went by red rocks and a tunnel that lead to a little park called hidden hollow, it was a neat little find.

Great short hike to the suspension bridge. Well maintained trails and marked. Great views of the city and the mountains.

The hike was great. It was busier than I expected based on other reviewers not seeing anyone. I wish people would follow leash rules for their dogs, though. We met 2 people who had 3 large dogs all off leash. Not only does this make me uncomfortable, but it also can damage the environment. The dogs were going in and out of the creek where there were beaver dams built up, not to mention the fragile moss and small flowers at creekside.

9 days ago

Very nice trail. Hiked it yesterday morning. Saw a mule deer and young moose. To see the donut part of the falls you need to scale to the top of the falls.

Checked this out after coming down from Mill B - pretty little area and glad we didn’t just head back to the car, but I would hardly call it it’s own hike.

did not expect as a challenging trail but surprisingly amazing place...very relaxing. for sure I'm gonna bring my family next time for new adventure.

Great trail for a quick hike and great view.

Great views and lots of amazing picture opportunities. Signage makes you feel at ease that you’re going the right way, especially when hiking with younger kids. Speaking of, pretty kid friendly: clear pathways, some safety fences (my 5 year old completed it with some piggy back breaks from daddy). Facilities at the trailhead are very convenient: parking lot, bathrooms, water fountains, picnic tables. Starts out steeper than I expected, but eases up. Cell service the entire time which is good in case you lose your way (access to maps) or emergencies.
- September 8, 2018 around 10:30am -

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