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2 hours ago

Turnoff is a little hard to find. We had to go past where maps told us to go. Very easy hike! We took a group of 5 kids. The hike is roughly 3 miles round trip unless you go around the lake which is very steep and tough. The view is incredible.

Great easy loop. You can do both hikes from one parking lot. Don’t expect too much but it’s a nice spot to get out of town and into nature! Follow all our adventure on Instagram @themicrotourists!

it's a road but great for preschoolers!

on Tubbs Hill

5 days ago

Fun hike. Places for Tucker (our dog) to play in the water.

5 days ago

Fabulous day of hiking. lots of terrain variations. easy enough.

Great hike for a park in town!

7 days ago

Fun hike, and easy! I just did it and am only 6 weeks post partum!

9 days ago

lots of fun. Beautiful view.

Nice trail, beautiful day and very few people (it’s a Tuesday). Saw an Osprey and enjoyed the many side trails.

11 days ago

Good hike. Great views. I agree with the previous reviews - it is not worth it to hike around the lake. I reached the lake quicker than I anticipated... It’s a little less than 2 miles to get up to the lake.

We tackled the trail on mountain bikes with the family and it was great! The way in was challenging and rocky at times, (especially for the 9 year old) it was a great workout for sure. The enchanting woods and well kept trail transformed our Sunday afternoon into lasting family memories

12 days ago

Chill afternoon hike, TONS of people. Had fun on all the random side trails when we could escape the crowd. There really is a path for almost everyone, and I wouldn’t mind exploring more of the offshoots.

Beautiful hike. Very well maintained trail. Had a little FuzzNgrub at the lakeshore. Definitely going back!

on Revett Lake

14 days ago

Amazing trail really beautiful lake great todo if you have kids

15 days ago

Hiked this trail with a friend on August 29th. The main trail to the lake was fantastic; beautiful and green. There was a little bit of water flow on the waterfall. We attempted to hike around the lake (starting out on the left hand side, couldn't find the path on the right side), but there is not much of a trail. We were climbing over trees and trying to stay away from the steep hillside. When we got halfway around the lake we asked a couple fishing if there was a better trail and they said that it would be best to turn around and go back the way we came. Pretty sure there was a cougar in one of the bushes on our way back, didn't see one but heard a low guttural growling. Not sure how long it had been tracking us, but sounded an air horn and it must of scared it off. Didn't have any problems. Aside from the trail not being great around the lake, the experience was great and the lake was very beautiful. Would go again.

on Round Lake Trail

15 days ago

Nice flat trail! Very quiet!

on Tubbs Hill

17 days ago

Great trail, very scenic! Enjoyed the trail and enjoyed that it was not busy! Will return!

trail running
18 days ago

I love this run! it’s a loop so, you can come from the front or the back. if you run, you should be done within 30min or so. You will be ok with regular running shoes. i wouldn’t recommend to go there right after a rain or next day. It can be very muddy or you can slip on rocks.

Beautiful day and a beautiful lake. Well worth the drive and well worth the hike to see the prize at the top. Kind of surprised to see so many dogs off leashes even if the sign says they should be on them

18 days ago

this hike is beautiful. this hike is not easy if you're out of shape.

Great trail! Fantastic views and well maintained. Bead Lake is beautiful.

21 days ago

It’s a beautiful hike! Had to use the app the keep on the trail, but I loved it and do not know why more people don’t do it!

23 days ago

Love this trail. Very easy walk or run. People are courteous if biking or running.

25 days ago

Was an amazing hike up except for the two doberman pinschers (not on leashes) that charged at us. Please keep your dogs on leashes there's not much room to move on the trail. Amazing adventure anyway. FYI, it is an easy trail to the lake but gets a bit tricky if you do the loop around the lake because of all the downed trees so beware.

Basic easy trail around the lake and through the forest. Well marked. Super kid/dog friendly. Would be super fun to cross country sky during the winter as well.

Good short hike with the kids on a Friday.

1 month ago

Love this hike!!

1 month ago

Great trail to take with our 7 and 4 year old.

This was a great ride. Path is well maintained and there was a nice breeze off the water. It wasnt to crowded so you did not have to worry about speed (I was on a bike).

Fantastic views! Lots of neat coves and hidden campsites ;) Great mix of difficulty!

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