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Took the Beaver Pond Trail. Great educational hike for the kids. Then stop off at the main building and look at the exhibits inside,

14 days ago

The trail itself was lovely! We used a photo of the map to navigate the trails. The trails were poorly marked, so many times we had to guess where we were and bushwhack until we crossed the trail. We enjoyed the railroad trail the most, but combined it with the "regular" trail. (see my Recording) Overall, it was a lovely park to hike in and well kept. I'd hike here again!

Trail was not marked at all so very easy to get lost. Still an enjoyable walk with some great views of the reservoir.

Moderate very rocky nice clear walking area though, however missed the turn down to res but kept walking down coop. It’s good if you can find the right path and there is. I wash always.

This beautiful, and short trail (about 45 mins around) is a nice relaxing walk with a few moderate ups and downs and great sights of the lake up close. Perfect trail for sunny days and is mostly shaded. Don’t take this trail a day or 2 after a rain storm unless you don’t mind muddy shoes and ankles. In this case the higher elevation trails aren’t muddy.

27 days ago

Hiked this trail yesterday (7-17-2018) and a year ago as well. Trail is very poorly marked and the map is not useful. Yesterday there were lots of bees, some were marked. Went over one large fallen tree and there was a hive in the tree (not marked) that I din not see until half over the tree. Got stung! would be a great trail for a Scout troop to take on and provide better trail markings and a better map! Trail is very nice and not difficult but definitely needs to be better marked!

29 days ago

very quiet, scenic and easy loop. except for a very small patch which is easy but rocky. you might have to get on ur 4s at one spot

Great easy trail loop...wouldn't classify this as "moderate". You can tell that some spots don't get as much foot traffic, but the trails are easy to follow. There are reforestation efforts going on so there are a lot of trees down across the path (but easy to get around or climb over). You do need access to get past the gate for parking, but that's easy to get from the town. Loads of mushrooms, pine trees, ferns, and toads along the way!

so many beautiful trails to hike!! there is a lady who is there so often making sure the trails are clean of branches too!

Overgrown... :(

Make sure you have a regional water authority pass and you’ll have the gate codes to get in. Beautiful trails- obviously not well traveled as parts are overgrown and lots of trees down on the trail

trail running
1 month ago

Arrived here at 715am ( well after the sun came up) and gates were closed so I couldn't get in. The sign on the gate said "trails are open every day" "Gate opens at sun up and closes at sundown" so I'm left disappointed and confused.

Beautiful water views

1 month ago

More of a walk than a hike, but beautiful ocean view and great for viewing wetlands wildlife and habitat. Finishing back in Stony Creek is perfect if your looking for a great spot to have breakfast or a snack in a quaint village overlooking the Thimble Islands

Good easy walk. No steep inclines or descents. Excellent for leisurely walkers or baby strollers. The canal/river makes for some pretty views.

1 month ago

We took the red trail around the lake. While it did keep you extremely close to the water, this was one of the most awkward trails I’ve done. There was food and fishing trash at almost every look out point. It was much rockier than I thought even after reading the reviews. But the worst part was that after walking through what felt like bunch of back yards - the trail just ends with a big fence blocking you and you have to walk on a busy road back to the parking lot. I had my dog who loves investigating everything. It’s a bit narrow, no sidewalk. It was a tough one. That really sucked.

Great for a hike, walk, or run. Trails are designed for hiking, walking, or running depending on where you go. Great for Nature walks with small children. Would recommend this to others!

Love this trail! All trails are very well marked and lengths are clearly labeled. Good mix of easy to moderate hiking. Would be great for trail running.
Wildlife spotted. Not crowded

on North Mess

1 month ago

Trail was well marked but fairly muddy in places. Small sections were moderate but the majority of the hike was on the easy level. A lot of bugs on the trail so bring plenty of bug spray. One thing to note is there is a firing range near the trailhead. The folks there were incredibly nice, but expect to have regular gunfire echoing through the woods for the majority of your hike.

great everyday hiking/walking trails. if you go to the trails on the right huge fern field in the woods

We took the kids back in March (ages 10/6/4)... one of the days that was in the high 40s with snow on most of the ground in this slightly higher elevation. We had our boots on, and the little guy got really wet pants from falling in the snow. It was lots of fun, parts were scrambles for the kids over the snowy rocky elevation changes. We made it to the mid-point lookout, which was not panoramic but still very beautiful. We would like to come back in other seasons and do it again!

Not much there is to see but perfect for a jog or walk.

Super pretty and such an easy trail! One of our favorites

Great for walking a non dog friendly dog. No one else here makes training easy

trail running
1 month ago

Ideal for point A-B trail runs. Hoping it lives up to its name and I spot some wild hops.

1 month ago

Gorgeous, well-maintained, perfect for either walking with a group, riding a bike, or taking a jog by yourself

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