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Trail was not easy to follow. Went close to sunset hours and took nice pics.

1 month ago

Ran the Santa Susana Pass Rd. from Chatsworth to Kuehner Dr. in Simi Valley - about 4 miles. Fun run, going up and then down 700 feet. In a few tight curves watch out for vehicles. Chances of coming across wildlife on the Rd., during the day, appears to be very slim.

No shade and we did see a rattlesnake but overall great hike! We went around 7:30 am on a Saturday and were the only ones there. Will definitely be back.

Trails are pretty washed out. Ascending the point was really sketchy with kids. The trail as shown didn’t work for us. We ended up cutting over to Mayan drive. Broken glass, trash and graffiti is everywhere around the point. Everyone got a good workout at least.

This is a very simple trail. A lot of sun and no shade. it has very nice views of the yellow hills

Not much to see on this one. I have not worked out in a while so this was a great start. Kicked my butt because I am out of shape, but good start!

You can tell this place was previously farm land because you will see random vegetable plants as you are hiking.

Short hike, nice view, but mostly for rock climbers. Won’t go again.

Great hike to the top, many different ways to get there and back down and you can get lost. Rock formations are great and you will encounter so rock climbing. But lots of graffiti and beer cans..

4 months ago

First time hiking or doing anything physical in a really long time. Entered the trail at Larwin close to Chatsworth Park South. Followed the paved path till it ended and continued on the unpaved trail beyond it ... I wandered on a different trail by accident and found myself in a much rougher and steeper hike.... turned right instead of left after coming to a fork beyond the end of the paved path... There was still a trail but it was significantly tougher toward the top close to Lilac... Was worth it though and was proud of myself when I finally got to the sign. Now that I know where I turned wrong the next time should be much smoother! And btw... It’s still spring so watch that poison oak!

Awesome trail and beautiful views.

5 months ago

Love this trail!

5 months ago

Very pretty trail. I started at 7:30 and there were quite a few people at the trailhead then; it was busy when I came back in. Very pretty views.

on Laskey Mesa Trail

trail running
5 months ago

Gorgeous green rolling hills in the spring time. Very little shade so plan accordingly when it's hot.

super fun and easy, gorgeous right now

Great mountain bike ride. Just be aware, if you make a left turn farther up on the trail, it takes you to Las Virgenes. Found this out the hard way and decided to ride back from Las Virgenes to Victory. Great ride though.

Great hike!

I'd recommend this hike if you're a local. Endless rolling hills are beautiful, but beyond that it's kind of a boring trail. I did this hike in the summer though, I'm sure it's more scenic in the spring when everything's blooming.

7 months ago

An easy lop than can be done at a leisurely pace.
Note: My hike added a short extension that makes this a 5 mile loop. But AllTrails won't allow me to include that portion with it's write option so I've added Waypoints so you can see where that section is. This extra section is rated moderate and should be avoided if you have a stroller etc.

8 months ago

It's a fun hike in a quiet corner of the valley, nothing special but a few places to clamber about in.

8 months ago

An easy walk through the busier side of Las Virgenes Open Space.
No shade so time accordingly.

A easy trail but really busy on the Victory side. Best as a starting point for the numerous better off-shots.

Long hike up hill. Views are great. Can get pretty windy. Wear hiking shoes.

Short - not a clear path due to many options...

Many ways to go up. There is a particular steep one on the north side of this rocky hill, it is a steep rock surface which is easy to get on with hiking shoes. We had great fun climbing up. Thought we were coming down from the same path, but one quick turn somewhere at the top led us to a completely different trail. The downhill trip was a pleasant one and turned out to be a shortcut to our parking along the Topanga Canyon Road. Would like to explore different paths in future visits. Lots of rock climbers horning their skills along the way!

9 months ago

This is my usual go to for an easy two hour hike. Most of it is gentle incline, except the hill at the half way point. The whole path is well trafficked by bikes, horses, and people.
Bikers, please remember to slow down when coming up on hikers, they have the right of way no matter how fast you want to go (yes, some bikers zip right by and I pulled an ankle once when surprised by one coming from behind).

Its hot with little shade but beautiful.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hiked Stagecoach trail from back of Corriganville in Simi Valley to Chatsworth. It was a nice moderate hike, not too strenuous, but watch out for poison oak at top of section between Corriganville and Santa Susana Pass road! Once you get into Chatsworth the different trails are marked well.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

It is great and easy

Thursday, August 24, 2017

It was fun particularly for my Golden Retriever who enjoyed the climbing over the boulders, but the amount of graffiti takes away much of its beauty unfortunately. Once you're at the top the views are nice.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Starts off on asphalt road. Take the quary trail and it will meet up with the Santa Susanna trail. Nice view at the top. Along the road you can actually see holes where they planned to put dynamite. There is also a sign commemorating the road dated in 1930. About 3 mile round trip.

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