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4 days ago

Love it

on Gross North Shore Trail

4 days ago

Awesome for tourists

Brought my friends from Kansas here for a short, easy, lightly trafficked hike with pretty views and that’s exactly what this trail gave us. It was 2 miles round trip and was perfect for my active and non-active friends.

Great hike for out-of-towners who want a taste of the mountains without going into a flop sweat. Mostly sunny path, but it's open enough to catch a breeze as well as an expansive shot of the east half of Colorado.

Nice elevation-

Beautiful easy hike with views, although Boy Scout trail DOES NOT allow dogs!!!

I love Golden! This trail is a li the difficult but short and amazing at the top. There’s so much room to walk around to aaa different views of the metro area.

Nice hike, though the loop as shown on AllTrails actually appears to be a loop of the Ponderosa trails, three sisters trails, and the brothers lookout spur. we're unaware of an official brothers lookout loop other than once you've already made it to the top. the views were great, but get there early. We parked off the road since the trailhead had long ago filled with mountain bikers and early bird hikers.

Great little neighborhood trail with nice views of Golden. Nice and easy hike too so a great way to get some walking in.

loved this trail. lake and mountain views all around.

Great trail - steep start and finish but easy dirt roads and trails for the middle.

love this trail. right in my neighborhood, quick jaunt up to the peak, great if you want to get some blood flowing but don't really wanna take too much time or go far. lovely spot to watch the sun set over lookout mountain.

I love this quick little hike and do it often but today there's swarms of what looks like flying ants at the top on the rock! 7/16/18

1 month ago

Good area to hike with several different trail options. Good variety with forested areas and meadow areas with good views.

Too busy, no parking, nothing special on hike itself.

1 month ago

Pretty enjoyable, quick hike in the area. It's nice to get a different perspective of the front range. My dog enjoyed the breeze at the top.

I didn't notice any trash up there like the other poster said, but there is some graffiti.

Really great little hike! It's short with 450 ft of incline, so you do some nice uphill walking. The majority of the trail is switch backs, but there are shortcuts if you want to walk straight up. There's a short little rock scramble as you make it to the top. There's lots of cacti about, so keep eyes open if you have a pup with you. The view from the top is great. You look right down on the Coors Brewery and then you can see Denver in the distance. We went at 7:30 am and were in shade the whole time. It took us 30 minutes up and 15 minutes down.

fantastic views from the top. nice incline to get the blood pumping. wear shoes with plenty of traction.

Really cool views! There is not much shade so if you bring a dog, be wary of how hot the ground is. Such a cool area around this hike as well

I love this trail- however yesterday there were a few rattlesnakes on the trail!

This is a borderline great hike. The views at the top are simply spectacular. There is a ton of wildlife in the surrounding woods. The trail is well marked and half of it is shaded. The parking lot was full on the weekend but the trail itself was not that busy. Well worth the trip!

2 months ago

This was a really fun hike not so much for the fauna or flora but the awesome creek/river bed. There are several beautiful vistas including of the lakes, but the river bed is where all the fun is at.

Nice hike. The view point over Golden is always fun to show people and makes for great pictures. The trails themselves aren’t overly difficult. During the summer we have seen 2 rattlesnakes but they warned us of their presence well before it would have become a problem. The top is flat making it fun and easy to hike and bike around. Great local trail.

Heavily Traveled on the weekends. Not lightly traveled as the description says. Parking is difficult to find as well.

Love this! Great place to have visitors when here from out of state!

easy access from downtown golden, cool view (especially if you were wondering what the top of the Coors plant looks like), a few choices of up and down to mix it up if you want it steep or mellow. go to trail for quick mellow workout.

My husband and I completed this hike on June 25.

It was a hot day, and the trail is completely exposed, so we definitely worked up a sweat, even though it was short. It was moderately steep most of the way, with at least 20 steps at the end.

We loved the views from the top. We saw the entire city of Golden, the Coors factory, and much of the Denver metro area. The only bummer was that there were colonies of flying ants at the top, and we were swarmed, so we couldn't stand still long enough to take a decent picture.

Overall great hike. A must-do if you're in the area!

Nice hike! Great view on the rocks at Brothers Lookout. Only ran into a few other hikers on a weekday morning so not too busy.

Quiet and not too busy. Trail well maintained and very beautiful!

trail running
3 months ago

Busy day on the trail. Beautiful scenery however. Run the trail clockwise from the lot if you want a ton of vert right away. It’s about 600ft gain. Run it counterclockwise if you want a slow steady incline most of the way. There was a massive amount of mountain bikers when I was there with very little trail etiquette. I imagine this place is peaceful in the early morning hours and during the week.

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