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12 days ago

This was a lovely dirt trail down to a cute little secluded beach. We only made it down to the chimney beach and back as we had a 5 year old and 3 year old on foot and a 1 year old in a carrier. Would recommend this short portion as family and kid friendly.

Easy stroll but the rocks can shift. My kiddos and elderly pup did just fine. No officially trail head or parking area. Just pull over and head north-ish.

Gorgeous rock formations and the petroglyphs are a joy to look at.

Will definitely go again.

Absolutely beautiful

CREDIT CARDS ARE BEING STOLEN FROM CARS!!! I went hiking a few weeks ago at this trail and both my debit and credit cards were stolen from our car. Another friend went this week and the same thing happened. Both times the thief went to Best Buy and spent upwards of $3000.00. Please leave your valuables at home. The hike was fine.

It was nice.
The road was ok for my 2WD dodge.
I would recommend your hike boots water bladder and a light snack to rest at the “glyphs” The rocks do slip a little the petroglyphs are light but along the trail In about 0.5miles
Elk bounce around :)
It was beautiful out 9/2018

The trail was a little hard to find, when we did it was hard to keep to it for a little bit, but if you follow the dry creek bed you'll find the petroglyphs. All in all it was a good hike. We went past the petroglyphs along the creek bed for a good distance and it still kept going. We had a good time but I definitely would be careful as the rocks slide around a bit.

1 month ago

Starts off steep, but levels out after about 1/4 mile. Beautiful hiking right on the edge of the lake. Bring a bathing suit.

very cool trail we started at secret cove (nude beach) sweeeeeet ha ha trail runs right along the lake until you come to chimney beach loved it highly recommended. been coming here for years now were locals yeeaaahhhh.

I love this trail! Its so easy to access and full of variety and wildlife, with plenty of options for connecting to other trails and more elevation gain.

Easy running trail

We loved this hike! We took our 4 year old and 1 year old! Beautiful view of the lake and the beach is perfect! Highly recommend, especially for kids!

Great trail. Barkley and I had a blast.

This is a very convenient trail that has no road noise, which is high on my hope list. Wasn't the first one on the trail by any means, but was able to see a couple of coyotes. Biggest drawback of the trail is the dog owners assuming that everyone enjoys strange animals running at them full speed.

Love love love it!! Hard hike down with the paddle board I would think but next time I might try to bring it.

2 months ago

The trail is close to Reno with easy access. However, there is highway noise for most of the hike. Also, once you get up to the flume level, it is largely a flat and boring hike.

Beach is quick to get to

fun trail!nice little steep hills, one side has loose rocks but the other is clear and open, good for beginners!

It was fun kinda hard at first but going up but after it was awesome views. Be careful tho we found a rattle snake close to the houses by the little library!!!!!

trail running
3 months ago

Beautiful views filled with wildlife

Continue on trail to Upper Thomas Creek for a much extended hike!

Pretty short. I was really only about 1/2 a mile to the petroglyphs. We continued on another half of a mile, but there was not really a trail. Nice short easy hike. My 9 year old made it without issues.

The initial "uphill" portion of trail is a bit of a pain. There isn't really a single path, making the steep climb both annoying and slippery (lots of loose pebbles/gravel). What does help is to go around the initial incline to the west, following a narrow well-traveled path along the ditch, and then taking a very clear incline back to the posted track. (Note the attached Relive video).

The trail is clear, with plenty of room for bikes and people. I saw just two solo mountain bikers on the trail this afternoon. It is unfortunate that the pipe now exists in the hole. However, the owners of the property and canal (Steamboat Canal Company) did so to improve water flow while also prevent more damage that occurred during the recent heavy winter---along with blocking stupid people who often tried to go through the hole.

I decided to go the normal route back (on that steep portion). In hindsight, I should have went back down the initial route I took. This is a decent couple hour hike that's close to town with easy access.

So beautiful and relatively secluded. Big payoff for a short hike- you can hang out at the beach (or the nude beach over the rocks haha) or climb around the rocks and hang out.

4 months ago

The "hike" is a 800 ft cliff followed by a 2.5 mile flat dirt road that follows the man made canal. There were a total of ten trees in the "national forest". The hole in the wall had a 5 ft wide pvc pipe stuck inside it. The path had a total of 4 signs. all of which said to keep the trail clean and no markings for directions. There were several other parking places that would have made more sense to be the trail head.

The single pro was that it was silent and peaceful with a view of the city.


Beautiful beach, easy to get to.

Beautiful canyon hike. Early morning is the best.

Neat little hike! The trail head is easy to miss. My lab and I bulked a little too much for winter and this is a perfect spot for him to run. As aforementioned, don’t trust the gps. The trail is to the left. I will mark it next time I’m up (:

We arrived at the parking lot around 7pm and walked to the Whales Beach for sunset. The view is awesome!

4 months ago

Great place to go when you don't have a lot of time and do want to enjoy great views of the lake.

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