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8 hours ago

Clean lake. Basic amenities. Good with dogs. Double stroller might be a bit of a stretch for the whole loop.

Lots to see along the trails.

Gorgeous hike. I love the bridges and there was a lot of newts or salamanders. Fairly easy terrain . Not sure that we went the right way as we followed the trail straight the whole way and ended up scaling down the mountain to the rocks and waterfall area below. It was pretty steep getting down and back up but the water below is worth it.
We also wound up across from the nude beach which was entertaining .

Great loop, but the back side of the trail from the dam to the day use area has alot of fallen trees and debris on alot of the trail. about 1/4 mile in from the dam a huge fallen tree has taken out almost all of the trail. After that though pretty smooth sailing. Park at the boat launch and take trail to the right all paved for about a mile and a half good out and back if you dont want to do the whole loop.
Over all great trail, would recommend and do it again.

trail running
2 days ago

the bf and i jogged our way there and it was pretty fast hike. Views breathtaking!

Definitely take I80 to the Foresthill exit- longer ride but much more relaxing. We walked the entire lake and it’s almost 5 miles (not the 3.5 that we were expecting). The trail starts at the bottom on the boat ramp. The unpaved trail still needs a lot of tree removal and trail repair. Stay on the paved trail and go in/out unless you want adventure! Very beautiful and quiet.

This trail is ideal for those with doggos. It's the perfect length and there are a couple spots on the trail that run close to the water line so that the dogs can cool off. I could see it being hot in the middle of summer but it was perfect on a spring day.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Was a beautiful trail. W tried to hike it. BUT Definitely should not be marked kid friendly , there way too many mountain bikers. Steep hills where bikers flew fast at us. And not too many areas to step to the side to avoid.

Anyone been there recently? Wondering how water is currently. Speed of water safe for kids?

trail running
5 days ago

The trail is nice with easy stretches for giving the quads a break, although the trail is in total rated easy, the opposite side of the lake offers many intermediate to difficult obstacles, with tight trail running, steep inclines/declines, multiple types of loose terrain, small marshy areas to cross, abundant roots and rock outcrops give this running trail an excellent introduction to higher levels of trail running. Great place to train both speed and endurance. Measured route to be 2.5 miles.

Walk across a cool bridge, then down hill to the river. Cool swimming ponds.

8 days ago

Shorter trail than expected. Trail rain out at some point and lots of energy company workers/trucks towards the end. Ducks follow you so they must be used to people feeding them. Not impressed with this trail.

Beautiful in the Spring time, wildflowers and awesome views of the lake below. Going clockwise was a really hard start due to the steeper incline, the backside of the path was much more gradual. Hikers preference. We had trouble trying to find the start of the backside trail again in the meadow at the top. If your starting clockwise, take the trail toward the left of the meadow all the way to the end (we had a beautiful picnic here), you'll see a fence and a little wooden bench with great views over either side of the hilltop. When you turn back, stay to the left and the trail will eventually go down the backside. The trails are overgrown in the spring, but it's easy to find your way back down the front side if need-be. Highly recommend.

10 days ago

I wish the boardwalk down to Rush Creek was usable. The newts were fun to watch there. This is still an easy, fun trail for the whole range of ages as it is wide and level with the added interest of the flumes. Wildflowers abound.

Absolutely beautiful this time of year!

Is beautiful loved

The wildflowers and views are spectacular. We went up clockwise so the first mile was brutal. However, the rest is easy after that. It can be a bit slippery going down because of the sand, but I really enjoyed it and will be going back again.

13 days ago

Great Hike. I got to the trail a bit later than expected, and the large parking lot was already pretty full. Even with all the cars, I didn't notice too many crowds until we got to the main falls. This is probably because most people just wander through the wildflowers, without following any specific trail. There is very little shade on this trail, but the abundance of wild flowers makes up for that!. There are quite a few stream crossings, and wet and muddy areas, particularly if you are just finding your own path. I went shortly after the rain and this wasn't too challenging, but might add time and distance to the hike when trying to find ideal places to cross and avoid getting wet.

The falls were beautiful, and there was a grove of trees not too far away, that were an ideal place to rest in the shade and have a picnic.

As several others have mentioned, there IS A TRAIL, but it might not be that obvious from the parking lot. I found it on the way back from the falls. As you enter the wilderness area from the parking lot, you can stay to the left and follow the ravine towards the creek. There is a fork in the trail near a grove of trees, and you want to stay to the right of the fork, and this will take you to two smaller water falls. "Phantom falls" is actually behind a barbed-wire fence. You can either go around or through the fence where the trail leads up to it. There is a clear trail on the other side of the fence that leads to the falls.

While walking off the beaten path was certainly enjoyable, I actually found the flowers and scenery to get better as we got closer to the falls. This hike is ideal for photography both close ups of the flowers, and drone photography from the air. I would only recommend this hike during spring late march early April, and shortly after the rain for ideal conditions.

nice place to hike during the spring when all the flowers are blooming. nice little waterfalls and streams throughout the entire area . the main waterfall is nice but it can get pretty small in summer, you can descend to the bottom of the canyon into a cave underneath the waterfall also, but it's a steep climb down and watch out for the rattle snakes

15 days ago

Beautiful wild flowers along the trails

Amazing place! So many beautiful wild flowers! Totally recommend to go there in the morning, because after 11 p.m. it was so crowded!

16 days ago

Beautiful hike this time of the year due to wildflowers! I hiked to Ravine Falls, but never made it to Phantom Falls because the trail was fenced off. Maybe next time...
I hiked to Beaston Falls instead, which is not listed on AllTrails.

This was a beautiful hike! I’m very out of shape and wanted to get outdoors to jumpstart my fitness journey. I did get really winded going uphill, but took breaks and powered through. I would definitely rate this as a moderate to easy hike for most. If I can do it, ANYONE can.

Be ready to pay 10$ for parking

Amazing hike. A lot of people. But still recommend to see the dam.

Great hike! Wildflowers were beautiful and the creeks and falls were flowing today. No trail markers so I used someone else’s map that hiked the trail and it was pretty easy to follow. Stay left on the creek and then make a right when it forks off and it’s a straight shot to Phantom.

18 days ago

We did this hike a few years ago. Perhaps if we had gone at a different time of the year it might have been better, but it was dry and too hot and cows.

Overcrowded, people with speakers, bros in white shoes.

on Phantom Falls

19 days ago

Hiked to Phantom Falls Wednesday, 2 days ago. The trail is easy to find, if right now, a little wet at the start. From the hiker gate, don't head uphill to the right, as many do, and where there really isn't a trail. Head down the cut to the left, along the stream, where you'll see the trail widen to several feet. As you approach some trees, a clear narrow trail heads of to the right. If you take it, you'll be on trail all the way to Phantom Falls. If you can, best to do this during the week, and early. We started at 8:30, saw virtually no one until heading back, and had the Falls to ourselves. Encountered a lot of people, including a couple large school groups as we walked out. This is a nice hike, lots of flowers. Next time I go, I'll do an extended loop to other falls. Just to go to Phantom Falls took 1 1/4 hours, with lots of stops for pix, and the same returning.

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