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This is a response to Wolfie Perry: there are better spots to access the Pipeline further up the canyon. Rattlesnake is probably the worst place to access it, definitely a steep slog. I made a similar mistake hiking with a three year old on my back.

5 days ago

Nice area. Lots of other trails. I Would like or come back in the spring

17 days ago

Quarry trail parking was covered in packed down snow. Parking across the street was clear. About 3” of snow on the start of the trail, probably 4-6 at the top. You may still be okay without spikes, but I would’ve been faster if I had hem with me. Great option for a regular winter hike.

on Rattlesnake Gulch Trail

trail running
23 days ago

A great running spot. Easy access, not too hard, reward with a good view in the end.

There is some trail erosion. Can be crowded over the weekend.

It’s a relatively easy hike and very well-marked. It’s a beautiful view of the valley if the sky is clear. If it’s hazy or smoky, you can’t see much!

Nice short trail with an amazing view of SLC at the peek.

It is short but pretty steep almost the entire time. But worth it if you take it slow it’s a great hike for anyone. At the top you see the entire valley so very worth it

1 month ago

Good, short hike with nice views of the lake and surrounding communities. I appreciated the signage along the trail to help me decide if I wanted to extend the loop by checking out one of the spur trails.

Worth it for the view, short, and nice

Worth doing once for the view of the city. Easy to follow. Well maintained.

Easy nice morning climb to watch sun rise.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great for a short hike, not so much for mountain biking. This app says it's mountain bike friendly but there's actually a sign that says bikes prohibited. That may just be in the first overlook area at the bottom, but bikes aren't a great idea for this trail anyway because it's so frequently trafficked and steep. I had to walk my bike up most of the way (lifted it over the bigger rocks at the top) and of course heavily breaked nonstop on the way down. I adore the view at the top tho! Especially in the morning! The sun rises over the east mountain range the sunlight filtered beautifully through the autumn colored trees on the mountain.

I hiked the upper portion for 1.7 miles until it comes back up to the road. Starts just below the ruins of the old Mill. Loved this trail. Very peaceful and a gradual climb to get your heart going a bit. I only saw three mountain bikers and five bikers on this trail. I think I will start at the bottom for a snow shoeing adventure this winter.

Fun trail, dog friendly. Took lots of pictures and it took us about 2 hours.

This is a fee area- costs $3 per vehicle for an okay hike.

A nice but exposed trail, so wear UV protection. Although, it is short you might bring water with you, especially in the summer months. Great views with Latter-day Saint historical significance. There's a memorial on top.

hiked it with a bunch of teenagers. A great trail to take beginners and those who normally struggle with hiking

1 month ago

This is an easy and fun family trail. We hiked from the park at the top of Sky Lark Lane to the lookout point and back. This part of the trail was shaded almost the whole way, and the fall colors were beautiful. my kids also enjoyed playing at the park when we were done.

Quick short trail, heavily trafficked.

2 months ago

Nice easy trail in north Salt Lake City with dog off-leash. Met by a stray golden retriever. Hot day. Beautiful views of the city and great Salt Lake. Had to contend with a few mountain bikers on trails that criss-crossed the hiking trail making it a bit hectic for the free running dogs.

It was an ok trail.
Not much to see.
we'll find a better hiking spot next time.
$3.00 to hike it.
The dogs enjoyed.

Nice hike

2 months ago

Nice trail that was great for my dog. Has some great overlooks for views. Some parts are very narrow so make sure you are aware with the bikers using the trail. Leaves are turning very pretty up here.

Centervile Trails Volunteer.
Great hike, Near town, moderate to difficult at times, NOT horse friendly or Mountain Bike friendly. Dogs on leashes allowed please pick up after your dog, Many families enjoy this hike, some scrambling at times over rocks with some steep side hills. I see kids of all ages just go slow. Single narrow trail, most of the time, Views are best at the mouth of the canyon to over look the city.. You are north of the Gun Range, And If you are on the freeway and you see the big V on the mountain This canyon is the first one north of the V. It is the Deuel creek south hike. (No pictographs on this hike it is another hike). At the little Kiosk it shows the trail ending long before the rope swing or the first waterfall past the rope swing. You will see some beautiful places most people think the waterfall is a rock or steep spot where the water shoots down a steep rocky spot. It is beautiful and worth a look. However it is not the waterfall. The water cascades down the side of the rock and it disappears in the thick brush. Not technically free falling, but it is nice all the same. Summer is my favorite late May to Sep, It is steep in places and requires some scrambling over rocks and steep drop offs. Those steep places with narrow trail start about 20 feet past the trail head. Dont let the kids get out of sight at the start of the trail. If you have little kids just go slow and you will find places near the creek to let them play. You will see poison ivy so know what to look for and how to identify it over 4 season. Google it. Both trails will meet up at the creek so if you parked at the North Trail head make sure that when you head down to take the North trail. Same as the South stay on the trail that is near the creek. You dont want to add a mile up and down at the end of a long hike. You will only make this mistake once :) I HIGHLY recommend a high clearance vehicle on both trail heads once you leave the pavement, mufflers are expensive. Some times the grader has gone over the trail and it is ok other times I have seen people that where not so lucky. When the road Ts in the bottom of the canyon take the road to the right and then at the second T turn back towards the canyon heading back north about a 1/2 mile from the first T. This trail is forest serve land and all the same rules apply. The only true water fall is past the rope swing. Kids do not make it this far. This is where the nice trail begins. The trail and will start to look like a high alpine hike with tall pines and less Gamble oak. If you continue about another 30-40 minutes past the rope swing you will be rewarded with a view of the waterfall that you will see in the distance it is the one in the pic that says Centerville Canyon. If you continue to hike up the trail it will go right by the waterfall where you can walk out and look down over the falls. It is just a little stream at this time of the year not much water at all. You will not see may people that will venture past the falls. It is quiet and if you are aware of your surroundings you will see all kinds of tracks and sign. If you continue up the trail it will eventually cross over two other streams and the canyon will end when the trail disappears in a Forrest. This trail has several other wooden bridges that are not forest service approved and are not sponsored by the city. It appears to be maintained by locals who do so at their own expense. We are always looking for volunteers who want to help contribute to the health and safety of the trail. And we recommend you do that thru the city who will coordinate the work thru the forest service and the sponsored third party groups. This is Forest Service land and when venturing out please be aware that hunting season is open at this time of the year I would recommend bright colored clothes. And to stay on the trail. You can also camp just off the trail and you will find a variety of camps spots.

Enjoy and let us know what you think and what you liked about our hike.

Take a hike.

HELP #### We have a lost hiker near this trail if you can get out tomorrow please do! Davis County Sheriff will be conducting a searchS tomorrow for a missing HUNTER r who was last seen just one canyon north at noon yesterday. He is a 19 year old male and was last seen about Noon near Parish flat Just one canyon north of Deuel creek
Thank you
~CTC volunteer

This was a really great hike with great views, but there are no bathrooms!! There's also a park just a little ways south of the trailhead, and there are no bathrooms there either.

Great views at the top of the hike. Loose rocks make the walk down a little dangerous.

A casual walk more than a hike. The view is scenic and worth the walk to the top.

In spite of being along the main road a lot of the time, this was a pretty and enjoyable trail! Lots of shade and some sun. Gets really good toward the highest point/furthest in. The river of beautiful and there are a lot of huge rocks. Also, plenty side trails too. The trail continues at the end of this trail, after the bad ass remains of a building, but I didn’t try it...yet!

don’t forget your book of M.

Nice view but really tracked out and muddy

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