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Hiked this this afternoon with my two dogs. it was windy, snowy, and raining. Still had a nice easy hike.

Absolutely beautiful, was a perfect adventure to take with two 10 year olds, an 8 and 6 year old!

Of all he trails we did today this was my favorite. Easy hike but really spectacular views from every direction & you can wander off in any direction really through the wash which my dog Annie loved

First time on this trail today!! New favorite!!!

We love this hike. We’re locals and my son works at the park so this is a regular for us. It’s a very popular trail so parking is difficult. Certain times of day changes how the colors look in the rocks. The colors are the most vibrant early in the morning or late afternoon. High noon washes them out.

5 days ago

I went Jan 12 @ 11:30am. It was a bit cloudy, no rain though. I'm not an experienced hiker and went solo.

Plenty of parking when I went, but I can see it being packed pretty quickly. I don't know if I fell off the trail, but I was following it and eventually went up some boulders and got lost. I remember reading it's supposed to be 2-3 hours, took me 4 1/2 to get back to my car. I never found the waterfall, but got some great pictures. There were two people scaling the mountain which I thought was crazy, but you can see that they had the proper equipment and were experienced but really great to see. A bit of poop, nothing crazy though. Definitely has cactus everywhere. Not much wildlife, found a creek though. Ill try again to find this waterfall and maybe not get lost. It was very easy to navigate back to your car though because of the landscape.

interesting hike that took me back in time. there are petroglyphs carved into the rocks all along the path and the trail is fairly easy to walk and allows for some exploration as long as one watches out for the local wildlife (snakes!).

10 days ago

A walk in the park with ponds and shade trees in the picnic areas. Stroller friendly, too.

14 days ago

Was kind of disappointed with this trail.
Very sandy & confusing. Not that brilliant of a sight compared to others in the area.
Nice short hike but wasn’t very impressed.

This was a pretty cool lil hike. The petroglyphs were awesome but there wasn’t water to enjoy at the end. There was a small dirty basin. Just don’t expect pools of water at the end.
Pros: Breezy hike, shaded, petroglyphs, and a lot to see in such a short trail.
Cons: SAND!! Ugh. I don’t like to hike in sand. No useable water source like implied. Jan timeframe- no birds and a lot of people. I prefer less populated hikes.
Hope this helps. It was a nice add on to a day of hiking

It was really neat to see the petroglyphs, but there were SO many people. I was really surprised to see it this packed at noon on a Thursday.
Too many people to even really enjoy the scenery.

15 days ago

Nice trail hike with the family. No issues with a dog, 6 and 10 year old boys. Beautiful views.

17 days ago

Short and easy hike through sand to a nice viewpoint / overlook at the end. The rocks are very colorful here, I recommend to go at sunset or sunrise to get the best photos! Avoid going on a windy day unless you are okay with sand in your eyes haha.

Great, loved the coloring of the fire wave.

Great hike as always. Everytime I am in Vegas I try to do this hike.

took my son, we love this trail!!

Nice hike with some beautiful views! Not to difficult.

19 days ago

Nice hike in the snow. Definitely not to challenging.

21 days ago

Easy trail to get lost on towards the end, I had my phone out with this app open the whole time trying to figure out which trail went where. Besides that, great views of the keystone thrust majority of the trail and some really neat, bright red rocky formations towards the end that I did not expect! Saw nobody else on the trail.

I have been on this trail countless times, have taken family, friends, cadets and guests on it to introduce them to hiking and Red Rock and will continue to do so in the future. One of my favorites!

Really easy and beautiful hike. Follow the posts that are set up, and it will lead you to the fire wave. The view at the end is amazing with different rock formations and rock colors.

Lots of cool petroglyphs! This trail was quite sandy though, but don’t let that deter you from exploring it. The end leads to a neat little water hole thing.

Beautiful, short trail with multi-colored rocks.

Fun, easy hike. 2 and 4 yr olds made it fine. Only complaint is that they close at sunset

Super easy and nice trail. Great for beginners. My dog and I had a great Friday afternoon hike. Close to the city, but still feels like you’re out of the hustle and bustle of town. Great for a quick and easy hike.

Petroglyphs were okay but time would be better spent elsewhere in the park

1 month ago

Nice views!

Petroglyphs etched by indigenous peoples, renegade Indian shootouts and amazing rock formations, this area has it all! The trial may be sandy, but push on and be impressed.

1 month ago

Really beautiful hike, highly recommend. Check out my full guide on Hikingguy com.

love the views throughout this trail!

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