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Amazing hike with some awesome camping sites surrounding the lake. Just got back and we had absolutely no problems with mosquitoes or flies. Went up on a Friday and there were only a handful of people at the lake. We will be going back to this gem. Can’t beat the views at the top either.

3 days ago

This is an ambitious day hike but better than colchuck after 5 miles in. Also don’t need to drive that dreaded dirt road. Must dedicate all day. Two lakes and in between had stunning beauty. Also saw a deer, goats, and even a brown bear all right along trail.

9/9/18 Hiked up to the camp with no trail issues. Keep an eye on the weather report and everything else is clear to go.
Rough hike to do in one day. Very rewarding.
Easy to get to and well maintained.

9 days ago

Beautiful hike. Stayed one night at marmot and went up to jade as a day hike. Heading up to jade is definitely worth it!

on Pratt Lake Trail

trail running
11 days ago

Nice trail with decent elevation. Not much in the way of scenery but a few small creeks here and there. Lightly traveled, saw fresh bear scat on the trail this morning so take your bear bells / bear spray because the berries are out and the bears are eating them to prepare for the winter / hibernation. Close to the road, so you will hear cars until you're about 1/2 way up. Granite mountain is better for scenery, scrambling but this is good if you want to get some miles in on a nicely maintained trail. Parking is tough, you'll need to park on the road if you come after 9am.

Whoever said this hike isn’t strenuous and is good for any skill level is trolling you. There is 1200 feet of elevation gain in the first 1.5 miles if you go clockwise from Berry Patch (or a terribly steep descent at the end of your hike if you’re coming from Snowgrass Flat). The ascent is pretty relentless until you reach the ridge, so I wouldn’t recommend it for brand new backpackers or anyone who isn’t in decent shape. Going out and back from Snowgrass Flat to Goat Lake would be an easier hike for those who can’t handle Goat Ridge.

Went Sept 2-3. Parking lot was overflowing but we didn’t encounter throngs of people until we hit Goat Lake (also saw goats!). I counted 20-25 tents around the lake. Other than the view, I don’t understand the appeal of camping there- it’s overcrowded, cold, and totally exposed to the elements. Found a better spot below the tree line. Didn’t encounter many people on the hike back and the parking lot was nearly empty— weekdays are definitely the way to go!

Spectacular hike, perfect weather (it gets cold at night- bring layers), no bugs, and still a few wildflowers in bloom.

Beautiful Scenery and a great loop hike.

13 days ago

This is my favorite place to backpack and camp so far. It’s pretty brutal though, I wasn’t prepared for how relentless the steep and rocky the switchbacks are. I also had a 65 lbs backpack on me, which I wanted to throw off the side of the mountain with a banshee cry. We camped at Tuck and then hiked to Robin the next morning. I definitely needed that break. The hike to Robin was a little confusing but there are two ways. Just follow the cairns and don’t be afraid to ask people as they’re coming down for some direction. We had tons of mountain goats hanging out and walking past our tents, it was amazing. The sunset here was the best I’ve ever seen. My only regret was not having extra time to explore the top of Robin Lake. I need to come back so I can, I just keep remembering the stream of cuss words going through my mind the last 3 miles but it’s worth it. Remember, pack out what you pack in and no fires. There aren’t any trees for bear lines at Robin, so bring canisters or ursacks. Crazy thing is we all had cell reception at Robin lakes, don’t plan on it but don’t be surprised if you do!

ps: You have to drive through a little creek to get to the trailhead. The pot holes are also insanely deep. So bring a vehicle that can handle it.

14 days ago

Huckleberries everywhere near Pratt Lake! We picked some and had enough for two pies. Bring a few bags to carry huckleberries back :)

14 days ago

One of my two favorite backpacking destinations. Easy hike past Hyas Lake for the first 3 Miles, then soon after the right turn at the T towards Tuck and Robin, the trail gets relentlessly steep. Trekking poles really help. The trail around Tuck toward Robin is confusing for about a mile, but the AllTrails map helped big time. Cairns help mark the rest of the way up the slabs of rock toward Robin Lakes. The last push is challenging with heavy packs, but the view of Robin Lakes and their surroundings is truly breathtaking. Rainier and Adams were crystal clear in the background, with Cathedral Rock and Mt. Daniel boldly dominating the foreground behind lower Robin Lake. Nights get very cold and windy this time of year so make sure to bring adequate layers. I didn’t, but thankfully my sleeping bag compensated for me being a dunce. Saw 3 mountain goats near our tent on Sunday (9/2) morning. Leave time to take the trail between upper and lower Robin up to the peaks above for dazzling views of lower Robin lake especially, surrounded by miles and miles of cascades. Delighted to see Mt Stuart peaking out once we were up there as well. Couldn’t have asked for better weather during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Soak in the beauty and let it refresh you. I wish I could remember the ranger’s name during our stay at Robin. He was a delightful and friendly man with a game winning smile. Extra kudos to that great guy.

15 days ago

A couple friends and I did this loop and added Old Snowy and Hawkeye Point onto it. Incredible views of Adams, as well as Rainier, Helens, and even Hood in the distance. We did the loop clockwise from berry patch trailhead over two days, camping at goat lake overnight from August 31-September 1. Didn’t see a single mosquito, probably because it was a little cooler, but comfortable hiking weather. The hiking itself is not strenuous and any incline feels very doable for any skill level, nothing technical. We were each carrying packs that were about 35-40 lbs. The views of Adams are just incredible. The whole hike above the tree line is basically worthy of a postcard from any direction you look. Stop to eat huckleberries in the meadows, and enjoy idyllic views of mountain goats grazing on the cliffs and marmots scrambling around in the meadows. I recommend planning a trip during off-peak traffic times so you can get a good camping spot at goat lake to watch the clouds settle in the valley in the evening and wake up to an incredible view of Adams in the morning. I strongly recommend adding Old Snowy onto your loop. It’s an extra 5 miles that felt like 2-3, and despite the elevation gain of about 2000 feet was surprisingly easy (I dropped my pack at the turn off and enjoyed a packless ascent up Old Snowy). It’s worth the effort to enjoy getting above the ridges and seeing numerous others peaks and into other basins and valleys. At a minimum tack on Hawkeye for a similar, view as Old Snowy. I recommend this hike to anyone starting at even the most basic skill and generally healthy fitness level. Oh, and fun to interact with some thru hikers on a little bit of the PCT.

This is one of my go to trail running spots. Most of the trail is runnable and the views along the way are amazing, however be super careful since in some spots the trail is very narrow so one wrong step and it will be your last. Most people turn around after reaching the Katwalk however if you keep going the lakes at the end are scenic and will tempt you to stay awhile. In fact the lakes are a fantastic place to camp. Since this is part of the PCT you won’t be alone, but it is not a crowded trail at all. Bring warm clothes because the area past the Katwalk tends to be pretty cold. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”, including the ones from this hike.

Highly recommend making it up to Jade in one day if you can manage it. The views are much more dramatic from the top and although there are only 6 “defined” campsites, there is plenty of primitive flat-ish ground for a tent. Thankfully didn’t have to deal with any mosquitoes! Wonderfully beautiful hike!

Did the hike from Marmot to Jade Lake as a day hike and I'm glad we did! The boulder field was a beast to navigate without a pack, I can't imagine if we'd had ours with us. We saw plenty of people camping at Jade and No Name though, so it's definitely doable!

16 days ago

One of my best hikes I’ve ever completed. Robin Lakes were breathtaking!

Hard trail? Umm, yeah! Great views? For sure! Worth it!

Did this hike as a three day backpacking trip and loved every minute of it. Hike in and camped at Marmot Lake for two nights and then did Jade Lake as a day hike.

The trail was somewhat busy and crowded for Labor Day weekend (we met a ranger on our way up to Marmot and she told us that she counted at least 90 people camping there) but the lake is large enough and the campsites are spread out enough that when we set up camp, we saw maybe half a dozen people nearby.

All in all, weather was great (it did drop to the 30s at night, so come prepared for cold!), we saw maybe a handful of mosquitoes (but they weren't bad), and there were enough people on the trail to follow that the boulder fields weren't too difficult to navigate! Also, we saw dozens of pikas! The only downside to a busy trail is that not everyone followed the Leave No Trace policy. We saw a bag of excrement next to the trail near Jade Lake as well as some other trash along the trail. Just a reminder that there are backcountry toilets at both Jade AND Marmot Lake and, if you're bringing something into the backcountry, please pack it out.

21 days ago

Hike date: 5/15/2018. If you enjoy beautiful cascading waterfalls, crossing rapid-flowing streams, and navigating unmarked snow covered trails, this is the time to hike Pratt Lake.  There's still a lot of snow about 3miles in; a GPS w the Pratt Trail map is a must have to navigate in the snow.
The lush forest is beautiful, and many wildflowers are in bloom. The heavy snow melt due to recent record breaking temp fuels the  raging waterfalls which make some stream crossing challenging. It's all doable with good hiking boots (waterproof) and poles, and it's a ton of fun as long as you take each step carefully.
After the Island Lake and Pratt Lake junction (4miles in), the Pratt Trail turns into a steep descent and is completely covered in snow;  very difficult to navigate. Continuing down to Pratt Lake is not recommended unless you are familiar with the trail and terrain. 
Overall it's a beautiful hike with many water features through mid June. On a clear day, you will see Mt Rainier, nearby mountain peaks, and Olallie Lake on the Pratt Lake Trail. 

23 days ago

Visited 8/25/2018 Great hike. No smoke. Elevation gain is very gradual. I’d recommend hiking shoes/boots as the terrain changes from dirt to rocky to rocky with tree roots. Definitely worth the 14 miles!

23 days ago

Did this hike with 1 night stay at Marmot Lake and day hiked to Jade. Rocky trail, but so worth it. Bugs were not bad. Encountered foggy weather and slight showers. No snow on trails. Fallen trees are only after Marmot lake.

Beautiful hike. Gradual elevation the whole way through. It really is 7.4 miles to the lakes for almost exactly 15 mile hike round trip. Totally worth it.

Even with the haze of recent fires, this hike offered some of the most incredible views I’ve ever experienced on a hike. The first couple of miles are pretty monotonous switchbacks through the woods, but isn’t too difficult. Once you finally break out of the tree line, you have an unobstructed view of the mountain that you parked next to at the trailhead. It’s INCREDIBLE! Beautiful, immense, just breathtaking beauty. We took a bunch of panoramic pictures even before the pass, it really was that strikingly beautiful. The views at the pass itself were amazing as well, but the haze was thicker there, still great views but in photos will look a little obscured. We continued onto Doubtful Lake, and that required some additional steep hiking. As the poster a few posts below noted, the trail to Doubtful Lake is not maintained and is STEEP and narrow, and overgrown in a few spots. But certainly doable if you take your time. The lake itself is great, very serene and clear. If you just want photos though, take pictures from above and save yourself the steep hike back up; its hard to capture the immensity of the mountain that feeds the lake from the lake itself. Overall, even if you just hike to the pass, do do DO it! It’s great!

Beautiful hike, it was very smokey on 8/14 so the views could be much improved on a clear day but still a great hike. The hike itself is moderate difficulty, I think what may make it harder is the length.

1 month ago

Incredible. The views are AMAZING and while we didn't go to Robin lakes this time around, we did spend three days at Tuck.

Like most reviewers said, it's a few miles off flat hiking before turning up to the right just after Hyas Lake. Switchbacks start here and go up at a steady pace for about two miles. At this point, you'll hit the "T" with 'Tuck and Robin Lakes' scribed on a sign posted on a tree. If you continue straight, it'll take you to Marmot and Jade Lake but if you turn right, you'll be on the path to Tuck and Robin Lakes. The path to T@R lakes heads downward for a little before turning straight up for the final 1.5 mile climb to Tuck. You can set up camp and do Robin Lakes as a day hike if you choose or trudge on to Robin. Cairns mark the way on the right side of the lake to climb over the huge boulders before finally hitting the dirt trail heading up.

The bugs were hit and miss... A light breeze blows through and takes em away most of the time but when it stops blowing, the bugs ate us alive. My nephew fished Tuck and got some really nice 6-8 inch cutthroat trout but the fishing wasn't as good as he would have hoped. Hikers coming down from Robin had the same luck. We were packing up today (8/14/18) and a family of goats wandered into camp and wouldn't leave. Darn things followed us around like dogs for a while until we finally got everything picked up to go. Really fascinating animals as ive never been this close to em. All in all, it was a steep hike and with enough bug spray, it was worth every aching muscle.

The smoke haze was really moving in today so if you're considering going in anytime soon, do it now rather then later. My opinion, of course.

Happy hiking y'all!


1 month ago

Went up this past weekend; although it was cloudy the panoramic of the Cascades was still stunning! A favorite for sure. Quite a bit of bugs so bring some bug spray.

This hike is long and strenuous but the vistas along the way and at the top make the trip a must!

As a follow-up to the review by PhLo S just below...my group went August 10-12. There were some flies and mosquitoes at the lower elevations, but nothing close to plague-level. As a precaution we wore long sleeve shirts and long pants, with the option to wear head nets. While hiking these precautions weren't really needed, but during rest stops the bugs can get annoying. The views at the upper elevations are amazing. This was one of the best hikes I have been on.

1 month ago

Good hike

on Pratt Lake Trail

1 month ago

Great trail thats in good shape. A few flies and mosquitoes near Talapus connector but nothing crazy.

Great views, not too many people, very hot, bring lot's of water. Bugs

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