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Awesome sights to see fun trail to hike, definitely recommend going after a good rainy day though so the waters still up falls weren't that big when we went

Short, easy, and fun hike. The best view is climbing on top! It was amazing!

3 days ago

Well maintained and clean trail with great views at the top. Wide variety of plants and fungi along the way. A pleasant dog that lives nearby decided to join us on the hike but they are not typically permitted as it is a state nature preserve.

5 days ago

We do this trail frequently when we have a short amount of time to be in the area. The kids love seeing the springs in different seasons and it’s a nice, easy walk on well maintained trails.

Great trail. Well marked and shade almost the whole way. Beautiful outlooks. You can see for miles at the top. My son and I really enjoyed ourselves this morning.

This was my first hike before having this app. A bit tough for a beginner. But I can’t wait to do it again. Absolutely beautiful from start to finish

16 days ago

I have done this trail at least a dozen times with elderly, obese, young children and first timers. It is the best in fall when the wind is up, as it really does whistle. It is worth going a bit past the small arch and climbing up the rock ledges to see the view from up there. Be very careful doing this.

Beautiful! I forgot my hiking books and was abke to do this trail in sandals. W didn't see a waterfall. I'm not sure if we missed it or if that is a mistake in the description. Either way, it was an amazing hike with breathtaking views! We relaxed and did yoga at the top for quite some time, enjoying the mountainous scenery and sunshine!
I would like to remind folks that this is a nature preserve. You aren't allowed to bring your dogs so please don't! I love hiking with my doggie and there are loads of trails where dogs are allowed.

My husband & I took our 2 & 3 yr olds on this trail and we all loved it. The waterfall at the end is even more beautiful in person. I really liked how the water at the fall was shallow enough for our kids to play in. At one point you cross the creek to get to the fall which is another opportunity to play in the water as well. The only downfall was trying to get directions to the trailhead. We had to ask several people after getting directions from the visitors center. This trail is actually called the Shawnee Run trail with the Fulling Mill waterfall at the end. The long version of the trail is about a 6 mile hike but you can opt for the shorter version which is about a mile in and a mile back out. Took us about 25-30 mins each way walking with & carring toddlers. Highly recommend this trail if you have small children or want a short trail with something pretty at the end to see.

Very cool trail and scenery. We only walked to arch-did not do whole loop.

Very easy trail. Great trail for family's as of trail is level and wheelchair friendly. Perfect trail for romance as this place is good first date place.

Easy hike down which was perfect for our three year old. We went after a day of heavy rain so we expected to see a waterfall, but there was not a waterfall at the end of this trail. Just rocks with a few drips of water coming off of them. Pretty disappointing.

We love to go on this hike every year and it never gets old. Many camping spots along the way to Vanhook falls with a couple smaller waterfalls to see as well. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good hike.

27 days ago

We backpacked this trail for an overnighter in mid June. It was very muggy. Luckily the trail follows the creek and we were able to wade in and cool off at spots, not to mention filter water.

The trail was wet and muddy from water run off. Though it is well trodden, there are spots where we got stuck because it was not obvious where to go. The trail could definitely use better markers at key areas. I wouldn't say it was a difficult hike, more like moderate if you hike often. However, with the 30 pound bag on my back, every step felt like a chore while dodging roots, fallen debris, thorn bushes, rocks, and muddy areas. Add relentless heat and humidity and this trail makes for a long 1 mile an hour trek.

1 month ago

Great 3mi loop in Grayson Lake State Park. Trail head is by the basketball court near the campground entrance. Thankfully they put up a new trailhead sign! Loop is well marked and well maintained. A nice walking stick is recommended as you'll encounter numerous spider webs across the trail, especially if you're the first one out that day. Follow the orange blaze markers to stay on the trail. The falls are really worth the hike, especially after a good rain. The first "half" of the trail(up to the falls) is a little boring. Some nice wildlife sightings occasionally, but nothing special. After passing the falls though, the trail follows the lake closely and you get some wonderful views of the lake and the rock cliffs surrounding it.

Very nice and easy trail good for kids. it has nice features to exlplore

Love the hiking trails. I feel like some trails are not labeled correctly for example the heritage trail is rated easy. I would say it’s more moderate.

Okay so first of all I was confused on how to get to the trailhead. So you arrive into Grayson lake state park and head towards the campground, right after the golf course on the right a sign that says trails will lead you to trail head. You will have to endure TONS of spiderwebs and ticks if you embark on this trail. You have been warned. It is a loop but easy to miss the detour that makes it a loop. I got lost and the only other person I passed on the trail was also lost. I didn’t see any falls but I’m guessing at different times of the year the “falls” is where I was misled, I eventually found my way. Pretty much make sure you are following the orange markings on the trees. If you have arrived at a dirt road you’ve gone too far. To me it was not worth it because of the ticks and spiderwebs. If it weren’t for those 2 caveats it would have been a nice, easy hike.

Semi-tame deer are often found in the area.

Really enjoyed this trail. Lots of spiderwebs tho.

1 month ago

I absolutely loved this trail. Did it as part of a weekend backpacking trip rough and swift camp. This was a very beautiful trail. It definitely gets muddy and washed out but if you weren’t expecting it don’t complain you just didn’t do your research.

1 month ago

We’ve hiked this trail several times and love it! Very pretty in the fall and spring. Hiked about 1/2 mile in today, though and saw fresh bear marks on the trail. We just turned around and headed back out!

These trails were so much fun!!! So beautiful and lots of options!!!! It was a little muddy and slick in some places but over all the trails are very well marked and there is so much to see. We took the whole family and it was easy enough for kids, most areas were stroller friendly (we have a running stroller with bike tires) and even though most time dogs are not aloud on the trails they aloud us to bring ours due to the horses not being out on the trails. I love that you can either make a whole day out of going and exploring or take shorter trails and just be out for a hour or so. There are so many options and so much to see!! One of our favorite hikes!!!

Good Family trail. Took my 11yr old that has a weak lower trunk and Autism and my 4yr old. Neither had any issues walking this trail. The scenery is amazing. God's creation is just breath taking.

We just visited Vanhook Falls and I have to say it was the highlight of our stay while at Holly Bay campground. The trail is easy at first and gets more strenuous near the falls, and the rock formations and overhangs were beautiful. There were several smaller waterfalls near the trail. You will walk across two bridges. There is a nice bench to catch your breath once you get to the falls.

It’s a nice, paved walking path with plenty of trees and natural sounds. If you live in the Lexington area and are in need of a quick escape from all of its bustle, this place is a perfect fit. It’s also very child friendly. My kids loved the turtle ponds!

The ascension certainly earns the rightful title of pilot knob. Along with what most are saying, it’s a tough incline but glorious, sweeping views await you at the top. Stay in the middle of the path, as poison ivy forms a phalanx on both sides.

I don’t think this is an easy trail as everyone thinks. It is straight downhill to the river and then when you take the loop to Deep Hollow it’s steeper back up. However, it is a scenic trail so I will give it credit for beauty. Might try again in the fall!

2 months ago

Best kept secret in Powell county/RRG. Not a dog trail. not a kid trail, teenager approved for sure. Clear trail, stay in the middle as poison ivy to the left and to the right. Steep climb was invigorating, mt.bikes cannot handle the elevation climb. My son has hit most of RRG and "invigorating" was his observation. Please take care of the trail, we did not see any trash, u can tell anyone that finds this trail can share some cool stories

Great views, very well marked trail, not a hard hike at all but definitely worth the trip.

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