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Easy trail with beautiful views. Took us 2.5 hours, a little less

Great quick lil loop to walk your pup! Did this at sunset, beautiful! Love the lil ascent to get your heart pumping!! No trees/shade, cool with me though. Would recommend, especially at sunset!

18 days ago

10-05-18. Short and easy. Pretty canyon. Not much shade, could get hot quickly depending on time of day or time of year you go. Neat petroglyphs.

We totally messed up on this one... First of all, we've lived in Sparks for over 21 years and had no idea this historical landmark existed 12 miles from our house!

Trailhead was easy to find using Waze. Just pull off by the side of the road where the bend us. We were the only ones hiking this afternoon.

OK, now for our first mistake: I thought we had to hike all the way to the end to see the petroglyphs! Wrong-o, Buffalo... I'll get to that in a minute. Second mistake: Took no water because we saw the hike was rated "Easy." (Corollary: Suzanne had just her canvas tennis shoes. WEAR YOUR HIKING BOOTS!). It was not "Easy". The trail should have been rated at least moderate, due to the amount of rocks in the riverbed and along the trail. Expect a fair amount of climbing on the rocks! Third mistake: We took Robbie, our little 11 year old dog. It was too rough for him and we had to carry him most of the way. Fourth and final mistake: We started around 1:00pm and it was a warm October day. A little late for this exploration, as it became hot.

When you start out, you'll go down into the canyon from the pull-over parking at the bend in the road. We hiked all the way to the end of the trail (about 1 mile) before we started looking for the petroglyphs. As it turns out, we passed them right and left on the way to the end of the trail! I've taken a lot of pictures and will check the waypoints to help out.

When we got to the end, I found what we later determined to be "fake" petroglyphs, as they looked "too modern" (kids?). Just beyond the endpoint on the AllTrails Pro map, you will find some petroglyphs on the left side. We did not go too far beyond the "end of the trail" on the map; however, the trail does go on. The next time we may go farther and explore.

On the way back, after seeing a couple petroglyphs and knowing what to look for, we saw them EVERYWHERE on the right and the left! So cool!

In summary, you'll run into the first group of them when you pass the first tree along the trail from where you parked.

Looking forward to returning next time and exploring more in depth. Enjoy!

I don’t think 1.6miles is accurate

This trail is a great beginner's trail, seeing as though the elevation is a few hundred feet and the path is relatively worn. The sites aren't that great but the partial city view isn't half bad. Great trail for dogs, or atleast my Beagle loved it.

Easy stroll but the rocks can shift. My kiddos and elderly pup did just fine. No officially trail head or parking area. Just pull over and head north-ish.

Gorgeous rock formations and the petroglyphs are a joy to look at.

Will definitely go again.

beautiful area.

beautiful area.

It was nice.
The road was ok for my 2WD dodge.
I would recommend your hike boots water bladder and a light snack to rest at the “glyphs” The rocks do slip a little the petroglyphs are light but along the trail In about 0.5miles
Elk bounce around :)
It was beautiful out 9/2018

1 month ago

Be even better if owners would keep their dogs on leash. Lots of open space to do the run wild & free thing. Trails arent the place.

The trail was a little hard to find, when we did it was hard to keep to it for a little bit, but if you follow the dry creek bed you'll find the petroglyphs. All in all it was a good hike. We went past the petroglyphs along the creek bed for a good distance and it still kept going. We had a good time but I definitely would be careful as the rocks slide around a bit.

Trails aren’t incredibly clear, but the good news is they are all relatively short so even if you got turned around it is almost impossible to not be able to find your way back to the parking lot. Views of Reno are incredible, go on a clear day and you’ll be able to watch a beautiful sunset from the top. There’s even a bench to sit and watch. Also, the view of the reservoir is pretty neat.

2 months ago

Creek runs most of the way so nice and easy for our dog

got lost as lots of unmarked trails...pretty rugged trails...but lovely views...easy...

2 months ago

* great, easy hike- creekside to a large water source.
* dogs had fairly constant sources of water.
*fun hike around the lake.
* pretty.

Great trail. Barkley and I had a blast.

3 months ago

This is always an enjoyable hike regardless of some of it being flooded during certain years. Time it right and see the beautify Camis Lilies and many other beautiful wildflowers. I posted a photo of Browns Peony which we only saw once over 12 years. A fun after hike is to go to Webber Falls… Jackson Meadow Rd...should be great in 2017. Last I checked it out 5/26/17 area was closed, so check before you drive extra 14 miles out there.

Easy and beautiful. Run along the creek which is nice on a hot day with dogs. We didn’t find a swimming spot on stampede for us to dip in but still awesome

3 months ago

Pretty walk following a stream, through wooded areas and open meadows, I ended at the reservoir and turned around to head back. Took me around 1 1/2 hours and was about 4 1/2 miles.

3 months ago

Hiked out the north-west side of the creek, back the south-east side. The AllTrails map doesn’t show the south-east side going all the way through, but it does. It’s a less-used and a slightly more grown-over trail, but it was not difficult to follow and provided some visual variety on the way back, as well as fewer people. Scenic, although somewhat devalued by the quite smokey conditions from the CA fires.

4 months ago

For flat-landers, this is an easy first-day-at-altitude hike/walk, along a pretty creek to the quiet end of Stampede Reservoir. Great for dogs, good picnic places.

Great easy trail. Good for kids! Not a loop trail though.

Pretty short. I was really only about 1/2 a mile to the petroglyphs. We continued on another half of a mile, but there was not really a trail. Nice short easy hike. My 9 year old made it without issues.

Really beautiful, shaded hike. Very flat, runs along water, peaceful and easy, perfect for novice hikers. Only went in about 40 minutes, will do the whole trail next time!

4 months ago

A good short hike. Trail is well established and is beautiful with low growth to all sides and wildflowers. Crystals are beautiful and available for picking. My wife was able to do it easily in the carrier with our 10 month old.

trail running
4 months ago

Nice and flat run (no incline) that goes to Boca. Would recommend to run on weekdays when not as busy as the path narrows in most places.

Beautiful trail!

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