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Decent, quick loop with average elevation change. Went solo, but would be better if you wanted to do a little picnic or something with folks as there are a couple nice fields.

I enjoyed the trail, it offered beautiful views of the rock and the lichens growing on top. The path is well kept and marked, no easy way to get lost.

good distance ...beautiful trail ...an actual nature trail & not concrete walking path.
will do this one again.

Place is known for some small Bouldering adventures outside of ATL.

Nice and quiet early in the morning. Saw a hawk, Turkey vultures, granite outcrops and small stream.

Great quick get away trail with diversity of terrain and river views. A little confusing . Really need better markers!

Great "get away" in the middle of a busy urban area. Easy trail, pretty lake and nice trail through the trees.

2 months ago

2 months ago

Nice park to walk your dog. Depending on the crowd you can get up in the woods and let your dog off leash or not. We had a lot of exposure to the river today. It was cold but sunny.

It had rained a lot the week before so I thought that it would be a good idea to go somewhere with lots of granite so I'd not be walking in as much mud...which was absurd when you think about the fact that granite isn't permeable so there were a whole lot of giant puddles and muddy spots. Still, it was a really nice afternoon out. I went here and did these trails and then walked over to the mountain view trail. I could take or leave the mountain view trail, but these two trails were really nice. The Forest Trail had a lot of precariously balanced dead trees that were fun to look at and there were areas where it skirted bald-granite areas and old quarry sites that looked like I was skirting some disaster area.

There's a short (about .1 miles) detour on the Forest Trail to the grave of someone named Mary Wade that had some really cool granite outcroppings, though the grave itself is nearly in someone's backyard and, it being winter, the foliage was thinned out enough that it felt a little awkward going to it. And the grave itself wasn't that interesting.

The Mile Rock Trail is really cool: it's not much unlike going up Arabia Mountain or Stone Mountain except that it's flat, there are a ton of frogs, and a lot of ruins. It reminded me of a set from the original Doctor Who series. I generally favor more challenging trails and was surprised at how much I enjoyed these two. I'll definitely go back when I want to stay close to the city or don't have the energy for something more strenuous.

Loved it! Lots of beautiful waterscapes and small hills. My dog and I loved it

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3 months ago

I like to run wooded trails. This is a great trail. Lots of varied hardwood forest and the yellow river. The route starts with a climb up a hill of about 125 feet elevation gain. Then the rest of the track is pretty smooth along the river edge. There are a lot of roots and stones in the trail, so you have to watch, but pretty much all trails are like that. There is less rock in trail where the trail is along the river. There are lots of trals so you can vary the route many ways. I like only about a 3 mile run so this is nice for me. It could easily be a 6 mile run. It also is a good hike if you do not run. Lots of people bring their dogs.

We like to walk here as a family as it is quite close to home and don’t need to drive. The dog loves it as well. Small trail network but can include it in longer runs in the neighborhood as not technical but gets the heart pumping on a nice small climb

Good for older adults as seating is available .

Easy and fun. The area is cool and it’s fun to explore. We came out late Sunday afternoon with our beagle and it was a perfect way to end the week. Not much required besides decent shoes and some water. Will definitely do again.

A great 4 miles that follows along the river quite a bit. The only negative is the trail is not marked clearly and unless you know where your going it’s easy to get lost.

One of my favorites

Blazes on yellow are a tad sparse, but overall an easy trail and a great dog walk.

Its a great trail to explore. The lake is very beautiful! I love it here.

I actually enjoyed the incline that this trail offered! The scenery was beautiful as well. I did notice that it doesn't appear that the park is maintained very regularly. There was a trash can overflowing onto the ground and lots of garbage around it. You have to park in the larger area before you drive down the narrow road to begin the trail. It's in a quiet, neighborhood as well.

This trail is beautiful! It is in a nice, quiet neighborhood. Plenty of trees and some light wildlife along the trail. The trail loops around a beautiful lake that has great spots for pictures. Trail was easy for the most part, some areas a bit steep with tree stumps but overall not bad. Enjoyed it. Also, parking is free

Very well kept!

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6 months ago

6 months ago

Great with dog

really pretty, right by the river but trails are confusing to follow

Great, wide, easy to follow trail with gentle hills

$3 to park, just fyi because we didn't realize before we went. It also seems to be a popular spot especially for swimming. The main walkway is a wide gravel road which is good for everyone, then there are a few side trails that are nice but that can also get pretty steep, a good workout and nice view, would do again.

It was cute! Not a real hike but still pretty and we climbed on some of the outcropping

One of my favorite places in the world. This cemetery is truly loved. You can feel it when you are there. I have been walking and visiting this cemetery for over 15 years and live it so much.

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