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Great trail, simple out and back. I wish I'd brought my hiking poles as it's a bit steep in some areas. The beach is a great reward at the bottom.

Great, easy to get to trail in Seattle. Amazing views

Lovely views, and beautiful trees. A little too busy for my taste, but expected. Great park for a quick workout in the dwindling January sun!

A real decent hike and a great trail run, too.

This is a pleasant walk in the woods. Gets a little muddy/slippery but it mostly well maintained. Watch out for bikes and horses. Lots of options to make this longer. Though I haven't used them, there are bathrooms at the parking lot.

The views from the bluff out over the water are really nice and the beach is a nice play to sit and relax. due to the rain we have been getting parts of the trail were muddy so bring shoes you don't mind getting dirty. If possible go early in the morning as it gets pretty packed from noon on.

Good hike, but as others say... you’ll need this app for the GPS to guide you through numerous forks in the path. Starts off as a leisurely walk and nothing physical until the loop.

Nice paced paths and great water views

19 days ago

Good easy to little moderate hike with view of river and waterfalls. Waterfall was gushing with water. Enjoyed soaking in mist water at upper Lookout view point.

Loved how well maintained this trail is. It wasn’t muddy considering how rainy it’s been. Can’t wait to come back in the summer so my pup can play in the water. This was a very easy trail in my opinion. Perfect for a quick nature hike near the city.

Beautiful views, but weather went bad!

My favorite go-to spot for a good light trail run (sorry hikers and walkers) near home. Road shoes are fine because the trails are well-maintained and mostly free of rocks, roots, and mud. Bonus: the "Stinky Mile" along the North Beach. Be prepared to take in a few mouths full of sewage processing stench!

Beautiful rainy day hike. A little muddy and you definitely have to watch the map to stay on the right trail but overall a lovely loop.

25 days ago

Nice hike with a great view of the falls. Trails were muddy 2/3 in, but worth the walk. Pup enjoyed too.

Beautiful, leisurely hike. Crowded on a sunny day but lovely views of the skyline.

One of my favorite trails, it’s well maintained. Quick and easy trail that leads to a beautiful beach. I love catching sunsets here in the summer. Super close to home.

Overall it was awesome. But I have to admit, the easy level is a lie. Going back out was extremely challenging for not just me- I saw many folks struggling breathing and carrying walking poles. I do think the level should change to moderate for that reason. But going down was easy! Lol Beautiful stunning views and well maintained trails. Overall- lovely!

As others have noted, the trails here have quite a few forks and branches. Thank goodness for All Trail app’s GPS map, or I would have been totally lost.

Easy walk in the woods. A good place to cool off in summer heat, lots of conifer shade. Some amazing cairns along one trail.

1 month ago

Busy trail on a Sunday, but the views of the river and falls were well worth it.

on Twin Falls Trail

1 month ago

A good 3.7 mile hike round trip to the Twin and Upper Falls. The trail is well maintained and its a good workout as the trail is inclined for the most part. Be prepared for a number of steps. Good resting spots and a nice bridge to view the falls. I rated the trail 4* since there wasn’t anything too scenic or breathtaking sceneries at the end of the trail or on the way. Good workout and a refreshing break if you are looking for a quick drive from Seattle.

beautiful, just very busy trail!

my back yard

My favorite Seattle hike when the mountains feel too far away. Just watch out for all the trail runners;)

2 months ago

Beautiful views and easy hike. I love the hike in terms of convenience. Less travel time and no hassles in terms of parking.

2 months ago

I did this hike 2 months ago. Trail is well kept. Pet friendly and just gorgeous spot to visit.

2 months ago

I did this hike awhile back It can get crowded but enjoyed it all the same!

great hike!!! lots of stairs!!! went early beat the crowds!!!

2 months ago

Very pretty, easy hike. It's great for a fall/winter hike when the skies aren't as clear. Can't believe how many big and small falls there are.

trail running
2 months ago

Worth the drive out for a relaxing beautiful run. You can run easily and enjoy the views or go all out. Recommended for a “recovery run”

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