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trail running
1 day ago

Fun park to run, or just hang out in. Usually pretty busy, and lots of water fowl so watch out for poop! Nice paved path that goes completely around the lake, with a few dirt paths that also go fully around and closer to the water.

3 days ago

This is my year round, go to exercise Loop. It is pretty enough with wildflowers and not difficult.

There is a fee to park for non Boulder residents. This is due to the surrounding towns not implementing open space and collecting taxes and those residents using the Boulder Valley areas. if you don't like to pay to park either pay taxes or go to another town. There is plenty.

Fills up on weekends.

Beautiful views. A nice easy, fairly flat trail. Dog friendly and not overly crowded. Parking fills up quick and there is $5 fee if you aren't a Boulder county resident.

The views are beautiful. Parking was easy.

4 days ago

First time hiking a moderate trail. I arrived about 8:30am on a Saturday when I left around 10:15am the parking lot was full and people where parking along the road.

I am still a new hiker so I had to stop multiple times up the incline and was passed by a few people 10-15 years older than me haha .. but it's a fun challenging hike .. I even saw a few deer..

Great location to take our dogs, friendly people and the mountains looked beautiful.

8 days ago

Popular trail! Mountain bikes are welcome on the Castle Trail portion. Still muddy in some parts but no traction devices needed. Dynamic views of city/mountainside. Nice for a quick hike or trail run.
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This trail used to be much more pleasant but it has become over-travelled. The mountainside is being destroyed by people creating their own trails going straight down the fall line at every possible switchback on the hill. It’s eroding quickly, plants are being trampled, and nobody seems to care for it.

Super dog friendly and beautiful trail. Incline is steady in parts and more severe in others but overall it’s not that difficult. Rewards are the view at brothers lookout.

10 days ago

Icy and muddy still in some parts but overall good views!

Lots of bikes, but the trail is more than wide enough for bikes and people. Not a peaceful hike if there’s a motocross race going on across the road.

Great hiking. No ice. Not overly crowded early.

It was really great hike. Short and kind of easy

on Turkey Trot Trail

16 days ago

Iced in spots this time of year. I could have used spikes through one part. Parking is a premium. Good trail, good view of Denver, lots of hikers to say hi to.

Nice and easy trail. The overlook was pretty too. Dog friendly. A bit icy and snowy at parts, but micro spikes aren't necessary.

Scoped this trail out to potentially take family here this weekend, and will definitely be returning. The weather was perfect and the trails were clear for the most part, with little ice and manageable snow.

I didn’t do it there’s a fee to park because boulder is pretentious.

Easy hiking once on top of the Mesa. Definitely go to Golden Summit trail/stairs. Wonderful views from this point!

30 days ago

Great views!

1 month ago

Arrived shortly after 11AM on a Sunday, the parking lot was pretty busy as can be expected in the Denver/Boulder metro area. The trail itself is fairly simple with only some slight elevation changes. The views are wonderful. I definitely got sunburnt, there is very limited shade. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an easy hike.

1 month ago

A great spot in the city for a walk and some nice views

easy trail fun. going back with kids

1 month ago

Hiked from Chatauqa via Mesa Trail and then the Shannahan Loop - beautiful hike yesterday!

Beautiful trail and scenery. I kept stopping to take photos! The trail is mostly on solid granite, so footing is solid. We started from the Mitchell Creek side, the few people we encountered entered from the Chucks Loop side. Enjoyable day.


1 month ago

flat paved trail around the lake. moderately busy. not much for a view.

1 month ago

Decent hike during the winter. Drainage could be better as I was hiking on a lot of snow/mud. I suggest starting off with the Turkey Trot Trail...actually avoid the lower half of castle trail altogether...I'd just go back down Turkey Trail if you make it back at the merger. The lower half of Castle Trail that can be avoided by taking Turkey Trail and it is extremely muddy (I'm still finding a ton of sand on my dog's fur) and you have lots of less visible areas/turns if bikers come crashing through.

I kept going after it merged up with castle trail again and ended up at two dog trail and summer white house site. I'd say if you are going to choose go with Summer White House as the skyline view from two dog trail was ok.

I'm just glad construction really never started on the summer white house as Colorado would be even more crowed and that POS drump might actually come to Colorado and does the President really need a castle?

Unfortunately the trail is washed out post-snow melt. I’m sure lovely when it’s warmer but we couldn’t get very far with ankle deep mud & two pups.

1 month ago

Great short hike with a nice mine at the end. Great for winter hike.

This was a great hike- BUT- be warned! It doesn’t have a huge vertical but it happens quickly (you are basically climbing straight up the Green Mountain). It was too much for our low-energy dog, who needed to take breaks several times going up (we didn’t mind because we needed them, too!). I went on a weekday when it was 60 degrees, so it was crowded but not terribly so. The bikers were respectful, as were other people hiking with or without dogs. The trail is big enough for everyone to share the space. The views were gorgeous!! Especially on a day with a clear blue sky.

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