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Super cool to see the fire tower and the view from it! This is a nice mellow hike for when you don’t want a long day.

Easy beautiful heavy populated trail

loved this trail. lake and mountain views all around.

Simple easy stroll. Saw a moose mom with her twins.

7 days ago

Nice trail. Wide trail, good one to take the kids. Go early, very sunny, no shade. First mile or so is a gentle up hill. Beautiful rock formations! Close to Denver. Coyote trail is not clearly marked on the return, bring a map along.

13 days ago

Super easy “stroll” around the lake, very flat, great for young families, wheelchairs. The walk around the lake was just spectacular, calm day when I went and the mirror reflection of the peaks in the lake is something I’ll never forget. Nice that there is a trail for “everyone” so they can enjoy the beauties of nature, too. Saw lots of young families and elderly in wheelchairs. Glad I took the time to do this extremely easy walk, almost passed on it because eager to do the more strenuous hikes. Highly recommend because of its pure natural beauty! We were there July 2018.

14 days ago

A pleasant stroll on a flat, wide path around a beautiful lake. Apparently we were about 3 minutes too late to see a bear. bummer. We extended the hike soon the trail to Glacier campground and saw a couple of deer, though. This is not a place to get away from people, but at least early in the morning (6:30 ish) it was still fairly quiet.

Love this trail. The rock formations are beautiful.

18 days ago

We came on July 11 Wednesday at 5am. It was dark and we were the 3rd car parked in the lot. Used flashlights for about 10 min until first light. Sat for a while and watched the sunrise. As we were coming to end of the loop around the lake we spotted 2 moose walk right across the trail into the lake. As we were watching them, we saw a mama elk and her baby come into the lake from the other side. We watched all that for about 20 min until the moose made there way to the other side of the lake. As we were leaving we saw multiple deer on our drive out of the park. The lake was nice but the wildlife and views at sunrise were amazing.

23 days ago

good challenge for 60+ crowd. mountain lion seen high on cliffs abt 10.45am. lots of flower and fauna variety in bloom. late june. got startled by a biker from behind. people left doggie poo bags..we saw 2 just dropped at trailside. #leavenotrace

beautiful lil stroll

Short and sweet

29 days ago

This Fire Lookout is now a private campsite rentable through the US Forest Service. The people in the lookout tower are not FS employees. They are paying guests. It's the paid campers whose cars are parked at the gate. We should all try to respect the privacy of these campsites so that the guests can get the most out of the experience and if the guests enjoy it, it will be a profitable venture for the Forest Service that has just taken a hefty budget cut. Let's try to be respectful by not expecting to tour a camper's private space. If we want to tour the tower, we should rent it, and in doing so, we will help to preserve this really cool history. Thanks!

1 month ago

Fun trail - serves as a good warm-up hike. A moose came from the marshy area south of the lake and proceeded to go in the lake to eat on 7/11/18.

We started at Songbird, which is a small trail along the road, and then crossed the highway to hike Hummingbird. It’s a steady incline switchback for about 1.5 miles to the top. Honestly, the views along the way up might be better than the view at the very top. Coming down Hummingbird is a steady decent the remaining .4 miles back down to the road and trailhead. There is no shade during the hike and well maintained covered restrooms back at the trailhead.

Great trail around a beautiful lake!! We saw moose, fish, small rodents and all sorts of cute ducks. It’s a quick and relaxing trail that allows you to take some beautiful mountain photos. I highly recommend to pop in for the .6 quick walk. There are also numerous tables to enjoy a nice snack or lunch.

Did this trail with our 6 year old and (hardy) 2.5 year old. The first few tenths of a mile is a great leg/butt workout, followed by lovely views and a more gentle slope down. Our big kid did the whole thing without complaining. Little sis hiked most of it on her own with some breaks on dad’s shoulders. Lots of butterflies!

1 month ago

It is a very small lake but a great spot to eat and go to the bathroom. The lake is beautiful with the mountains in the background. It is extremely flat so it would be very doable for all ages. I don’t know if it is worth venturing out to but it is on your way to a lot of other hikes so it is nice to stop there and look around.

Beautiful place

definitely a hot hike! best at sunset or early morning. not much shade. but very pretty and easy for kids

Basically, an easy way to find a beautiful view. The TH is right there though so def not a hike. A great place to take photos, and see some wild life in the early morning

Beautiful views, gentle slope, easy access!

beautiful scenery

1 month ago

I'm shock that this does not have higher score! Sure, this isn't really a "hike", but the view from the mountain is gorgeous. It is a great spot for sunset, and you can have dinner before that at the tables. There is also a good amount of wild life, mainly birds but sometimes biggest animals too. Why eat at the campground when you can have this?!

Quiet and not too busy. Trail well maintained and very beautiful!

1 month ago

1 month ago

Easy hike with great scenery and only 30 minutes from Denver. Went on a Saturday morning and lot was almost full by 9am so get there early on the weekends.

Easy, nice flat walk with our baby and grandparents.

A nice stroll and beautiful scene, but it was very busy.

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