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It’s a relatively easy hike and very well-marked. It’s a beautiful view of the valley if the sky is clear. If it’s hazy or smoky, you can’t see much!

Nice short trail with an amazing view of SLC at the peek.

It is short but pretty steep almost the entire time. But worth it if you take it slow it’s a great hike for anyone. At the top you see the entire valley so very worth it

Worth it for the view, short, and nice

Worth doing once for the view of the city. Easy to follow. Well maintained.

4 days ago

A nice gentle slope and walk through the woods until the last 150m.

You have to walk across the stream, skipping over stones and logs. The last 35m is a scrambling rock climb, pretty treacherous, so unless you have good climbing skills and suitable footwear, don’t even try it. If it’s been freezing it’s a no-go as the rocks are quite smooth and impossible to scale. Nice cave with waterfall at the top following the climb.

Easy nice morning climb to watch sun rise.

Nice walk but couldn’t get inside cave to see the photos posted.

mountain biking
15 days ago

Great for a short hike, not so much for mountain biking. This app says it's mountain bike friendly but there's actually a sign that says bikes prohibited. That may just be in the first overlook area at the bottom, but bikes aren't a great idea for this trail anyway because it's so frequently trafficked and steep. I had to walk my bike up most of the way (lifted it over the bigger rocks at the top) and of course heavily breaked nonstop on the way down. I adore the view at the top tho! Especially in the morning! The sun rises over the east mountain range the sunlight filtered beautifully through the autumn colored trees on the mountain.

Hike October 28, 2018 It was a bit muddy and aspens have already fallen. A little wet as well. Crowed by 2:30 pm No bathroom facilities. Falls were worth the mud and wet feet. Go take this hike!

Went up with snowshoes but didn’t really need them. Awesome winter hike!

A nice but exposed trail, so wear UV protection. Although, it is short you might bring water with you, especially in the summer months. Great views with Latter-day Saint historical significance. There's a memorial on top.

hiked it with a bunch of teenagers. A great trail to take beginners and those who normally struggle with hiking

Snow, ice, and mud, but a great hike! Somehow I didn't make it to the falls, the trail just ended at the river. I'll go back in the summer and see where I went wrong. The road is closed so you have to hike in from the main road.

1 month ago

Great easy hike for anyone, especially for the kids.There was snow and ice on most of the trail this morning. Make sure to take gloves that’s something I was regretting not having with me.

Quick short trail, heavily trafficked.

Nice trail. Very muddy right now with melted snow. A lot of downed branches across the path at the moment.

1 month ago

Super easy, super crowded. Snow shoe this one. It’s not bad though. Falls are pretty cool.

1 month ago

The problem with Donut Falls and the reason for my 2 Star Rating is because it was as crowded as when you go to Disney Land waiting on your favorite ride on a Saturday and admission to Disney Land is Free for the first time ever......

Although I am exaggerating Donuts Falls was way too crowded for my tastes!

Beautiful! It was snowing lightly when we got there but the view was breathtaking! We only went a couple miles and headed back due to the pavement ending, and the ground was super wet. If you’re a photographer, this place is a goldmine.

1 month ago

Not my cup of tea. Flat. too crowded. Short walk. Good walk w/ younger kids.

This was a really great hike with great views, but there are no bathrooms!! There's also a park just a little ways south of the trailhead, and there are no bathrooms there either.

scenic driving
1 month ago

I enjoyed this shirt easy hike. I have not hiked for a long time and needed a starter hike like this one. The aspens were beautiful.

1 month ago

First of all, this is a walk not a hike. Second of all, if I could give a trail negative stars, this would be the one.

The road that leads to it has two lanes separated by a double yellow line legally indicating two way traffic and there is no signage near the trailhead indicating otherwise. But the road is used as a ONE WAY. It’s a total death trap for drivers, walkers, bikers...

1 month ago

Super easy hike, we went off trail which made it a little harder. Beautiful view and nice workout for beginners

Great views at the top of the hike. Loose rocks make the walk down a little dangerous.

1 month ago

Beautiful, easy hike and we even saw a moose up close :)

1 month ago

I did the entire 18+ mile round-trip today from the trailhead close to the reservoir to Mormon Flats. The weather was great, a little cool early but that's better than too hot. I saw several deer and three of them bounded across the trail about 20 feet in front of me. If one of those animals hits you you're in trouble. The trail is very rocky but well marked and well traveled, there is no way you'll get lost. As for Alltrail's directions to the trailhead, you're on your own. It costs to park at the reservoir trailhead at the day-use area, but Alltrail doesn't mention that or where the day-use area for the reservoir is located or how to get to it. If all else fails just drive Highway 65 and look for the parking lot and fee booth above the reservoir. If you want a slightly shorter hike, drive on and look for trailhead markers along the highway. Eventually you'll see one for the Mormon Pioneer trail. The elevation gain of 3000 feet is well distributed over the length of the trail so it's manageable. I went all the way to Mormon Flats and tried to imagine what it was like to have been camped there in 1847. Why are there no markers for Fort Wells? As for bikers, several passed me in either direction and only one yielded to me. The rest slowed but made it plain by their actions that I was going to get hit if I didn't get out of the way. If you're a biker, please obey the rules.

A casual walk more than a hike. The view is scenic and worth the walk to the top.

Super fun trail! Nice waterfall at the end.

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