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My family did this hike we had someone from sea level and they were able to do it I would recommend this hike for younger kids and a first hike. At some parts were not well marked over all we thought it was pretty good

As you can see in the recordings made by 2 users, the trail/road was closed 50 yards above the final turnoff (basically at the edge of Mt Evans Wilderness) so we had to walk from 2+ miles before the listed trail start. I passed the trail start and never saw it and continued on to the junction of the actual Grass Creek and this road we walked where there is a solitary sign labeled Grass Creek at a big meadow with hay bales. Turning right went towards Mt Evans and the Lost Creek trail. Not well signed at all and pretty hot and dry beyond about 1/2 miles from the parking lot. Grass Creek was dry so no water for the dogs. Saw about 10 people and many had dogs.

Fun hike and cool spot to look out and see everything! We took this hike when we didn’t want a long day and combined it with a visit to Squaw Mountain

Super cool to see the fire tower and the view from it! This is a nice mellow hike for when you don’t want a long day.

Wow! A little rough up going in for a beginner like me. But, it is all worth it what a view at the top! Can’t wait to bring my family here!

Went early August, late morning. Plenty of parking in two lots - only saw a few people on the trail. Trails are well marked. I took West Ridge Trail to Bear Creek Trail to Bear Creek Cutoff. Was a lovely mix of forest and meadow - lots of beautiful flowers! Saw a stag, two does, and three fawns, as well as lots of birds and smaller critters. West Ridge Trail starts fairly steep, but evens out after half a mile or so. Bear Creek is shared with bikers, but wide enough it's not a problem. You'll hear air and road traffic, especially on the last portion of West Ridge, as it run parallel with Meyers Gulch Road. Had a lovely hike!

great hike, not many people

What an amazing hike! I wouldn’t call this an easy hike but it’s easy/moderate. The trailhead is tricky to find when it’s your first time but is right after mile marker 18 if you are coming from Idaho springs on the right.
You can’t beat the views from the top

8 days ago

Amazing but exhausting!

Well maintained trail with beautiful views.

11 days ago

Easy for kids and fun for the whole family!

11 days ago

Great beginning hike. Trail is in great condition and good views at the top

13 days ago

Good area to hike with several different trail options. Good variety with forested areas and meadow areas with good views.

15 days ago

I agree that this trail is short, not too difficult and has some of the most stunning scenery payoffs for the least amount of effort of any trail I've been on. With that being said I wouldn't classify it as an "easy" trail for all levels. People that are not used to high altitude might struggle. Pretty popular too although I'm not sure how so many people know about this trail. Parking can be a bit tricky if the roadside parking lot is full which it's surely to be on weekends. Regardless my wife & I really enjoyed this trail and would recommend it.

16 days ago

Popular trail due to its distance, terrain, and proximity to Denver. We went on a Saturday late morning, roadside parking was pretty full but the trail itself was not congested at all. Gradual incline and great views up top!

16 days ago

17 days ago

First hike in Colorado in which I thought 'how the hell do I get out of here'. It's my fault. It doesn't claim to have all the glitz and glam of other mountains but I listened to a friend who said it was a great way to spend the afternoon and now I will never listen to them again. Underwhelming views pretty crowded and nothing that made it all feel worth it. I know, I know, I have a bad attitude. I honestly just don't like my job right now so it's reflecting highly in this review which is partially unfair but that's life.

Good workout

Fun little hike. It’s been a while since I’ve been hiking last, so doing this one was a good boost!

An issue I have with the app:
It’d be nice to be able to hit the check-in even after you leave the area.

23 days ago

Great hike for out of town guests. Not hard and great views!!

24 days ago

Perfect solo hike - do in the evening and end by walking up the Meadow Trail. Stunning sunset views!

Amazing views at the top of a pretty easy trail. Climbed on a big rock at the top to be almost blown away by the wind, climbed off the rock and sat at the base of it and couldn’t feel the wind at all but still heard it howling. Gorgeous area

Great trail. You can do it even if you’re from out of town if you’ve given yourself some time to adjust because it is at high elevation. There is some gain but it’s manageable because of the switchbacks. You get the beautiful views you’d get from climbing a 14er without the extreme effort. It’s cold at the top, refreshingly so, in July.

Super easy trail if you’re used to the elevation. Awesome views up top. Good hike for visitors to the area. Only about a 50 min drive from downtown Denver.

28 days ago

This Fire Lookout is now a private campsite rentable through the US Forest Service. The people in the lookout tower are not FS employees. They are paying guests. It's the paid campers whose cars are parked at the gate. We should all try to respect the privacy of these campsites so that the guests can get the most out of the experience and if the guests enjoy it, it will be a profitable venture for the Forest Service that has just taken a hefty budget cut. Let's try to be respectful by not expecting to tour a camper's private space. If we want to tour the tower, we should rent it, and in doing so, we will help to preserve this really cool history. Thanks!

off road driving
1 month ago

This was a wild goose chase. This is not an official trail and as such there is no trailhead. This is actually forest service road 262 also known as Cinnamon gulch road. You can drive most of the way to the top. If you try hiking you will probably get mowed down by a jeep or a dirt bike. There were plenty to go around. It is actually a beautiful drive and was very easy in my larger 4x4 pick-up. Once we made it to the end of the road we did search for an actual marked trail. On the way down I spoke with some forest service personnel and they confirmed there isn't one. Don't forget to drive the surrounding roads as there are many old mines with beautiful views nearby. We ended up hiking part of the Argentine pass trail which is just up FR 260 from this spot.

Great trail. Incredible views. Worth the hike.

My daughters and I hiked this trail and it was breath taking! The way up can be a bit of a challenge if you aren’t used to the elevation but back down only took us 20 minutes. I can’t recommend this trail highly enough! You’ll love it!

1 month ago

This hike has a steady incline but nothing drastic. It is exposed in several parts, so start early and bring the sunscreen. The views at the top are just amazing!

1 month ago

Nice little walk. Pretty lake. I'd go out and back rather than loop and walk down the off-camber side of the road. First trip into that area, was a nice place to start!

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