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I would call this hike more moderate than hard. I did this one early yesterday morning 7/10/18. I did an 8.6 mile loop trail. There are beautiful wildflowers. The trail is good for bikers, hikers, dogs on leash and horses. There is a snow shelter close to the top stocked with plenty of water. The views yesterday were hazy but on a clear day you could get some great shots of three sisters, Jefferson and some other mountains. I didn't see any wild horses on my hike, but they are out there. I did motherload mine trail (which was more steep than the descent on independent mine trail. I made a big loop trail out of this. Motherload mine trail to lookout mountain trail to independent mine trail. I was looking for the mining town, but didn't find it till I ended the trail on the road. baneberry trail will take you to the independent mine, the trail is very overgrown and wet. there were also lot of mosquitoes out when I went so put your bug spray on before you hit the trail, If you are like me and the squeeters love you.

Left from Todd Lake and it took about 6.75 mi to get to the top rim over looking the lake and the mountains. Beautiful views abound and the wildflowers were amazing in late July. The only issue is how busy it is. I went on a weekday night from the trailhead as the sun was setting and there were about 30 or so people up at the lake camping when I got there.

Amazing hike, you walk along the spring all the way to the top. Awesome views of Broken top and bachelor behind on hike up. No name lake and the views of the 3 Sisters is defiantly worth the hike. Pretty moderate hike for an awesome reward! Was able to get my Mazda up the dirt road to upper parking lot! It was about 8 miles round trip.

WARNING!!! I saw a Facebook post on “Hiking in the Pacific Northwest” and 16 DEAD ELK CONTAMINATED THE WATER AT NO NAME LAKE.




Great place to walk and talk.

It was a hot, hot day but the wildlife and flowers along the springs and creek that accompanied the trail were fantastic. No Name Lake breathtaking. I should have left my 11-year-old lab at home. Pretty tough on him but nothing lots of water and a cool, cleansing shower (for both of us) afterward.
I’m not a REAL experienced hiker, but this one was great in my book. The road up to Todd Lake tough. Have the right vehicle.

14 days ago

Completed 4.4 mi in 2.5 hrs with a 15 and 11 yr old, including the through time trail section. 760 feet of elevation in first half of hike up to overlook, dry and open so start early and take plenty of H2O. A few trees to rest under along the way. This trail is a real find, views are fantastic and the hike is eye opening - 50+ million years of Earth history layered in front of you. We had the overlook trail to ourselves except for 2 workers surveying. Only downside is last third of trail some of the view is the road and parking lot. But totally worth it. Stop at the visitors center and chip in a donation and learn about what you just saw. Its a very nice visitors center and educational. Informative workers. Some of the reviews here refer to just the shorter through time trail at the same location, its flat and does have a number of metal bridges but terminates in a BLUE box canyon! You can take this trail leg near the end of the overlook hike to see it all.

This trail was a little difficult to navigate but No Name Lake is absolutely breathtaking and was definitely worth the effort! Make sure to have an SUV or other car with room underneath to make the bumpy drive out to the trail head and definitely use AllTrails to make sure you're heading in the right direction. Gorgeous!!!

The easiest 15-17mi you'll ever love. You know the 16-ish mile Larch Mountain trail up above Multnomah Falls in the Gorge? That is, before some Walmart shopper's kid burnt down the Gorge?

Well it's like that: miles and miles of trails so mellow, root-free, and mild that Wilford Brimley's (ghostly) diabetic wheelchair could do most of it. Great for trail running if you're into that sort of thing. But if you are indeed "into that sort of thing," be a little ashamed at all the wonder you're missing as you glide by huffing and puffing in your hot pink Nikes.

But back to the trail: unlike Larch Mountain's 3,000+ft of boring and slow gain, this hike is utterly breathtaking--replete with lush mountain meadows, streams, and an unending supply of Brokentop, South Sister, and Central Oregon views.

Yes, there's a gate (NF370) that's now open and you can drive up much of it instead of hike the Soda Creek/Brokentop trail. But do the whole 15-17mi: you can wander around 10 Barrel or the new Boneyard later on in the day if you want tourists, dogs, kids, and noise.

Start at the Todd Lake trailhead, then take the Todd Lake Trail up and out of Todd to the Soda Creek trail, then to the Brokentop trail all the way up to No Name Lake--then jump in that mofo and wake yourself up with a gloriously icy dip.

Make sure you do the last little steep section to the ridge overlooking all sisters, Washington, Hood, and as far as the eye can see north up the cascades. It's utterly wonderful.

super accessible trailhead off of paved roads, fairly easy climb, and great views along lookout mountain trail. Hidden gem if you ask me!

the NF 370 gate is open! I hiked to No Name Lake yesterday. was a 5mile round trip hike.

Beautiful hike, but challenging. We hiked this yesterday and saw many hikers that started at the upper parking lot cutting off about 9-10 miles. The view at the top is worth every effort to get up there.

22 days ago

Easy 1 mile loop with my 4 and 7 year old boys. The scenery was otherworldly and kept my kids entranced. Only part of the trail is considered handicap accessible, but for parents with really little ones: all of it is doable with a good jogging stroller (though a double stroller would be tight).

Did the hike last year. It was breathtaking. We hiked it when the road was open, saving us 9miles of hiking. Superb views.
Waiting for gate to open to hike again this year!
Any update on the gate?!

This is not the correct “trail” to tell people to go on. It is a sandy/dirt road, lined with telephone poles. We were the only people on it, on what would be a typical busy Saturday. They need to update his app information to have people go on the actual hiking trail. Yes, this will eventually will lead you to the falls, which is breathtaking, but this was not scenic at all, you just pass by mounds of dead brush and trees waiting to get burned. I would look up the Peter Skene Ogden trail instead

Very nice hike. The trail can be accessed from either the Paulina Lodge or the paved parking lot right off the road. It is clearly marked. The views from the south side of the creek are most striking and the short trail to the bottom of the falls is good for all ages. Very easy access to stone lookout points on the south side. Not sure how there could be confusion about the easment under the power lines being the trail. The longer trail described above is actually on the north side of the creek (opposite the road and parking lot). It is easily accessed from lodge/boat launch parking area. Trail begins parallel to the creek and there is a stone lookout platform on the north side of the creek as well. Beyond that is a very nice trail which meanders through the piney woods and often offers glimpses of the creek. High desert wildflowers and birds are also part of the nice walk. We saw osprey and their nest. Overall, a very nice hike.
It was pleasant even in late July.

1 month ago

Beautiful views, and amazing geology with very little effort, but it's also not a one-mile-and-done tourist trail. Even on a weekend day in midsummer, I had it all to myself, and there were only a few other folks at the springs.

I hiked from Todd Lake to the ridge above (north of) No Name Lake, and part way along the ridge toward Broken Hand. Out-and-back distance was approximately 14 miles. I started early on 7/19 and there were no mosquitoes (but then it was only 37 degrees!). This is a beautiful hike, lots of wildflowers, and beautiful scenery in every direction.

Awesome fossils and really gorgeous trail. Definitely do this trail early in the morning or late at night so it's cooler though!

Short easy trail for a walk along the Deschutes River. Recommend early morning or evening. Can get hot, very little shade.

go early or late evening, can get warm
very little shade.

Great hike! Hiked from Todd lake all of the way up and our watch recorded 17.2 miles out and back.
Lots of mosquitoes in the first about 2 miles while in the forest, once you get past that point you are mosquito free unfortunately didn’t take repellent and walked out with a ton of them.
No name lake is stunning and well worth the hike up, the whole hike was beautiful. I’d go back and stay the night! We also went with our 3 pups and they loved all of the streams on the way up!
10/10 recommend!

WINDY!!!!! We backpacked up to no name lake 7/10, it was a great hike up. Reading reviews of surrounding area we of course brought bug spray but there really didn’t seem to be any bugs giving us a hard time. The lake was beautiful by around 4/5:00 the wind stared to kick in, it was so powerful that it swept my sleeping bag across the lake onto a patch of ice. The wind also flattened my tent in the middle of the night and broke some of the poles. Not sure if it’s always windy like this up there but we also chose the one little camp site that wasn’t near the others and therefor did not have the same shelter as the others(we chose it because of it’s secluded from the rest). Most of the camping sites are going to be clustered in all directly next to each other and not much room, so be prepared for that. We talked to other people that stayed on the other side of the peak and it sounded like they didn’t have any issues with the wind. If I were to do it again I’d camp on one of the streams going up to the lake. Lastly if you do hike to the lake make sure you make it to the top of the trail!!! The end of the trail takes you to a ridge that gives you a wonderful view of all the cascades, it’s incredible and I saw lots of hikers skip out on what I thought was the best part.

Didn't hike the trail, walked up the road and about half a mile up the road I was SWARMED by mosquitos. The gate wasn't open yet to drive to the trail head as of Sunday 7/8 but it was beautiful. obviously i didnt hike all the way to no name since the bugs were so bad but Todd lake was beautiful. All other reviews say they went up todd ridge trail... guess thats what im doing next time. no idea how I'm the only one swarmed by bugs but hey learned my lesson!

Hiked it today from Todd Lake. Very pleasant hike, nothing too strenuous, a few small snow patches on the top, gorgeous views, lake is beautiful and plenty of water breaks for the dog. No mosquitoes!!!

We backpacked to No Name Lake last year in sept and we loved it so decided to go again , however the gate to rough forrest road (370) was closed so we hiked up it to the broken top trail. From our car to No Name was 10 miles,and 50 mosquito bites later ( not exaggerating ! The mosquitos were just on the road to base of broken top trail. From trail to no name was mosquito free ) The road was definitely in drivable shape so not sure why it was closed , but of course once at the lake, it was lovely. Don’t think I’ll go again unless rough road to trail head is open due to the mosquitos, but overall great views at the top !

1 month ago

Made a quick visit to Big Obsidian Flow. It's set up for tourists as one of several volcanic attractions in the Newberry Caldera between Bend and La Pine. Since I've seen it many times before, I quickly walked through, passing up a number of people along the way. Worth the visit if you haven't seen it. It's illegal to take rocks with you, no matter how tempting the beautiful obsidian is. It's a short loop that most people can handle, and the illustrated signs are fascinating. They should really consider renaming it to Big Obsidian PhLo.

Did this in Sept of 2016. Was so impressed that I went back with my husband to backpack the Broken Top Loop Trail. The trail itself is mild except for the 1.5 Mile - 2000ft elevation climb to Noname Lake. Just bring a lunch for the top and time to sit and soak it all up before heading back down.

great short trail. Not a good trail for large dogs. There are several (10+) metal bridges that my dog had a hard time walking across due to the plat form. I had to carry him across most up and back, but hes 98 lbs so it was a challenge for us both. very little shade and very hot mid day in summer.

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