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2 days ago

was very disappointed to get just down the hill from the trail and find that it was closed. signs blocking access to the road say closed and no trespassing. there were also signs on the road the warned not to park on the side of the road or you will be towed so you can't even park and walk up.

Could t find this trail. The map took me to a road which had recently been used for logging. Drive around for an hour trying to find it. Finally gave up.

19 days ago

Such a beautiful hike in these last Fall days before the snow. An easy, ever changing hike by the river up to our turn around point at Slick Rock.

Definitely not an “easy” hike. Lots of switchbacks, some short and steep and others are longer and flatter but this is moderate at best. Still worth the amazing views but be prepared to work for them!

Very nice hike We hiked to the falls about 6-7 miles round trip. Beautiful woods and some open meadows. Was especially nice to sit in the sun by the falls to eat lunch.

24 days ago

Beautiful, lightly trafficked trail that was perfect for a fall day. Mostly sand trail that travels through a canyon that narrows the further you go in. Due to time restraints, I was not able to go all the way in and back, but enjoyed every minute of the part I hiked. Lots of old juniper, large rocks and brush.
If ever I am in the area again, I will definitely hike this trail again.

beautiful views. we appreciated the benches for cranky ole knees

beautiful hike. not a hard hike at all

Wonderful lil short hike. Not to hard, but not a lot of shade. It was very cool to see all the formations and different colors.
I am living full time in a pop up camper and there were about 4 or 5 pull through spots which was nice too. If you'd like to follow that I have a blog; https://campwithjess.wixsite.com/campwithjess

Beautiful views. its not a easy climb

1 month ago

This is around 8 miles round trip, not 6. If you're in good shape, it's a moderate incline. If not, be prepared for a strenuous, relentless uphill hike. Lakes are gorgeous, and if you're lucky, you'll see some mountain goats along the way. If you have a high clearance 4x4 vehicle, it's easier to head up Marble Creek from Baker and start from the Elkhorn Crest Trailhead.

1 month ago

Elevation gain is around 2000', but besides that, a lovely short hike. Great for snowshoeing during the winter, although you'll need snowshoes with large spikes/teeth for some areas where the snow slides off the side of the mountains

trail running
1 month ago

Awesome hike. I averaged a 14-min mile and went 10-miles. It was snowing when I did it on October 5 so I missed the trail taking you to the lakes. I stayed right and ended up taking hitch backs for and extra 1.5ish miles. Snow got too bad so I turned around and ran the trail down. Incline most of the way, I had a total of 2,988-feet of elevation gain. Saw some white tail deer. Good combination of hearing the stream in the first 2 miles and views of the valley intermittently miles 2.5-5 as you head up.

Very nice fall walk! Did 10 miles of it!

1 month ago

Hike was great went about a week ago. steep incline all the way but with brakes here and there totally doable by any age. Had the Lake completely to ourselves. An older couple turned back and missed a great experience, just keep going!!

beautiful and lots of uphill.
we did it in 5 days. pretty cold as we did it the last week of September. take time to stop and look. so beautiful

Hiked on Sept 30: unmarked trail, no fee pass needed. Steep at the very beginning. Rocky, fairly flat terrain. Gives you birds-eye view of Joseph, Wallowa Lake, Bonneville Peak and Seven Devils. Beautiful hike -super easy and a nice unusual perspective of the lake...not a good place to be in a thunderstorm and cougars frequently are seen here during the day

Hiked on Sept 28. Need a NW Forest Pass. Water available (bring treatment) all along Trail to Ice Lake. Nice gradual incline and trail is well-marked. Took me 3 hours, 72 degrees and sunny. Beautiful yellow Fall foliage all along route. It is hunting season now so be aware of that and wear neon orange. Trail to Matterhorn was well-marked for first 3/4 mile, after that I was just looking for the least slippery slope. Had to stop twice to rest. Thin air and quite steep. Took me 1 1/2 hours to reach summit. Worth every step to get a 360 view of the stunning Eagle Caps! I was actually higher than some birds! This trail is not for anyone who is afraid of heights or is not in good shape. Back at car at 6:10 pm so it took me almost 10 hours with stops for photos and snacks. One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done!

1 month ago

It’s a constant gradual up then the last mile or so a steep straight up. Then, it’s very steep down until it’s a constant gradual down. It’s pretty and otherworldly dropping into that lake.

A group of us ages 4-64 went up middle of August. For decently active people it’s an easy out and back trail with a beautiful lake as a destination point! Jumped in to cool off and swim and went back down. All within 2.5 hours! The trail is a little steep at times.

I would agree with high end of moderate. It is a leg burner of a hike but the end result leaves you with stunning views. Would definitely do this one again. If you go to the left of Maxwell you will also find another little pond.

1 month ago

Super easy hike or more like walk around some of these hills. Beautiful views and the wooden decking around most of that section of hills makes it easy for elderly or wheelchair people to view. Would rate higher if this was more difficult.

The last mile is tough but worth it.

1 month ago

The hike up was pretty nice. The views along the way were stunning, but the lake... spectacular.

Hike is really easy but the view of these hills is amazing. You have to see these with your own eyes at least once. Would rate 5 stars if the hike was an actual hike or more of a challenge.

scenic driving
1 month ago

Have motorcycled this road several times both directions. The road from Halfway is better than the road just outside of Joseph. Plenty of good camping. If traveling early spring make sure to call the USFS office in Baker City to see if it is open.

Amazing trail.

Gorgeous trail. Mild elevation gains with a couple of steep spots. The trail follows the river almost the entire way. The lake was pretty drawn down, can’t wait to try again in the spring when it’s full again.

My favorite part about this hike is the seclusion. To get here you take a scenic route, no one in sight. Had the entire park to myself. Surrounded by golden hills. And the palisades are really spectacular.

Really great view of the hills. Went towards dusk and the sunset view was amazing.

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