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We were amazed by the clear blue waters of the river not to mention the beauty of Sahalie Falls. We absolutely loved it!! We definitely would hike it again next time we are in the area. :)

3 days ago

This hike is TOUGH but well worth the effort. We went on Saturday with no views at the summit except for the beautiful smiling faces that were thankful they made it. Started around 8:30am and made it back to the car by 4:00pm with a long stop for lunch. If there’s clouds at the top when you start, don’t count on them to burn off. The views up to the clouds were great though, broken top, a few glacier fed lakes, and the endless trees surrounding. Bring warm clothes and plenty of food and water and it’s a great way to spend the day!

3 days ago

Two week back to back hiking at South sister trail. First week with great weather but we didn't manage time well and had to stop at the glacier, one mile shy of the top. I went there again yesterday. Weather was good initially but changed quickly. It was freezing cold with thick fog and gusty wind while climbing up. Even the rocks started to frost. Stayed at the summit all by myself for 15 miserable minutes with absolute no view and a shivering body. Finished in 7 tough hours. Will go again!

3 days ago

First time hiking South Sister and wow, what an experience! I expected it to be cold at the summit as warned, but not 6°F with 30-40mph winds! Clouds blanketed the summit, but the reward was just making it up. Although I had my Nano Puff jacket to keep warm, next time I'm bringing some heavy insulated gloves.

Saw many hikers, about 200 I'd say. Some made a u-turn before the last 1-2 miles to the summit. I think that was the right choice as the weather at the top would have just made it unbearable. Trekking poles are a life saver on knees and slippage, so don't leave home without em!

4 days ago

This was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I’m so stoked to say I made it to the top. This is absolutely not for beginner hikers. Be prepared... plenty of water, a day’s worth of food (you won’t believe how many calories you will burn) and layers of clothing. We hit all the elements on this one. It started out sunny but the last half we hit 35 mph winds and low visibility. At the top there were snowflakes and icicles on our clothes. I highly recommend packing gators so dirt and rocks don’t get in your socks/shoes. I can’t stress enough about packing your trekking poles. Sooo glad I did it!!

This hike is great! Amazing views:) including the cave, the round trip was 6 miles.

7 days ago

Lovely area. Can't go wrong with any trail around here. I went from Green Lakes Trail, camped at the base of the mountain, and summited the next morning. The walk is pretty straight forward. There is one 20 foot vertical wall at the top. It is recommended to use ropes on this wall. Be careful!

Here is a video showing the summit route:

Hiked this with a friend on Sunday. There was a nice break in the hazy weather and the views were mostly clear the whole day. This was the 4th time I have been up South Sister, and the views and experience never get old. The first few miles through the forest always seem difficult, but I think it's because it is early in the morning and it immediately starts climbing without much of a warm-up. Once you get through the forest, it levels out for beautiful views of Bachelor, Broken Top, South Sister, and Moraine Lake. The last 3 miles are over rocky, loose terrain, so it takes more time to get adequate footing. We had lunch at the false summit down at the glacier. The last mile is slow moving due to scree and loose cinder rock. The views at the top are unlike any other and everyone should experience it. Definitely recommend hiking poles, sunscreen, bug spray, and LOTS of water (I took 4L and had about 1L left over.. but I have run out of water up there in the past). It is a strenuous hike, but doable if you have enough mental grit and perseverance.

After taking the trail all the way to the summit, I have to say that this is a very intense hike! I probably took longer than anyone else did that day. Lots of breaks! I wish I had brought some walking poles and a bit more water, but it was amazing! I found the hardest part of the hike to be the return trip. I used most of my strength to reach the summit, but the walk back down.... Well worth the time it took! I'm 46 and I'm out of shape, so it took me 8 hours total walking time. Again, well worth it!

10 days ago

Hiked on 9/8/2018:

The trail head is full of activity all night long and very difficult to get any sleep in your vehicle - bring ear plugs. Many people hike out during darkness, at all hours of the night but especially an hour or two before sunrise. The trail is VERY easy to follow and using head lamps is VERY easy. The first approx 3 miles is without rocks to navigate (unlike the next 3) so night travel is not bad at all. Plenty of places to pitch a tent or cowboy camp on the lower 3 miles. Next to no place to camp at the tear drop lake. The terrain is some of the worst around, slippery sand and lots of large loose rocks to navigate. The last mile from the lake to summit takes about 2 or 2.5 hours round trip (not counting time on the summit). Major burn on the legs coming back down.

If your legs are not conditioned for the constant uphill climb on some of the worst sand and rocks and ruts then you'll be hurting. Start early if you want to reach the summit.

I hike everywhere with my dog. She's in good shape, only 4 years old, golden retriever. But I left her home on this trip and glad for it. Some have said here about wearing booties, personally i think they need the traction on this one and booties might actually be more dangerous. Just my 2 cents.

Great hike! Seriously on of the more physically challenging trails that I've ever been on. Next time I plan hike out the first 3 miles in the evening, spend the night, and summit first thing in the morning.

Beautiful view, amazing sunset from the peak if you camp. Cave adds a nice side adventure and interesting walk through the burn.

DO NOT TAKE DOGS ON THIS TRAIL!!! Unless you for sure know your pup can handle it. This hike is HARD and HOT. Don’t be cruel. I saw several examples today of what I would deem ignorant animal abuse and it was heart breaking.

What a hike this one is. I wouldn’t recommend taking your dog.. it’s definitely not a hike for the faint of heart for sure.. bring plenty of snacks and water for this all day hike. Can’t wait to don’t again.. hiked on for the first time ever on 9-1-2018

I’m not in the best shape and decided to hike this plus throw an extra 40lbs on my back. Took me 14 hours I finish it but I did make it to the top. I can see why they recommend only experienced hikers to do this but if you are tough mentally, you can do it. The loose rocks towards to the top was the toughest part of the trail.

This is an excellent hike with so many beautiful views. Make sure you fill out the paper in the little box at the trail head (northwest forest pass) and keeping your copy on you as you hike...we got stopped on the trail by someone with the forestry service that asked for it. You can be fined if you don’t. The hike was very dusty but so many different terrains and great views I didn’t care. I did bring extra water which was helpful. The cave was not super hard to find, you have to go downhill through the burnt forest and around to the left. Pretty much follow the foot prints. Also this app is amazing and if you open the map somewhere you have phone signal and leave it open you can use it even if you don’t have signal. It will show you as a blue dot and you can “follow the red line” to your destination. I’m surprised how many people use this app and don’t know that. So many photo opportunities it is a great hike. You will get your heart rate up a bit in some parts of this.

Rookie to south sister and I absolutely loved it, although I will concur it is challenging both physically and mentally. I'm a 25 year old female and was weary on sumitting alone but path is clearly marked and plenty of other hikers on the trail. Left at 630am and took me 8.5 hours (at false summit took a left instead of a right, big mistake costing 30 mins before I realized!!) Last part of the hike up the red gravel is deceiving in length, difficulty and time, expect two hours here for first timers. Enjoyed the summit for over an hour, had stunning views of some of the Oregon mountains. Would recommend hiking boots and poles although I managed without either. Enjoy !!

14 days ago

Hiked September 5th: 3:45 up and 3:15 down

I'm not sure what people are talking about when they say there is a false summit. You can see the summit from Moraine Lake and for the 4.5 miles thereafter. These "false summit" folks must also be the people who say the Earth is flat, not round.

Overall a great hike, but not the death march that some have described. The terrain is steep and the surface is frustratingly loose, providing unstable footing.

The views are spectacular; I highly recommend catching a sunrise or sunset from the peak.

Some people have complained about dogs on the trail. I would say just know your dog's capabilities (unless you have a pug, corgi, yorkie, pomeranian, etc... then I concur with those who have said to leave your dog at home). How about instead of ditching your dog, we all agree to leave the denim jeans and flip flops at home. I can't even count how many people I passed who were wearing sandals, jeans, or carrying just a single Nalgene bottle. Don't be that guy (or gal).

After the first 1.5 miles there is little-to-no shade so it gets hot out there. Pack accordingly. Hiking poles and boots with ankle support are recommended to combat the gravel-like trail.

15 days ago

My friends and I didn’t actually hike the loop start to finish. Ended up starting at Green Lakes TH on accident, but we made it to Golden Lake the first night. Great views of The Sisters and Broken Top the whole way and at the campsite. Turned around the second day and back to Green Lakes and up to Small Creek. Took most of our gear off and went and summited Broken Top. I recommend not using the app and stick to the trail signs if you are coming from that direction (soda creek, green lakes) it ended up taking us basically straight up part of the mountain without a visible trail. Hiked about 20 miles the second day. Spent our second night towards Green Lakes and then hiked out of Soda Creek in the morning. We didn’t do “the loop” by a completionist standard but I’m told we did all of the good parts.

15 days ago

Great hike with stunning views at the top. We made it a loop coming back via green lake.

16 days ago

Amazing and hard! It’s supposed to be hard though, that’s what makes it worth it. Everyone says one false summit I say two because you still have to walk the rim and go up a little bit to reach true summit. Can’t wait to do it again!!

I loved this trip! Made it this weekend with my dog. People at the trailhead seem worried about finding the cave, but don’t fret! Is pretty easy to find, especially with other people there. First you should go up to the peak. Right before you get there, you’ll see a campsite to the left. That’s where the cave trail is. Keep going straight to the peak.

After that, head back to the Boca trail and follow that. There’s a patch of now burned forest going downhill. Go downhill. Some people tried to go straight and up, but that’s wrong. Follow the footprints down and to the left, you’ll encounter some jagged rocks, and the trail pretty much shows you the way from there.

Really beautiful up there yesterday! I’d go early because it can get a little busy and there isn’t a lot of room to pass hikers going the other way. Finding the cave can be a little tricky, but we had luck following the footprints in the dirt.

Backpacked and stayed at 9000 feet, couldn’t push the rest of the way. Will pack lighter and camp with a pad and bag only next time. No tent needed at that height if it’s clear. Amazing views at sunrise and was the first up to see it all! Can’t wait to do this mole hill again next year

you're gonna have to want it.

it's totally gorgeous. and hard as hell. all the way up and all the way down.

worth every step.

17 days ago

Now I know why this hike got 5 stars. Be prepared because It’s not just walking to the woods. It’s a great hike!

Did the sunrise summit. Absolutely amazing views but not for the faint of heart.

Awesome hike with beautiful views! It was clear today and you could see several other mountains in addition to Mt. Jefferson. The cave trail is close to the summit - easier to find on the way down. It’s not far, and there is a trail that veers off to the right coming from summit. A large rock in the middle of that trail marks ‘cave’ with an arrow. The cave itself is down through the burned area (but there’s a trail) and is kind of a scramble. Recommend taking poles for this part. There’s a rock formation at the top of the burned area and the cave is down below the opposite side of that formation. So worth the scramble!! It’s beautiful.

A brutal hike, but the views at the summit are breathtaking! Well worth the hard work!

18 days ago

One star for a craptastic map of a five star hike.

This map is garbage. Do not rely on the author's way points (there are none, btw). The Sisters Loop is approximately 55 miles if you include a summit of South Sister. If you inspect this map closely you will see that it completely abandons the trail on the east side of the loop and appears to walk along the ridge line from peak to peak.

Beautiful hike, beautiful view!! Sad to see how much has been devastated from fires but AWESOME to see how much rebuilding is happening and the incredible work of NPS & volunteers. P.s- I could not find the cave even though some folks told me it was “so obvious.” Oh well, amazing nonetheless!

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