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Numerous beautiful views on this < 2 hr loop trail. A little muddy today and lots of fellow hikers but worth it

Not much solitude, but good for a workout and a good scenic view at the end.

Such a quick trail to a fun and freezing swimming hole.

Yes, better views than Clingman's Dome!

Great hike and fantastic views

2 Mile Gentle Loop with exceptional views. Best hiked clockwise. Extremely overused, steps are in place all over the mountain. This is a Sacred Space, but one can feel the drained Energy and Spirituality. Mostly Yuppie Tourists. I have never seen so many soccer moms scowl at locals and power broker Dads scrambling to close deals on their cell phones. Hiked on a Monday and still the trail was crowded. Wonderful place to take epic photos if you are in a hurry. I had to stop and take breaks off trail because of the loud, nonsensical ramblings of the Country Club Visitors. Ridiculous. Respect. Please do not gape at me strangely if I do speak with the trees. The second star is because I met a group of 20 Ugandan Citizens on a Paid Expedition. They were so friendly and interested in my type of culture. Wonderful people. Peace, Love, Happiness, and Gooooo...

Very easy hike but too crowded with people.

Great hike. Easy overall, but on a cool misty day, great to be on the trail. Very family friendly.

This trail offers so many panoramic views. The fact the you get this type of view in a recreational area in amazing. The trail is definitely better going clockwise on the loop. It allows you to see the best view last.

Great trail and amazing overlooks.

For our 7th Anniversary we stayed at the Mount Pisgah Campground and hiked the Pisgah trail with our dogs. The dogs did great and it wasn’t too bad on them although they were exhausted afterwards. I’m not an avid hiker and I will tell you I felt very tired after the hike but it was totally worth it. I wouldn’t recommend this trail if you are starting out especially with those that have chronic back problems or knee/ankle injuries due to the steep inclines going up and declines going down. I have had two ACL reconstructions and they are about 8 years old, needless to say arthritis kicked in good afterwards lol. Altogether it was a beautiful hike and very fulfilling to reach the top. There are (2) creeks, birds, multiple types of trees and shrubs, and wonderful rock formations along the trail. I think you will truly enjoy this trail should you decide to hike it.

Took the longer trail that connects with Mountain to see trail. It is an awesome hike.

1 month ago

I don’t know what kind of joke y’all are trying to play but this trial isn’t easy or moderate. This trail is one that you have to be an expert hiker in order to climb it. Not to mention the directions in order to get there are terrible...cause there are none. Best of luck to whoever attempts this trial.

Agree that going clockwise is the way to go. A bit muddy in spots, but totally manageable. Linger at the top spots. We were too early for fall colors this year, but bet they’re amazing from 4900’.

1 month ago

Alright people here we go...this trail is awesome! It will fool you. The first 1/4 mile is flat and easy, then the next 1/4 mile has some rocks to use as stepping stones. Then the fun begins! It's a mile and a half of elliptical training. Imagine an elliptic machine and a mountain had a baby. If co editions are perfect, great hike. We had a wether front come in and it was wet, slippery rocks. Coming down in perfect condition would be easy. Ours was a bit more challenging. Be warned...wear appropriate hiking shoes. You will thank me later.

Great views at the top! Also very windy! Paved until close to the top, rocks could be a little slippery.

I love the view from this short hike. It is paved up most of the way. A little upward but go slow if you need to, not strenuous. I would suggest a clear day to see the wonderful views from here.

Enjoyed the hike! Was just right for my 1st hike. Beautiful view!

Beautiful hike easy if you take the left trail the right is more fun.

It took me about 50 minutes to hike up to the summit, I’m not a hiker but I’m a healthy and active person. I went slow but I only stopped a few times for less than a minute each to take pictures and catch my breath. Some parts of the trail were rocky and steep and a little slippery. I started around 7:20am and saw only one couple with their dogs ahead of me. I had the summit all to myself for a few minutes and the view was very nice, although the view from the Buck Springs Gap overlook near the trail entrance was much more spectacular than the one at the summit.

Well worth the short hike to the overlook. We stayed and just enjoyed the solitude and watched as the Falcons flew on the wind currents.we were actually there on August 31 but just now posting.

Really pretty and short - but definitely moderate (not easy) hike between the climb on the way back and the uneven surfaces. We were mostly alone mid afternoon on a Friday, but as we left we passed at least a bakers dozen of college students on their way in with (open on the trail) cheap beer, so perhaps less delightful late in the day on a Friday!

Awesome views! Trail was easy and beautiful.

Love it! We’ve been going for years and the views never get old

not easy. 1/2 mile but either up or down, no flat.

Beautiful views from a number of lookouts and cliffs, wildflowers all along the way in August/early September. Great for dogs on a leash, kids of all ages, only about an hour roundtrip unless you stop for lots of photos or a picnic (both of which are highly recommended).

2 months ago

Great hike. Got started at PL at 0900 and up we went! Still wet from thick fog. Took our time and made it to top in 30 minutes. Too foggy to see much but still a great short hike. A definite recommend. Watch rocks they are slippery. Paved all but last few hundred feet.

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