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1 day ago

Devil’s Bathtub is a beautiful lake surrounded by some amazing peaks. The 4.4 mike hike up is mostly easy thought there is over a 1,000 feet elevation gain and it’s lost difficult at the end. The trails are well marked and the hike is beautiful. It took me about 2.5 hours with a full pack to get up there. There are plenty of fish in the lake if you’re into it. I did get hailed and rained on in the afternoon (mid August trip) but that happens in the sierras and it cleared up after. There are several good camping spots around the lake.

beautiful trail.

There was a group of us girls backpacking it. It took us roughly 6 hours up and 2.5 down. You will see wild strawberries, which you can eat and of course lots of poison oak so be careful and dont stray off the trail.

the last portion is a big of a challenge, as it is steep.

we drank from the stream, fished at night and talked to the rangers.

it was well worth the hike.

beautiful blue skies, gorgeous views, great escape from hot hazy valley below. took some effort to follow trail markers from Blue to Donkey and even tougher from Donkey to Baboon, but that was the icing on the cake

beautiful views. blue to Donkey took a little hunting for markers and even tougher to go beyond to Baboon lakes, but they were the icing on the cake. super vistas with nice blue sky and mild temperature, while valley by Bishop was exceedingly hot and v hazy

9 days ago

We’re so disappointed not to see the teacups! We tried three different places to cross the river and couldn’t do it without a dry bag (water shoes and bathing suits would be good too). We saw rock climbers with ropes, helmets, and wetsuits up the canyon, but we didn’t figure out how to get there even after reading all the tips. It’s a nice hike along the river but pretty hot in August.

The trail from Lake Sabrina to Blue Lake is fairly arduous, especially with heavy packs though the scenery is spectacular. The trail from Donkey Lake to Blue Lake is sometimes hard to follow since it’s not well marked.

14 days ago

This trail is in a well visited part of the Kern river, plan to get there before all the campers as parking is limited to about 20 cars. The trail is very mild as it follows the trail with at most a 3-4 hundred foot gains and loss.

In order to get to the tea cups one must ford the river. Following the route leads to a calm area to swim/float across. One can access the first tea cup easily.

If visiting the other tea cups I Highly recommend climbing shoes if not taking repelling gear. In order to see all seven cups one must be skilled at boldering, repelling and general mountaineering.

I forgot to turn record off while driving back the route was 6 miles round trip.


Great Long trail! There’s a clear path for the most part. There are laid out rocks when not clear. We were in pursuit of the Tuolumne Waterfall but it’s a simple stream running down creating many mini waterfalls.

Only spent one day backpacking out here but wish we could’ve spent more. Absolutely beautiful trail with delightful surprises with new views as you make your way to camp. Definitely want to do this again with more days because from Glen Aulin, there’s other falls 3-5 miles out that I heard are gorgeous!

Don’t let the difficult rating scare you away. A challenging but do able day hike, this trail rewards you with a beautiful view of the Eastern Sierras and a pristine alpine/ glacial lake (Duck lake). This trail follows many lakes that are connected by a running stream so if you want to go light on water and sterilize your own as you go you can. I went towards the end of July when temps were 77 deg around noon but with the high elevation and lack of clouds it gets warm, I started to delayer half way through. Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray

I spent 6 days hiking the Yosemite High Sierras and stayed one night in each of the 6 tent camps and the best photo I have of the quintessential Yosemite view was taken from the bridge going over the Tuolomne River just before coming into the Glen Aulin High Sierra camp.

Great hike for me and my three boys. Intended to get to Upper but outflow was higher than I wanted. Hiking in soaking shoes and socks would not have been fun. Caught lots of 6-7 brookies on elk hair caddis.

Absolutely stunning. Perfect first backpacking trip with plenty of water along the way.

Rain and hail so be prepared

Challenging in the heat, but worth it for the views.

1 month ago

This place was perfect for us, the first day we backpacked to pika lake then crossed the stream that runs along the main trail to enter the apex of the 4 lakes in the valley. The second day we just explored the valley and would return to our site periodically for meals and lounging. This place is paradise, treat it gently!

1 month ago

Great short hike, last part is steep however the amazing view & refreshing water at the end makes it worth it.

1 month ago

Great hike and nice area to camp once up top. The last mile was steep but other than that it is a relatively easy hike. The fishing was great, the trout seemed to enjoy lures and live worms. The only negative is the MOSQUITOES! I used repellent on my exposed skin but they bit through my thick hiking socks and also through tshirt and light jacket. I'm not sure what you can do to prevent them from attacking, but maybe more layers and also putting repellent on unexposed skin...Hike back easy and breakfast at Vermilion Valley Resort was great treat after a few days of hiking and backpacking.

Trail had great views and not much elevation climb but the uneven path is what made this the most difficult. We took our 8 year old daughter and everyone was pretty worn by the end. I would recommend bringing snacks and stopping along the trail to see views on the river.

Also, it was difficult to see the teacups unless you were able to cross the river and has access to a drone.

Got eaten by mosquitoes. Bring bug spray. Footbridge to the campsite is down, had to go upstream to wade through the Creek or walk across a fallen tree (not Tuolumne River but Conness Creek). The creek crossing wasn’t bad, but care must be taken.

1 month ago

Watch your feet the trails is littered with rocks. Made the swim to the waterfalls in 2015 and 2016. I would NOT attempt a river crossing in 2018, We got in and could not cross and had to float down to a spot to get out. Stay out for 2018. If you try it, go up past the teaccups until the river bends and try there. Wear a life jacket. I"d stay out until next year and try again.

1 month ago

amazing, can't wait to go back

1 month ago

Two great meadow views on the way up, couple of small water crossings to add a little excitement. The view across the bathtub is worthy of screen saver status and gives a great sense of accomplishment when you reach it. Took 6 hours on the way up with my 3 children (6,10,12) made many stops to rest and have lunch. Took 2 hours on the way back. Wanted to stop longer but the mosquitos at that time of day (6-8pm) were getting obnoxious so couldn't pause for more than 10 seconds without getting swarmed.

Beautiful hike. I had been to Grass Lake, but never Lamarck. It is beautiful

GREAT hike.

3 months ago

Moderately hiked (easy to moderate), lightly camped trail. Several sand embankment campsites - perfect for stone fire rings and level sand tent footprints. No need to hike water in, I wasted the effort as my Sawyer filtered river water was crisp and quenching. Seven Teacups is not accessible from the trail as crossing the Kern is necessary and is hazardous given high river flow. Recommend hiking past teacups (about 2 miles from bridge) to find less frequented campsites. No permits required, but if you are fishing you must use “no barb” hooks (bent down barb - increases fish survival) as this is a wild Golden Trout (California’s State Fish) area which is protected (limit 2 catches and not more than 10”) - catch and release is always best.

3 months ago

I have no idea why this is rated hard but so be it. It's a nice hike with not much elevation gain. You can bring your dog and the path is well maintained along the way (some larger rocks in the way but that's it). If you wanna catch some fish along the way, make sure to bring BARBLESS hooks, as these are the only ones allowed in this area. There are many very nice campsite along the way, very close to the river. I'd rate this hike as easy to moderate.

Beautiful Northern California hiking. Relatively easy until you hit the switchbacks

8 months ago

It was a good day. Wish we were able to cross the river. Went with a 5 year old and she didn’t get tired till we turned back. We will have to try again when the water is a bit lower.

Read the Tips section. It’s important and would have helped a few the reviewers. The description even mentions it... still a beautiful hike without seeing the teacups but if you can cross and scramble up they are worth it!
Also, follow the gpx route for the best place to wade across.

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