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real nice mountain bike ride. two bridges, chance to see the Clydesdales out for a walk!

Great trail for a short but satisfying hike - fully alone with nature

Absolutely beautiful we got married here on the suspension bridge. Easy hike they are re-doing the wooden walkway.
Clean ... keep it that way please ❤️

This trail is very well maintained and relatively flat. The majority of the connection points are pretty clear and easy to follow. Surface is mainly cinder and gravel and you can ride 2 bikes side by side the entire trail. If you want an easy ride to take with the kids this is it. The trail is also used by hikers, joggers, walkers, and horses.

Nice hike until we arrived on the boardwalk. Some stupid woman came through with a double baby stroller that took the whole width of the boardwalk., and everybody heading in had to turn around and go back just to let her pass. Stupid selfish woman!

good hike overall, trail colors change so keep an eye out if not you'll end up away from the loop
if you see the cave you're either going back from where you came from or taking a detour from the straight path, either way its a nice sight
no vantage points, peaks covered by high trees

I’ve done this hike twice now, and you definitely need to come prepared with a map. To complete the loop you have to turn at a number of different forks, and we were on the blue, yellow, and orange trails at various points. There are no maps at the trail head, which is hardly marked at all.

A really great and easy bike trail- lovely views- but watch out for horses! (It's exciting but still.) a great bird watching trial as it passes through various terrains and habitats. (Grassland, farmland, woodland, and marshland.) common to see families, kids, all ages walking, jogging, and riding horses! My only qualm is when the horses pass through they often make the trail bumpy, and sometimes leave "trail apples."... just clean that up horse people please.

The parking area/trailhead as listed on W. Brook Rd looked closed with a fence and construction. I parked on Townsend Rd instead. Somewhat well maintained trails, blazing is good but lots of trees down and trash everywhere.

Good hike for most skill levels but not all. There were some difficult steep climbs, rocky areas, mud, and a few spots require crossing a stream.

"Caves" were not very interesting although I dont know much about their history. Mediocre views.

I'm still learning the area and will continue exploring. I'm sure there are as good or better trails nearby.

4 months ago

Definitely a fun hike. The park has it as a moderate hike due to the multiple trails you take to make up the loop. But really great walk and saw some cool spot.

Beautiful place

5 months ago

With a good amount of stunning vistas and beautiful forest - and having to work hard for some the views - this hike was great. Granted, this was a 80 degree, clear day in February - the conditions could not have been better. Norvin Green never lets me down.

Great time to hike. Temp 52F. Footing fair to good.

Great fun in the snowy trail. Some uphill terrain that would make it difficult for beginners. Many animal tracks in the snow making it interesting. a rocky trail that will be fun in warmer months.

I wouldn't call this an easy hike, definitely more towards moderate. Trail is well marked. We parked on Townshead Rd.

8 months ago

The trail markers were a bit confusing, which several other hikers we encountered mentioned as well. Overall though, it was a great hike. A variety of scenery, as well as scrambles, and some more challenging spots. Definitely make your way up to Hi Point. The views were amazing! I would definitely hike here again.

This trail is very close to my house and it is absolutely beautiful. Short hike, challenging enough at a fast pace to get a great workout. I rarely see anyone on the trail. The terrain is beautiful and there is a decent view at the top. Great for kids too.

Nice combination of boardwalk and slight uphill climbs. You even cross a cow pasture. We didn’t climb up to the stairway to heaven part but will next time. We did a total of 5 1/2 miles from road in Vernon where we parked to the base of stairway to heaven and back the same way we came.

Nice walk on Labor Day. Fox Gap to Mt Minsi about 10 miles round trip. A few through hikers still coming down from Maine. Generally a quiet walk, with a couple of overnight camp spots used by other than through hikers. Definitely a good dog walk, if your dog can do the distance.

the hike is 7miles one direction. if you are doing out and back the mileage is correct. we hiked from Delaware water gap to fox gap. The first 2 miles were straight up hill. killer on your legs but after that easier though much of the hike is up hill from water gap to fox gap. the elevatiom map was very helpful and accurate. just remember the map is out and back so water gap is in the middle of the elevation map. the views from the look outs were breath taking!!

Trail head on Townshead Rd. Roomy mine easy to find take blue blaze trail to orange then orange to orange/yellow dot and youll walk right over it. Nice view pont along the way. Trail rated as easy but its more moderate IMO.

Hike is actually 7.5 miles not 13 miles. Did the psych with a buddy that was very nice. The decent into Delaware water gap will definitely work out your legs.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Nice, short hike. Lots of canopy to avoid the sun. Nice views. Keep an eye out for small frogs and snakes in the yellow, white trail.

Trail had some great looking woods! If you're trying to get to the cave, it's really simple. When the trail splits, go to the left down the Orange Dot trail. Shortly down the orange trail it'll turn to Orange with Yellow Dot. Follow Orange with Yellow Dot Trail. You'll come to a smooth rock opening with a view. Very shortly up on the right you'll see a small thin trail in between two tree. Go down that trail, but be careful! Going down this trail can be sketchy if you're not good with hills or stable on your feet. Check out all the openings going down that trail. Get to bottom and enjoy. There's also a good size opening at the bottom of the cave but I didn't venture in due to no flashlight or head lamp. Enjoy!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Very challenging but me and my brother did it in about 5 and a half hours. There were at least five times where we lost the blazes and walked a hundred yards or so down side trails by accident. As long as you pay close attention to the blazes its a great hike.

nice hike. Great views. NOTE: hike is 7 miles from FG to DWG not 13 as it states in the description above.

I started off in high bridge. We walked a few miles and it was nice to be out in nature but it wasn't amazing. Maybe we need to start in the middle of the hike in a different town. I heard it takes at least a few miles before it gets really beautiful. We had limited time so we couldn't do to much.

Nice hike and sweet views, only we couldn't find the mine/cave that you can walk in. The only "cave" was seemingly flooded so we couldn't go in. Wish the mines were better marked, as they were the only reason we really went.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

great trail

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Our gps tracked it as 4.2 miles, not 5.2. But a beautiful hike with lovely streams and cascades and plenty of gorgeous overlooks at the top! Took about 3.5 hours with plenty of stops to photograph all the nature.

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