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Trail was pretty snow packed - I had coils on but you probably could have made it without. View at the top was unbeatable. Took me about 3 hours round trip!

Great easy hike that’s good for anyone of all ages. Out and back in about 3 hours and it was a leisurely pace. Spikes were helpful today in some parts but given the weather you could have made it without.

1 month ago

Great spot for a weekend camping trip. The echoes of the water and wildlife really is calming. Def a great hike

I did this in the middle of the summer and had a very tough recovery
I saw some horse people at the trailhead but never saw another person or animal for the next 8 hours
I had a good mapped out trail for my GPS
But about 4 miles in it turns to start up and that intersection was grown over
I decided to just follow the middle fork o explore and ended up at a very narrow section and could hear a moose
I had see his urine and droppings along the way. I decided to just turn around and go home. On the way back I found where I should have started up and took some rocks to mark the trail for others and next time. I decided to just start up the very steep incline for a while and after another hour found myself at a cliff and no trail. I turned around and decided to backtrack for home. After about 10 minutes I found where I had taken a wrong turn. Once back on the correct trail I figured I was at the halfway point or more and I could see the trail starting back to the south. I hiked for another hour and stopped to eat and rest by now I had been out for about 4 hours. I had previously hiked Getsten canyon and up to the eastern high point so I felt it was close and would be about 2 hours down from there. After resting I hiked the ridge for what seemed like an eternity and finely got to the place I knew. By now it was in the high 90s and I was running short on fluids and food I stopped to tie a shoe lace and got a cramp
I knew I had at least 1.5 hours to go so I drank my last gator aid and saved just enough water to be able to wet my throat every once in a while. I got back down to heavy woods and gersten creek and contemplated spending the night in the woods next to the creek
I had run a number of marathons and knew how much more I could push myself so decided that I could make it. I had good cell phone service and knew I could always call for help
I took an hour between the woods and the trailhead. I got to the car started the engine turned on the air and went to reverse in about 3 seconds
I can set on my deck and see the hike
I call it The Hike From Hell!
I planned on a 6 hour hike and took provisions for 8 hours. The only problem it it took 9 hours!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Combined with the lower Wheeler Creek trail this was a slow burn of a fat bike ride. I also enjoy this route on metal edged cross country skis when fresh snow has deep cover, as it can become quite rutted as it is a popular snowshoe trail.

cross country skiing
2 months ago

When it really snows I like to cross country ski or fat bike this loop. There is minimal foot and even snowshoe traffic, due to the length and difficulty. Good for strong skiers to tackle. I like going counter clockwise and this affords a decent down by the power poles if you ski with full metal edges. With fresh powder try to beat the snowboard crowd up to the top. The reward is AT ski nirvana. Fat bike it on lesser days too.

This was a fun trail! Today was my first time doing it and it was beautiful. Good things about the trail is that the elevation gain is very spread out and gradual, it is very well marked and cut out, and the view from the top is beautiful. There were several great view points and I would say my favorite is actually right before you head back down the trail. This was a very difficult hike to complete in the snow, but beautiful (wear snow shoes for sure and it will be easier). Overall I really enjoyed it and it was a good level of challenging. Lots of moose tracks!

One of our favorites! Does see a lot of foot traffic, due to its popularity.

Wonderful hike! Gradual incline, lovely views at the top. One of my favorite hikes!

Beautiful trail but pretty rocky and heavy traffic.

Beautiful hike but too many bikers

A top fave of mine! If you do this go all the way to the top, you won't be disappointed- the views are spectacular!

5 months ago

This trail is 2.5 miles one way, 5 miles round trip, and overlooks the Causey Reservoir (near Huntsville, Utah) most of the way.

This trail is deceiving as far as difficulty level. When we started it, it seemed flat, especially the first half to 3/4 mile. Then it goes a little up and down and around a lot of bends in the reservoir. Along the way, we met other hikers who said they did not finish the trail. They turned around about .5 mile from the end because the trail appeared to go down a steep gradient. Our context of steep gradients is from Alta or other ski resort trails that pretty much go up at a 50% angle. We did make it to the end, the gradient on the way down was not as steep as we thought, and there were switch backs. Probably the steepest part was right at the end, descending from the end of the trail to the river's edge to see the salmon run. The way back seemed to pose a challenge too.... the way back made us realize the elevation gain was very gradual and more than we had expected or felt going into the trail. Though the trail appears flat along the way, there are a lot of rocky patches that can catch you off guard. Also we saw lots of horseshoe prints, but no horses! Overall it was a fun and challenging trail. Even more so this time of year when you get to see the salmon run! What a cool experience!

As a side note, though the parking lot to the trail was crowded with cars and 3-4 horse trailers, not many people were actually on the trail. We saw lots of horseshoe prints, but no horses on the trail. Maybe all those people and horses were visiting ranch across from the trailhead?

Awesome hike but I wouldn’t rate it as difficult.

Steep trail is worth it. Elk and moose in the area, lots to see.

most excellent trail. on the easy side of moderate, we'll established with enough space for hiking and bicycles. couldn't find anything bad to say at all. come on out and have fun.

5 months ago

It took us 3 hours and 15 minutes to hike with our 3 kids. We carried two of them but the 5 year old did great walking on her own. Great views and totally worth hiking in the fall to see the salmon run and the pretty fall colors. We will make this a yearly tradition I think.

trail running
5 months ago

Extremely challenging trail for running...the hardest I've done to date. I completed it from west to east as part of the Xterra Trail Run Natl. Championships this year. Beautiful views along the ridge and the summit made it well worth effort!

This trail kicked my arse. First hike since my knee surgery. Loved and enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Fabulous views all the way up.

6 months ago

Amazing hike, went with friends and they all enjoyed too!

mountain biking
6 months ago

Only Wheeler Creek Trail plus East Fork Mtn Bike as warm up to XTerra. Lower part is a gravel, rocky road, nothing special and super crowded. Meadow up top is nice with good views. Did as a training ride for XTerra, good workout. Fun descent. Wouldn't do this for any other reason than I did. Other much more pretty less crowded places to go.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Started on Wheeler, went all the way up to SnowBasin, came down Maple trail. This is the most fun downhill that I have ever had on my bike!

The reason that i gave 3 out of 5 stars is because it is so EXTREMELY HEAVILY trafficked. I mean seriously. I could hardly go 100 feet without crossing/passing another traveler. Every corner you come to, expect to run into someone. Definitely not a trail to have headphones in on.

overall great. But geez. More crowded that a walmart on black friday.

Great hike beautiful scenery

Great trail, awesome views!

mountain biking
7 months ago

This was one of the first mountain biking trails I've ever done. It was challenging for a beginner, but very doable.

7 months ago

By far one of my favorite hikes!! It's shaded and by a stream so it stays pretty cool, even when temps are nearly 100!

8 months ago

I hiked this trail today to do a little fishing at the River Inlet. I'm not in the greatest shape; I found the trail to be somewhat challenging and it took me about 1-1/2 hours to hump in. Once I arrived at the Inlet, I was a little disappointed at the amount of people/campers/kayakers in the area. But, that's what I get for going on a Sunday morning. The kayakers were congregating right in the casting areas. Also, there's a real lack of shoreline here; I was forced to do a little impromptu wet wading. The fishing was spectacular. The rainbows were hungry and aggressive. Caught 4 times my limit (not that that matters... C&R). If you're looking for a new place to fish Causey, I highly recommend fishing the inlet, if you can handle the hike.

Go up the west side and come down the east side for a great hike. Look for the arch on the west side of the mountain. the trail doesn't go to the peak, but if you look close enough you can find your way to the top. The view is totally worth it! We took a group of 14 to 16 year old boys and they all were able to easily hike it (out hiked me, thats for sure)

Watch out for bikers on the trail as there's lots going up and back. lots of shade on both trails too.

8 months ago

Pretty easy trail with a steep climb heading back. The trail is pretty narrow and not super shady, but beautiful.

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