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Very easy hike to the overlook. The trail down to the base of the Falls was closed due to flood unfortunately, but other than that is was an awesome little hike. I hiked this with my 2yr old niece and 58yr old heavy set mother. She was able to due this hike fairly easily. Only part she had to go slow was the staircase which is about 40 stairs. Without going down to the base the whole loop is less than a mile.

2 days ago

The trails could be marked better — the directions on this website actually don’t match up with the signs posted. We got turned around and ended up walking back along the road.

Some parts of the trail went through very dark parts of the forest along a creek, which felt pretty magical. Take a stick for clearing out spider webs as you walk.

Absolutely loves hiking this. Was a challenge but once we made it to the top, it was well worth it.
The view is absolutely breath taking.

The hike was great. Definitely come early to get parking since it’s limited. I would also rate it a moderate hike. Good hike for families to bring kids. The falls was beautiful. Saw two salamanders when I got it the falls.

We had a great hike and gave our adult children all they wanted in a day hike. Beautiful scenery and amazing trails. Well worth the climb.

4 days ago

I loved this hike and would do it again in a heartbeat.
The cardio workout was excellent. View was wonderful!

4 days ago

I Definitely felt accomplished after this. We even saw a black bear!

Difficult on the way up but the virws are beautiful. Much easier on the way down. Worth the climb!

Absolutely spectacular. Definitely worth the climb. The drive up to trail head was a little adventure as the road has many holes and is not well kept.

A bit more challenging going up than expected, but we were also trying to keep a fast pace. Slippery in spots when coming down- hiking boots recommended if it’s rained recently. Saw a mother bear and her two cubs in a tree which was awesome! Pretty trail and pretty falls

7 days ago

Easy walk through mostly dry river bed when we were there (Aug 28th) I really enjoyed the views of smooth side walls and searching for the pictographs. We found them in two completely different areas. Met a local and explored the opposite direction of the waterfalls after we were done there. Lots of rocks, boulders and cairns along the way until we saw a cave up high to our left. It looks like a big sand castle! Not a challenging hike but fun to explore.

Great views!

8 days ago

I can't give this anything better than "average" until they reopen the full trail. Pretty tough hike for anyone not in shape, straight up most of the way with a few views. End section to the Chimney Tops is closed (gated and spiked). Park Service built a little overlook pad but doesn't compare at all to the chimney tops. Park Service needs to make reopening this a priority!

Great trail and pretty falls. Just a warning...we were there yesterday and there was a fairly large and active yellow jacket nest in the ground right next to the trail. It’s maybe a half mile and those suckers were aggressive. I was stung a couple times and heard of others that were as well.

We hiked this trail last week and absolutely loved it. Long trek but very easy hike. If you are into waterfalls and small cascades this is the trail for you. The 3 big waterfalls also have swimming pools at the bottom to cool off in The hike is right along the water most of the way. We also found the skeleton of the old Pontiac off of the trail. The only reason we did find it is previous hikes had made an arrow out of branches pointing towards the small trail to the right. It was really cool! I also saw a bear run across the trail at about 2 or 3 miles in. So keep your eyes peeled. My boyfriend is a beginner at hiking and did this 8 mile hike pretty easily. We will definitely be back. Would have added photos, but didn’t have the option to.

So many steps but a very nice view once you hit the top. Unfortunately the second half is still closed but you still get a great view of the mountains and the chimney top.

This was an incredible hike. 8 Miles round trip. The most incredible view of a great ecosystem and God's creation. Waterfalls all the way up the canyon and then finally the big waterfall at the end of the trail. the first mile and a half is relatively easy. The second two and a half miles are difficult. it's a real workout going up but it is worth it.

Difficult but worth it

trail running
11 days ago

great trail! a little scrambling and ALL uphill! hiking is very manageable, but even the most experienced and fit runners will need a walk break! along the way, you can see remna ts of the fire that took place here but also the recovery, simply beautiful. i swear some of the trees here would compare to the Sequoia's in CA. the falls at the 2.5 mile marker are a welcome sight and resting spot...even managed to crawl behind the falls for a cool spraying! as stated only currently open friday-sunday and there are signs warning of bear activity. well worth the effort put in to see this gem!

Our group really enjoyed the hike. It becomes easier when you do it with a group. Towards the end of the trail there are lot of steps ,good to be prepared for that. Trails has lot of beautiful water falls . Beautiful hike overall

This was our first Trail on our family vacation to Gatlinburg. We thought it would be a good introductory Trail for our 5-year-old son and we were right... he loved it! There are quite a few creeks/streams to cross and views of the mountains. We were lucky enough to spot a few bear cubs along the way! Of course the falls at the end were the biggest hit - my son loves water, climbing, and salamanders so he was in heaven. I would strongly recommend this hike - the only downfall is the limited parking at the trailhead...plan accordingly

13 days ago

I enjoyed the trail very much. The last part to the tops is closed. But that does not affect the beautiful view of surrounding mountains!
We faced thunderstorm on our way back and it was pouring!! Memorable hike!

14 days ago

Beautiful trail! There are parts that are very steep, and difficult. One of the best trails I have ever done.

14 days ago

Before I write my review, I want to provide quick context. I am a 29 year old Male in good physical condition I hiked this trial with my 27 year old Fiancee' on our Labor Day weekend vacation.

This was such a great experience. Neither one of us are regular hikers and underestimated the word "Strenuous" . The Ramsey Cascade Trail is no joke, the 4 mile each way journey feels much more than that as the ground is often rocky and un even. Yes, you will be hiking mostly (85%) uphill for the first part of the hike.

There is something that happens about 3/4 through the first leg, you start to wonder "Are we there yet? as your legs and feet start feel the terrains effects. You will see other hikers on the way back offering encouraging words that it's worth it, and that you are almost there. The almost there part is funny because its true, but that last mile is probably the hardest part. It gets very steep and rocky right before you reach the falls.

It is a great experience once you do get there as you feel such a sense of accomplishment. Sitting there with your fellow hikers gives a nice sense of community. We enjoy the moment and rest before desending downward.

The downward journey is much easier by comparison, but still long. The scenery is beatuiful of course and the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the end is wonderful. I am still buzzing from it and excited for more challenging hikes like this.

Don't make the mistakes we did by not bringing any snacks! Also, a big thank you to the kind lady and group who provided us with ice cold water from their bag. Life Savers!

In Summary: Challenging, Beautiful, and Worth It. Remembers its the journey, not the destination

This was a fun hike. Definitely take your time going up especially with kids. We had a 7, 9 yr old and two toddlers in backpacks... slow and steady was the rule. Took us about 5.5 hours with lots of breaks going up.

This trail seems more challenging than difficult. I've hiked a few times this year, but that's the longest trail I've hiked. The falls were rewarding to see.

wish some of it was open but floods and age have made part of the trail un accessible. But all in all it was a pretty hike and fairly easy todo.

15 days ago

Loved the views from the top! Very steep and difficult considering a thunderstorm.. the rainbow and sunset was worth it!

15 days ago

I only hiked paved part of trail so scenery didn't change much in the 2.5 miles I did. This section is well suited as a bike trail.

nice hike, good views, weak falls

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