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2 girlfriends and I hiked to Virgin Falls today. Perfect weather. Took us about 4 hours and we stopped at Laurel and Virgin falls to take pics and have snacks. I would rate it as hard but totally doable. The falls were beautiful. Lots of water flowing. It would also be a great place to camp.

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11 hours ago

Nice easy walk with a great view

19 hours ago

Beautiful park and trails. A lot of wildflowers and several waterfalls to check out. Twin Falls is one of my favorites.

Wonderful place. Not much hiking but a lot to see in a small area. Be aware that you must have a permit to enter the cave. You can get them by calling Fall Creek Falls. The cave is also closed in the winter months but it’s still worth the visit

3 days ago

my favorite by far, it's a 3 in 1 trip with such unique waterfalls. take plenty of water....

Man this hike was pretty! Pretty easy trail, wear good hiking shoes though.

Beautiful trail! Did it in the middle of the week in February and it was actually very trafficked. The falls was very pretty!

Well paved and easy for beginners

6 days ago

This was my first hiking/camping trip about a month ago and Ive been wanting to go back ever since. We hiked down to Laurel Falls,Sheep Cave and eventually Virgin Falls. All were a sight to see. Virgin Falls was literally breathtaking if you're able to safely get closer to the bottom. I plan on returning this summer.

Very easy and really pretty hike. No waterfall views here but lots of river views and pretty forest.

This is a nice 2 plus mile trail. When My kids were little, my wife and I would push them in the stroller. Now we go out there to enjoy the nature and get a light but rigorous walk. It is also o good place to break in hiking shoes unit you are ready to do more difficult trails. the wildlife is beautiful as you will see birds, deer, wild turkey, and other critters. Its great not having to deal with dogs on the trail (and this is coming from a dog lover) when you are trying to walk fast.

Went over the Easter weekend. Quite busy and had to wait to get across the suspension bridge. Great views of the waterfall. Like that you can go right down to the water.

Great short trail. Beautiful waterfall views! Some of the viewings were closed due to flood damage today, but it was still worth visiting. Trail maintenance was excellent.

So this place is infested with wild boars. Wild hogs? Whatever you call them, they’re everywhere and convinced that the trail is theirs. Not to mention there were numerous water/creek crossings with no bridges, which I imagine would be fine on a warm day. The first family of boars I stumbled upon (around 8 or 9 of them) were just after honey pond. I backed away slowly and waited until they cleared with no problem. All the rest that I saw, I had only a few miles left and there were dozens of them. It was too late to turn back and there was nowhere else to go. I was charged by one from over 100 yards away. It was awful. I slid down a hill trying to get away. Bring a gun, bring a friend, go on a sunny dry day. There is absolutely no service the last 5 miles of the trail. This would’ve been a halfway decent hike if it wasn’t for all these stupid hogs.



Always one of my go-to short trails. Very well maintained and love the falls

Parts of the trail are currently closed.

26 days ago

As a Mt. Juliet resident, my dog and I frequent this trail--we usually complete the 4.4 mile "day loop" portion. I would rank this trail "easy" over "moderate" for sure--there isn't a whole lot of elevation gain, and when there is it isn't for very long. The trail is well marked and well maintained, though it does get washed out a bit after heavy rain. I would highly recommend doing this one on a winter day (especially if it snows!) or during some light rain--it's really the only time you'll get any solitude. It's pretty crowded on most weekends if the weather is nice, and the parking lot will fill up by 9am in the summer. My older dog absolutely loves this trail--it's easy enough for him and the perfect length. Overall, I would definitely recommend if you're looking for an easy woodsy stroll close to town with some bonus lake views.

Very well maintained hiking/walking trail that offers spectacular views of waterfalls. We like it because it is a quick walk in very pretty setting.

29 days ago

Awesome trail, the elevation change gets you on the way out.

Easy and good for short morning or afternoon hike.

30 days ago

Awesome trail for being less than 15 mins from Nashville. Lot of terrain change...pine/oak/cedar/exposed sandstone. Very cool. Saw a lot of wildlife...squirrels, ducks, rabbit, 2 loons and a huge owl! Very well marked and traveled.

1 month ago

My husband & I did this trail with our 4 kiddos on the last day of our 5-day vacation to Tennessee. We totally saved the best day for last. Loved this Park & this trail as well as Blue Hole Trail.

1 month ago

The trip was great! Our group made it a small weekend trip. We hiked into Martha's Pretty Point Campground Saturday morning and then relaxed most of the day. We got up early Sunday morning and hiked down to Virgin Falls and back out. It was a nice weekend and there were a lot of people there. A lot of the people seemed to be day hikers although the campgrounds fill up fast, so book in advance if possible. I recommend making the journey up to Martha's Pretty Point overlook. It is an "extra" bit of incline hiking but the view from the top is worth it. As many other reviewers have stated, the hike down to Virgin Falls is worth it but can be deceiving as it's mostly downhill. The hike back up the trail can be a long exhausting trip for those who aren't physically fit. I consider myself a fairly active 26 yr old and it was tiring but I've definitely done harder. My recommendation would be to make this a two day trip if possible. There are a few campgrounds along the way (all with a beautiful setting) and this makes the trip a little less tiring, especially if you can make the hike to Virgin falls without any gear. Happy hiking!

it is a trail that is very well marked and it would almost be impossible to get lost. The Welch's Point Overlook is an unbelievable view of Scott's Gulf. Interesting variety of scenery!

1 month ago

My family had a great time. Hopefully they fix the couple destroyed viewing points. We want to go back when the water is down so we can swim at the bottom of the big fall!

Paved trail. we love this one! no pets allowed.

There’s really nothing to this trail it’s just a 3 mile hike by a river. I came into this hiking thinking is a least see one waterfall since you see some in the pictures but I was disappointed to find that this hike is really nothing special. Only reason I’m rating this 2 stats instead of one is because I went off trail and hiked by the Collins river instead of the trail.

1 month ago

Went last week to get a feel for the trail and made it just past Big Laurel Falls. Tough hike on the return though! Wish I had arrived a hour or two sooner to complete it. Will be back in a couple weeks!

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