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Found this trail by accident and loved it! Someone told me you can go 1/2 mile into the cave.

I enjoy hiking the Manzano Mountains. This is probably my favorite trail to take up to the crest trail for an overnight backpacking trip. There is a spring which is named spruce springs hence the name of the trail that has a water supply that is 300 ft of the trail. The water supply has proven to be a reliable source each time I have stopped at the spring. The sunsets from the top are awesome!

trail running
1 month ago

great for running, despite the rocks it's doable.

Fun and easy hike!

Beautiful Hike! Make sure to bring a mask and flashlight if you want to explore the cave.

1 month ago

Fairly easy hike. Enjoyed seeing the falls frozen over. Step carefully at the falls as it was icy and slushy there.

great adventure.

Little over a half mile from parking to the cave. Make sure you take a dust mask if you go over the half wall.know your physical limitations in the cave. My son and I had a blast.

Nice way to spend an afternoon

3 months ago

Beautiful trail..

Definitely want to do again

Just imagine an old, fat, & out of shape woman hiking this Trail. It was great. I recommend that some areas be better marked, as I found taking the beaten path wasn't necessarily taking the trail. There is a lot of loose Rock & it would be easy to turn an ankle. It was perfect for me as it was a good physical workout.

I must confess that I think I would have enjoyed this hike a little more if a) I hit it when the leaves were turning or b) I'd done a little more research. A previous hiker mentioned and posted pics of a B-17 crash site and former homestead. I didn't do the research on specifics before I got there and it wasn't obvious or readily posted where they were at. I checked when I returned and both are near Bosque Peak. You have to look a little bit to locate some old threads about their location. That being said, there were some nice views along the crest (miles 3-6). I ran the loop counterclockwise and would recommend that. You get your big ascent done and can enjoy a slow descent. One other aspect of the trail I didn't enjoy was that the last 2 miles were along a road. Again, I didn't put in the research. If you get to the crash site and old homestead that would probably bump this to a 4 for me. All, in all though--this is an investment of time to get here of about 1:15 each way from ABQ; I'm not sure I'd head out here again unless I could get some fall leaves or spring wildflowers.

4 months ago

It was a beautiful hike. All the leaves had dropped but we still enjoyed it on a nice cool day. We brought our dog who loved it too. Most of the ground was hard packed dirt or leaves so his paws were thankful. The last 1/4 of the hike it the dirt road you use to drive in, so that was a little confusing at first. Next year I’ll hike this in October to get a better view of fall foliage

Perfect for our 2 and 1/2 year old to be able to hike with us. We had to pick him up a couple of times going uphill, but it was scenic and easy. Waterfall was more of a trickle (in October) but still a fun destination. Our dog loved it too, and we saw a number of other dogs out hiking with their owners.

great trail. Lots of loose rocks in places so watch your step. Good shade on most of the trail. Will definitely return.

Definitely missed the Peak of the fall colors. Most of the leaves have already fallen, some fall colors but not much. It was still a great hike.

We went

4 months ago

Gorgeous colors this weekend, but I’m sure they will disappear soon! Some of the intersections didn’t specifically say “Fourth of July” on the signs, so know the route before you go. If you have time, take the spur to the overlook and see some additional fall colors on the Crest Trail. The trail gets a little rocky in places with some incline/decline and is frequented by horses. The loop appeared to be closed by a dirt road, or we just lost the trail, but made it back to the parking lot without a problem.

beautiful trail. a few trees down across path.

Great trail (: We didnt go all the way in the cave but it was pretty cool. Awesome veiw.

Just beautiful in the fall, call the ranger station before you make the drive, they can tell you the progress of the leaves so you don't miss the window. If you go to early the leaves will still be green and go too late and they will be on the ground. Very busy trail, lots of people, kids, dogs, and horses. Best part is this is also a campground so the whole forest smells like freshly burned pine. Great hike for kids!

5 months ago

Easy to follow and scenic

A gorgeous hike in the fall! The canyon and the trail are just so colorful, it makes you never want to leave.

Falls is a trickle right now. Easy and good for families.

6 months ago

Pretty easy hike for beginners (me). The smells and sights were lovely and there wasn't much traffic. There's also a cave close to the start which is fascinating. And I was proposed to during this hike, so that just made the whole thing wonderful.

Good trail with a few hairy spots, magnificent views

6 months ago

Great hike and enjoyed all the scenery! Clean trail and good for dogs and cats! We have a cat that likes to hike also so it was just right. Good areas to stop and enjoy a quick snack! Easy to find with the directions.

6 months ago

Was a nice easy to moderate hike. I would rate it moderate because the trail is pretty rocky in some areas and requires some dexterity. Hiking boots definitely are a plus.

The turn off to the parking area isn't marked so be on the lookout for it. There are also no picnic tables, so if you want to relax and hang out a bit, bring chairs. Finally, the bathrooms were locked and not available.

Was an enjoyable hike with Husband, 9 yr old daughter, and myself.

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