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Small trickle of water. Perfect to attach a baby on you and walk to the falls and back. Wouldn’t go further then that with a baby. Saw lots of dogs. First hike I’ve done here since I moved from California. Reminded me a of Ojai and a little bit of home. Would like to know when the falls have more water.

1 day ago

Great hike for kids and dogs. Nice and shaded most of the way. The cave and the trickle falls are a nice little sit down spot for a water break.

3 days ago

Small trickle of water, nice greenery, and overall good little hike.

Nice quiet trail with butterflys and hummingbirds . Falls are trickling today.

Quick and easy. You can walk to the top of the “falls” and get a pretty view as well.

Super easy. Was beautiful and green on that side of the mountain, just wish it was longer or at least another trail similar close by.

15 days ago

The trail was beautiful but a little more sun than I like.

Great hike! Great views. Downhill so conserve your energy for the way back!

on Tecolote Trail

20 days ago

Very easy and short trail. Nice views at the top. It did get a little crowded at around 9.

Easy and fun hike. Plenty of shade from the trees and the cave makes a great extra for kids to explore.

challenging hike. shade was nice, dogs found it super hot regardless of shade. lots of loose rocks, easy to roll an ankle if you aren't mindful of where you step. great glute and calf workout though!

The area will need a lot of rain to get that waterfall going again. The creek above the cave is barely trickling. My app measured .6 miles to the cave o/w.

26 days ago

We did the trail at 7am in July, and it was very quiet and shady. Although the terrain is a gentle climb, there is a lot of crushed rock, which would be challenging for those with balance problems. Worth it to proceed past the falls, but there is a short, steep incline that would be difficult for children.

Very beautiful trail with grass and flowers. The north-facing view at the end was great. We came back via the north crest trail giving us some shade and some westward views. We had to hike on the road for about 1/3 mike to get back to our car. Total distance doing this route was 6.7 miles.

Nice trail for three of us (including 6 year old). Plenty of tree cover and views. Occasional fallen tree to climb over or around.

Park in Sulphur Canyon picnic area ($3 user fee). Stay right at Faulty Trail.

1 month ago

Trail is closed until further notice as of July 8th, 2018.

wouldn't call it a waterfall...

The hike itself is pretty and the trail connects with the crest trail which will lead you faulty trail. If you’re expecting to see a waterfall you will be disappointed... However, the views and small cave were awesome!

off road driving
2 months ago

Dirt/gravel road, a little rough in spots but not bad even if you don’t have a 4X4. Also, the last part of the trail is on private land & gated off. You can’t actually drive to it. This probably should not be listed as an off-road trail since the only off-road part is not accessible. Nice views of both the Sandia Mountains & the area east of there.

Great hike loved listening to the birds and the thunder and I got back to my car just in time

Trail is well-maintained. Went with my whole family: mom, sisters, young nephews. Just the right length for a small family outing.

Loved it when I went with my fiancé. Fairly shaded and the little cave feature is a bonus.

Did the loop in reverse, so a lot more climbing for a good workout. Feels like this is a longer trek than listed. Strava tracked at 7+ miles. Finished the loop in three hours, but I travel a little faster than most. Lots of fallen trees on the trail and some broken signage at intersections from the recent storm. Didn’t see anything that indicated a spur at the top for the “amazing views,” so not sure if the storm knocked them down. The creek and waterfall were bone dry. So I left the trail pretty defeated. No magical views or waterfall. Sections of the trail were pretty with wild flowers and greenery. Bring bug spray for swarms of flies.

Very pretty hike, but a few things to note: I would say this is more of a moderate hike. The first 0.6 miles from the trailhead near the bathrooms was nothing but uphill. Also, definitely take some kind of map, it's very easy to get lost at the intersections. Lots of shade, I do recommend taking time to bird watch and just enjoy the location.

This trail was great. If you go the whole loop Spruce Spring to Crest Trail to Red Canyon it is 8 miles not 6.5 miles. I would recommend starting on Spruce Spring Trail first because Red Canyon is more steep. The hardest part is the Crest trail which is beautiful but you pull a consistant grade the whole time. We did this hike with a 3 year old boy and a 5 month old puppy plus 4 kids ranging from 10 to 14. They all survived but kept thinking the trail would never end since it was supposed to be 6.5 miles. lol all in all it was a nice hike. Great views, no water in the waterfall because of the drought. We could have made the loop in about 4 hrs but one of our friends were not too conditioned to we had to wait for her, it took our group of nine 5 hrs.

Awesome trail!! Loved the caves and falls

Really an enjoyable hike with plenty of shade and wonderful views. Lots of parking and places to picnic after your hike.. trailhead kind of hard to find...it’s on the east side of the parking lot in the Sulpher Canyon picnic ground and spits you back out in the same lot,

3 months ago

Lovely trail. Not too busy. Amazing views especially from the summit. Pretty wildflowers and cool temperatures.

Wonderful trail with great views. The equestrian campground had no water, so i had to drive 3 miles down to the state park to get water for my horse. Other then that, the camp was great.

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