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22 hours ago

Nice scenic trail that was difficult in spots, especially with the thin layer of ice over everything. Beautiful views and trail was very well maintained.

2 days ago

Took our 14,11,6, & 5 year old sons and the dog. Water crossings proved difficult considering it was 24°, but was not undoable. There are about four water crossings and two steel stair sets. It says on the trailhead sign its 2 1/4 miles to the falls. There is private property to the left of the trailhead and a vehicle gate and bush block the entrance which kinda forces you onto the property to start the trail. Parking is across the street; cant miss it. Starts out with even short inclines, kinda like a washed out road until you get to the first steel stair set, then it becomes more trail-ish. It was a challenging hike for the kids, but mostly because its January and everything is frozen and slippery.

Trails were iced over so it was very slippery. It is a beautiful trail but I had to quit right before the waterfall because I was terrified of the iced terrain where the path was thin and a fall would have been deadly. As it was I fell 3 times. Was really disappointed to not get to the waterfall but I felt it was not safe for me to go further.

It was an okay trail. I think it’s only popular because it happens to be near Cumberland Falls. There are other waterfalls in Daniel Boone that are nicer. A pretty easy hike too.

This was a pretty cool trail! We visited in January where there was quite a bit of ice near the falls. The water level was too high to see Eagle Falls. The trail and elevation gains were great! There is a scenic overview that has a trail to take you to Six Gun City. It’s an abandoned Wild West town at the top of a hill. I would definitely recommend taking the short trail over to see it!

Vanhook Falls trail along Pounder Branch is one of the most incredible and scenic trails in the state. This trail allows the hiker to see numerous waterfalls and walk a mostly level and easy to moderate trail. Vanhook Falls is a beautiful destination at around two and a half miles but beautiful cascades and waterfalls are abundant. I have taken this trip a half dozen times in the past couple of years and I never grow tired of the beauty. For a great display of water go in the winter or spring or after a good summer rain.

7 days ago

Just done the loop portion of the trail. Falls was amazing as always! Didn’t go to arch as I have other destinations in store for the day.

Beautiful trail, well worth the time and effort. I found the trail to be rather easy.

FYI: The trail begins by traveling down hill until you reach Chain Rock, and the it is almost all uphill getting back to the parking lot. There is approximately 100 steps (wood and rock) throughout the trail.

CONS: No public restrooms or water fountains, so come prepared.

16 days ago

Dog and I did 9-10 miles on the trail plus Sheltowee 100. Yesterday was sunny, 50s and beautiful. relatively dry aside from wet mud near water sources. Trail is wonderfully maintained. Thanks to all the volunteers yesterday who were keeping it so awesome.

16 days ago

Took my dog, Lacy, hiking here. We both liked it but she wouldn’t do the stairs

After a rain it was very muddy, but worth it! We had to go off trail a little to get around the mud. Several creek crossings and lots of little waterfalls along the way. Even with the government shutdown, the trail was clean. I was impressed with how green everything was in January! Seemed to be more like 3 -3.5 miles in. A beautiful trail for a variety of sights and challenges.

This is a beautiful hike! Like others, recommend going after a good rain, but be prepared for lots of mud! Lots of waterfalls to see along the trail before getting to the main one. When you get to it, there is a bench for viewing. You can go below the stairs to reach the waterfall itself and go behind it! If you get to the bench and go to the top of the stairs, it continues along a trail and to another creek crossing. At that point I stopped and turned around, cause I did not know where that trail led and I have a terrible track record of getting lost haha. I brought my dog and saw several other people with theirs also. Trail is not clearly marked, but a path is worn down. Just make sure to keep close to it, if not, follow the creek!

Hard to get to. Easy hike.

Love this hike in the summer. Lots of little waterfalls and water holes. Definitely recommend going after rain.

I live near the area so I've done this hike a few times. I usually go on a weekday and take my dog, not a lot of traffic but I'd suspect in the summer on a weekend, it could be crowded. Lots of scenery along the way, perfect for a quick hike to get out and enjoy the scenery.

21 days ago

Tallest waterfall in KY. Arch on the way you can stop and explore. Nice little hike, pretty easy.

21 days ago

Great place to see fall colors. We did the longer hike, around 6 miles. Some uphill areas but all in all, a fairly easy hike. The arch is beautiful, really wish I'd attempted to climb to the top but wasn't sure if that was possible.

22 days ago

Had a blast on this short, family friendly trail on the 1st day of the New Year. We took our three kids (under 12) they didn’t struggle at all. The views are wonderful and the history is interesting. Great for a quick day hike!

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall. A number of stream crossings, bridges and rockcastles to enjoy.

Nice scenic hike

Nice trail great view not too strenuous

24 days ago

Hike after the first 1.5 miles was beautiful with awesome rock formations and lick creek running by us. we chose to visit after heavy rain so several water crossings were necessary. The falls were super full. Just FYI , 3 of us wore gps/ mileage trackers. This in and out trail is 7 miles total. I've sent a suggestion in to all trails to edit this.
Also, we went on a beautiful Saturday in December when it wasn't too cold. We were the only ones on the trail, very nice to have the place all to ourselves!

Beautiful waterfall and scenery!

26 days ago

Nice walk. Not very hard, just some moderate incline. Creek and falls are very pretty.

Gorgeous. Not very difficult. A bit of incline, but not bad if you're in ok shape. The view at the end is amazing. Very wet when it's been raining.

26 days ago

Short and easy. Some incline, but not difficult at all. Very pretty woods with lots of rhododendron.

Make sure you go the extra distance... one may be tempted to stop early but with a little climbing/extra footwork you can get at a safe but very close
point. Just beautiful and breathtaking. My adventure loving kid got a kick out of it- we liked this fall better then Cumberland Falls!

Beautiful trail, just almost magical in the early morning. Another favorite!!! Highly recommend

One of my favorites!! Visit after a rain so the falls will be running decently.

28 days ago

I prefer these falls to the Cumberland Falls. We hiked it clockwise to save the falls for the end. There are a couple of smaller waterfalls you'll come it first. I bet lots of people go to the park, only see Cumberland Falls and miss this beautiful falls.

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