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A great trail and an amazing view at the top. A must do!!

My friend and I did this almost two weeks ago. I’m starting to get back into hiking, hiking about 2 days out of the week ( so you can get a sense of experience) and I found this trail tough but more than manageable. The first part is a complete steep rock scramble, more than I imagined. It’s tough and pretty scary if you’re not used to the sort of thing but in no way was it technical or impossible. Just take your time and watch your step. Beautiful views. Bring plenty of water. Honestly the most fun hike I’ve done this year.

Mostly vertical and rocky on the way up. My girlfriend was not pleased with me at first because she was definitely not expecting that type of hike. However after we made it to the top she lightened up and once we made it back down she was happy and proud. Highly recommend bringing snacks / lunch & water!

Did the white dot trail 3 weeks ago (May26). We did not realize there’s an entrance fee of $5 per person until we got there. The fee booth kept the traffic almost standstill, and it took us about 20 or 30 min in the line to pay. Had no idea it could be that crowded. If you wanna avoid all that, I recommend the Dublin trail. That being said, the view at the top is among the best in New England. The hiking/climbing could be challenging at some point, but it is actually not that difficult in general. It took us 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down. The black flies are very annoying when we got down on the white cross trail. Maybe that’s because of its closeness to the water? White viburnum were in blossom.

Challenging hike, but well worth it. Lots of scrambling. Great views. I’ll be back!!

A great, difficult hike with some of the best views around. Do not under estimate the difficulty. A woman with a bum hip tried it the day we went. We, and a team of other men and park rangers, ended up having to carry her down on a board. The boston media makes it sound like a pleasant outing. They do not tell you that you must be in very good physical condition. But its proximity to Boston means it gets crowded. Be prepared for some scaling and tough rock scrambles. No matter, from the summit, above the treeline, you will be treated to some of the best views in New England.

As you begin the hike it let's you know off the bat what you're in for. The trail is properly marked the views going up are definitely amazing and worth it but be warned if you're a novice hiker like me it definitely challenges you mentally and physically. Best advice start early, keep hydrated and go with a friend if you can.

A fantastic hike that I did today with a group of friends. I'm not in the best shape by any means, but I was able to do it. It can be very steep at times and does involve some scaling, but a great family friendly hike. We had the perfect weather and the trail was really well marked. Parking is $5 per person so bring money.

Good Hike. A word of warning. There are technical bits on this trail. Especially at the beginning. It has greay scrambles and gets the climb out of the way early. However, it is strenuous. Use due caution and keep to your own comfortable pace. Not the best hike for new hikers. ***15$ Charge for out of state cars.**

Great trail! a lot of sharp inclines on rock faces

The park is back open as of today! It was great hiking up the blue trail to the tower. I had forgotten how hard it was but the payoff is so good. The blue trail is not an easy hike for out of shape or uncoordinated hikers, as it gets steep and has big rocks and big steps to climb. But most kids and people can do it. I end up using my hands a good way up the head. Because it is so steep going up, I usually take the tower trail back down. It takes me about an hour from the parking lot to the tower on the blue trail, and 30 minutes back down the tower trail.

I've completed this trail 3 times and always loved the challenge. I suggest bringing 2 bottles of water per person. And plan on a little rock hopping. The view from summit makes it all worth it.

steep, lots of climbing but also lots of fun. challenging trail and it does get a bit muddy on the way up!

I loved this hike! It was the perfect challenge, just what I was looking for. Come prepared with at least 2 bottles of water each, sun screen, bug spray, a hat, and some moisture wicking clothing. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is the amount of people here, but that was something I expected. Definitely the only thing keeping this from being a favorite!

Nice quick hike. Few step spots nothing crazy. Lots of people but lots of space at the top. Well maintained park. Went up cross much less people and down dot.

croaked the whole jauner

The best within an hour and a half drive of Boston. Super crowded from 11 AM to about 1:30.

Bugs definitely less.

I definitely did not know what to expect with this trail but it turned out to be one of the best hikes of my life. I had nothing besides a water bottle and I believe it took me an 1-2 hours to make it to the first checkpoint where the flags are. Its very challenging and theres a lot of full body climbing but the view is breathtaking. I would suggest bringing some supplies like plenty of water, snacks and toilet paper if you plan on doing the entire trail (turns out the spot where the flags are is only the beginning and theres a lot more climbing you can do from that point) also wear the right shoes of course because there are spots where you can slip easily. Overall I would do this trail again no doubt but I would come earlier and more prepared.

A great climb for us two 50-somethings with enough rocks and scrambles to keep it interesting and challenging. Took White Dot trail up, White Cross trail down. Well marked trails, friendly rangers. 2 hours up, 2 1/2 hours down. Enjoyed our lunch and great views/cool breezes at the summit. Bring bug spray, sunscreen, hats, and water. The earlier you start out, the less company you will have along the way.

I would recommend this trail for anyone who wants to challenge themselves. Take the harder route, it was worth it. The climb was intense- sometimes I had to use my entire body in order to climb up some of the rocks. The views are absolutely amazing. This is not a hike for “social media” purposes. Put the phone away and enjoy the great outdoors. There are some really cool abandoned looking houses along the red trail going down. A fun exploration.

This trail is tough but worth the climb! It’s very rocky, make sure you wear the right boots, no sneakers or regular shoes!

A great hike/climb; it took me three hours upwards and two hours downwards including around 15 min rest.

So many rocks to climb but totally worth it!

23 days ago

great views, difficult climb, well marked trail

great day for the white dot trail. challenging but doable. great views!

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