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For 25 years, the Trails Challenge has been designed to get you outdoors, exploring on your own, with friends, or with loved ones. This year’s Trails Challenge highlights 20 of our most interesting parks and unique trails for all abilities. We have included easy, moderate, and difficult routes, leading hikers to scenic destinations through a variety of parklands. We’ve also included information about special features in the selected parks. Keep in mind you can use any trail route to complete the Challenge, not just those listed in this year’s Guidebook, by exploring at least five trails or 26.2 miles (the distance of a marathon). Be sure to visit our 2018 Trails Challenge Web Page at ebparks.org.

East Bay Regional Parks Challenge 2018 Map

I tried to do this hike today but didn’t complete it. 1. There was a large amount of cow poop. It was all over the trail and looks like it’s been there for months. I did not want to step in that and bring my to my car or home. 2. The 2.5 mile mark is in the middle of the grazing area. Large group of cows grazing. I first I wasn’t bothered because they were a short distance away. Most stayed in the hill grazing and watching me walk by but a few male cows started walking towards me. As I approached they got closer and closer to the path as if they were trying to get a closer look at me. That’s too close for comfort for me so I turned around and decided to call it quits. I don’t trust animals cause you never know what they are thinking. On a positive note the Donlon loop (I think it’s called that) has a beautiful view of the Dublin, part of Pleasanton, and part of San Ramon.

Dad daughter and turbo hike. Nice views. Cool day. Brought plenty of water.

Awesome trail with plenty of nice views. Lots of dogs too.

Lake chabot Indian cove trail, easy 3 mile trail, started off with paved walk then some shady trees off trail, a few uphill climb then back to the main lake chabot paved trail.

no shade
6 days ago

really nice trails. beautiful lake feels like your a world away within a few minutes from civilization.

enjoyable family hike with the dog. Lots of off leash dogs, so make sure you're comfy with this circumstance. opt for Curran trail early in order to start on a hill and end on a downhill; otherwise 50 percent uphill for this hike.

Nice trail! I did counter-clockwise. It’s full of colorful ground in the first part, due to its volcanic nature. Not so cute in the middle, where the trail continues in a road pavement. The last part is in the woods, with a lightly steep mile. Lot of raspberries/blackberries, plants, rocks and some panoramic views.

The first and last stretch is mellow which makes for a good warm up/cool down. The loop itself is around a large hill. When you hit the fork there’s a choice. Go left: exposed/no shade, wider trail. Nice views though. Climb not easy as it does not switch back and forth so the grade is steep. Good work out though that’ll induce sweat. Go right: the ascend is through a forested canyon. So very shady but narrow trail. Climb is more like steps, steep yet narrow. On hotter days maybe choose this as it is shaded.

This was a fun trail. I saw wildlife and even saw some elusive white deer. Beautiful big trees and great hills for a nice workout. Watch for cows.

Great, not too hard of a trail. First half has beautiful views of the valley, Mt. Diablo, and central valley. Large open skies and expansive terrain. The ambiance suddenly changes in the Skyline portion of the trail in the valley floor, running parallel to a creek. You're surrounded by trees and can hear the flow of the stream. Great midafternoon trail or something quick to run thru in the morning. Highly recommended.

Great views from the top. The delta and the foothills. Enough shade plus some really steep sections. Good morning hike, best way to get in a few hours of exercise.

Went clockwise to do big hill first. Glad I did. Had poles. Helped. Hot and dry. Some shade. Brought two liters of water. Wished for three. I’ll do it again, starting earlier in the day

Lots of elevation and poop on the path but the view was definitely worth it. Some shade in the beginning but all sun exposure the whole way towards the end. Be prepare for lots of uphill and steep downhill. Definitely one of my favorite hikes in the bay now!

Off leash dogs okay if under voice control, just make sure you’re reading the signs for when they must be leashed. Mid part of hike is fairly exposed with some fox tails so keep your fur-baby close. Watch for snakes and ticks. Start and finish of the train had some shade but also had a lot of poison oak along the route. Easy hike, but enough elevation gain to give you a good workout if you’re just getting back into hiking regularly. Beautiful views and decent parking.

29 days ago

We did this walk in July and the grasses were very dry and lots of foxtails and other pokey seeds. Our dogs didn’t enjoy the trail like he usually does. We had stop frequently and take pokey out of his paws.

no shade
1 month ago

moderate trail for me as newbie out-of-shape hiker. pretty easy to follow. last quarter of trail is all uphill. a bit buggy, but shady. pretty busy with other hikers and doggies.

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