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We loved this hike. We basically had the entire hike to ourselves on a Sunday morning. Well maintained, spruce, Aspen at every turn, we will return. Not sure if the distance shown above is accurate, as the signs seem to contradict these numbers, but it was a great hike. Highly recommended.

Lovely walk/ trail for families or the less adventurous. I'd pick a crazy backcountry hike over a paved path any day, but I was still able to really enjoy this. There's a big enough variety in plants and scenery to keep it interesting. My mom can hardly walk on flat ground without being in pain, and she was able to do this ok.

Nice trail for most of the way up. Fallen trees on trail were a challenge. The view from the top is beautiful.

I’ve never enjoyed doing something as dangerous as the level three scrambling you must get through to make way to the summit of Brown’s. The trail to the saddle was moderate and just slightly over 2 miles. The scramble after the saddle makes this a difficult trail however. I will say, if you do not feel comfortable, turn around Remember, it’s not just up you have to go but back down as well!

A perfect get away from the city. Kid and elderly friendly!

While the “trail” did display BEAUTIFUL views it was BEYOND a hard rating for me and the group that I was with, and we ARE NOT novices at “hiking”. This was more mountain climbing than hiking to us. The trail was unmarked after a certain point and quite dangerous out a few points in my opinion. Maybe we had gotten “off trail” at one point on the way down but I was seriously praying that I wouldn’t die!!! There was literally nowhere to get my footing or nothing to hold to. It was serious rick climbing!!!

Again the trail was beautiful once we got to the inside of the mountain but it needs to be marked A LOT better and that rating should be extremely difficult. This was a once in a lifetime hike for me. Glad I survived it!!!

Great hike! I had an easy time following the trail and loved the climb at the end. Beautiful views

20 days ago

So amazing! Between the rock formations and the green surroundings, this is my new favorite trail. Highly recommend starting early to avoid storms. They rolled in by noon today. We made it back just in time!

23 days ago

Amazing greenery due to a month of rain. Hiked in rain and hail but had proper gear. #94 was not strenuous. It got sloppy with the rain but very worth seeing the view at 10,400 and the old growth pines.

Hiked from Shannon Campground up to Heliograph peak after talking with a hiker who'd come back to the campground where we'd just finished lunch. The trail is a challenge to locate once you get to certain areas, and when we got to the top we went ahead and took the road back. It's well worth it, but if you're unsure, you can stop and look around and figure out where the trail continues. Definitely needs more markers until it's cut back in again.

Awesome experience. Challenging in so many ways, and the views from the summits are worth it.

Absolutely amazing trail, loved it!

Fun and tough towards the top. Was worth the drive out.

One of my favorites!
2 things you need to know.
1- it's rough driving to get there, but the road from Roosevelt lake is much smoother and shorter than the one closer to Phoenix. you need clearance, 4 wd isn't necessary but helpful
2- the last run is very steep and dangerous, careless hikers above you may drop rocks and people die from falls. but it's very very doable. just be aware.

additionally, I know I would get grief for this, but I hike off trail to get down. on your decent, before you get to the steep drop, I turn down toward the parking lot. it's loose dirt in some areas and I would guess if there's leaves on the trees you might lose your bearings. but it was an excellent decision for us as we were running out of sunlight, we beat others down while had left the summit 30 minutes before us.

My wife and I did this hike / exploring and had a great time, a lot to see and a good place to take some fun and great photos, recommend it to everyone,

Hiked it during the day and then again 6 hours later to catch the eclipse a few months ago. If you get towards the top late in the day to see the sun start to set the view is best around Phoenix IMO

Just completed the East trail, very nice established trail, Beautiful Mountain View’s. Forest is becoming very dry and dead bark beetle infested trees are falling all the time. It was a very enjoyable hike indeed.

3 months ago

This is a good hike for an out-and-back or a loop using West Baldy Trail #94 down and the Baldy Connector Trail #96 back to the #95 trail head at Gabaldon.

We started at Gabaldon Horse Camp, at the #95 trail head. No water on this trail, pack accordingly.

With 25-30lb packs it took us 2:40 moving time, 4 hours elapsed (wandering, a constitutional or two, enjoying views), to go the 7.1 miles, 2,220' elevation gain.

We assembled some water from the very few patches of snow at the top, but if you're camping on top like we did I wouldn't count on finding snow.

Two in our party camped in hammocks lined with Tyvek, sleeping pads, warm bags and warm clothes. They said it was cold. I would recommend a tent.

About 3 miles down the West Baldy Trail #94 you find water again if you go that way.

Overall I would do it again, but skip camping at the top. There's no views to be had up there so it's just high altitude forest camping. Though I hear there are views on the reservation land at the tippy top, we didn't make that journey.

Next time we'll hike up #95, down #94 and camp down towards the meadow on #94 for a 11 mile hike, give or take.

trail running
4 months ago

Good trail run. Fantastic views. Enjoyed the ride up too.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Trail down from the fire watch tower is non-existent. Totally burned out and needs re-cut. Take the dirt road up instead.

Easy hike for first 2 miles, then scramble comes up on you. Be ready to climb. Requires athleticism and no fear of heights. Spectacular view at the top. Highly reccomend for those capable.

One of the best trails in the White Mountains. Starts out easy through open meadows along the little colorado river but becomes moderately steep as it climbs a mountain through huge ancient fir trees before it tops out at a granite overlook with views for miles. There is aircraft wreckage on the 11200 feet mountain next to Mount Baldy.A good trail to see mexican wolves.

4 months ago

Very nice hike, last quarter of the hike gets a little rougher otherwise a really nice hike to enjoy. I got on late start and it started heating up but I still enjoyed it. Dont forget your water.

Solid hike. Fun way up, but trail was difficult to follow. But whatever, since there was really just one way up. Views at time were fantastic though. Could see Weaver's Needle, Flatiron, and Browns peak from the top.

Coming down was very dangerous. Lots of loose rock and trail meanders.

I prefer Flatiron to this one for sure!

**Read this if you want to take your dog...**
I hiked this amazing trail two weeks ago with my 50 lb 8 year old trail seasoned blue weimaraner who hikes mountain trails 4-7 times a week. The trail was fine, easy even, until we had to climb over the large boulder. We did it but there is a ledge about a foot wide on the other side of the boulder with a 20 foot drop below. My dog was not a fan! Two of us handled her by harness to get her over and pass her down. (I was told by a friend you can go around that boulder-Just like you can go around the 12ft wall on Flat Iron) After this point the trail increases significantly in vertical climb up to the peak. Up is never the issue-as you know down is harder. We got about 3/4 of the way on this part of the trail to the top of the peak before we tapped out! We probably could have climbed it, but the decent would have been dangerous and irresponsible for both me and my dog to attempt together. This dog has hiked Flat Iron in the Sups, Humphreys and hikes Black Mountain in Cave Creek 3-6 times a week-all labeled as difficult hikes. Take your dog if you don't mind NOT climbing to the peak. The entire hike round trip took 2 hours for very seasoned hikers with stops. I would recommend bringing gloves.
We will return this weekend without my dog.

***Road driving caution. I drive a Jeep Trailhawk -I drove this 18 mile forest road fast and rough. It was a lot of fun but it loosened 2 heat shields and broke 3 motor mounts--I can't entirely blame the road for the motor mounts, they may have been close to needing to be replaced. But drive fast and fun knowing the risks...

Great Sunday morning hike. Great 360 degree views. Started out around 9:30am and finished up around noon. Would recommend an earlier start from now through the hot months as it was approaching 85 when we finished up. There is no shade on the trail. Bring plenty of water & sunscreen. Wear hiking footwear as it’s very rocky on the trail, especially, the first half. Great hike!!

Outstanding...& hard. Left very late: 1600, which means I had to really hustle. Did lose my way a time or 2, both on the ascent & descent. Spent only 10 to 15mins on summit...

My boyfriend and I were very excited for this hike! Thankfully someone had marked the trail with chalk and set up many carnies to help us out. If you don’t see one in like 10-20 steps, turn around cause you’re likely going the wrong way. He really enjoyed searching for them. The view was so pretty and the mailbox was very adorable. The only downside was really coming down. No joke about loose gravel! It’s almost half of the trail going down. Be VERY prepared with water, for this was our biggest downfall going down. Thankfully we made it and bonded more over that. Overall the hike took 6 hours round trip, which would have taken longer if not the markings, so plan for spending a day here with lots of water. Not much shade so enjoy it while you find it!

April is a fantastic time to visit before it gets too hot - lots of wild flowers in bloom. And the new pathways are beautiful.

What a great trail! Fantastic views along the way and of course at the top. The hike is fairly easy until you get to the chute. Take your time going up and you should be fine, only a few questionable spots.

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