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Very easy hike. Nice view in the lake.

15 days ago

Great hike!! Planned on doing the loop in one day. Recorded - 19.2 Miles in 8.5 hours. Going sack to overnight it.

23 days ago

Hiked on 9/19/18 with our two dogs (an on-leash trail) and 3 month old. Beautiful views, wonderful creek and very easy. Fall hikes are the best. Quite a bit of logs at the end near the lake but they were easy to get over- we just had to lift our lab over them because she is having issues with her back legs. Only ran into a few small groups. My husband caught a couple of fish in the lake. I highly recommend this trail!

Epic run with amazing views on a well maintained trail!
As good as it gets!

Loved this trail! I added an excursion to Lake Imogene for a night. Also camped at Twin Lakes on a point that juts out into the water. Had the lake to myself. Woke up to a beautiful snowfall.

Great places to camp on the West end of the lake. The lake itself is pristine; however, as far as I could tell there were no fish. Also, this makes for a good base camp if you want to take your children and extend day hikes through the surrounding area.

Was an intense yet wonderful day hike/run, stayed at the campground at Petit lake after, wish I would have brought backpacking gear to stretch out the scenery over another day.

Very dusty in summer. Nice, easy walk to lakeside primitive campsites.

horseback riding
1 month ago

On 8.31.18 we went horseback riding and our guides name was Pete from Redfish Corrals. He led us through the wooded area and we came out at the sign to Fishhook CR TR/Marshall Lake and Redfish Lake CR TR/Bench Lakes. We went on Fishhook and took a detour upwards to a clear shot of Little Redfish Lake, Redfish Lake, and the Sawtooths. It was very peaceful being on horseback listening to the horses and nature all around us.

Hiked the trail on 8.30.18 and it was a perfect day to be on the trail. We got up to the Sawtooth Wilderness permit area. The view of the Sawtooths was amazing. We took our shoes off and walked in the ice cold clear and clean water before hearing back out. We placed 4 painted rocks on various parts of the trail and hope others will find them and place them in other states or countries.

My new favorite trail!! Awesome views all along.

1 month ago

very pretty
the hike in is pretty rough at parts but worth it

1 month ago

Fun hike beautiful lake

1 month ago

Amazing views everywhere! We did this loop counter-clockwise over two days spending the night at Toxaway Lake. We went over Labor Day weekend so parking was very crowded, but seems like there are a lot of options for parking if the main lot fills up. We didn’t see a single mosquito this time of year. I highly recommend this loop!

Heavily trafficked but rad.

Incredible views at the end!

Absolutely amazing!

relaxing, with beautiful wildflowers. Crystal clear water.

Son and I did this loop recently and found it to be well traveled but clean. We started at Pettit Lake and hiked our way clockwise going to Alice Lake first then over the pass to Toxaway Lake. Finally going to Farley Lake and finishing the loop back at the Tin Cup Trailhead.

We had a blast and look forward to our next hiking trip!

Really easy, nice trail for both hiking and trail running.

This was a wonderful hike and a beautiful lake. I think the other reviewers who wrote about the uphill climbs went in from the Tin Cup trailhead by the campground of Pettit.

If you use the trailhead from this app is is a very easy hike that matches the elevation gain of the post. I wouldn't classify this exact hike as a loop because the other side of it is a road. I also wouldn't classify this side of it as Moderate. It is very easy and would be great for children or beginners.

If you access Yellow Belly from the Tin Cup trailhead it has much more of a climb (900 ish feet elevation gain) and would be more like a moderate-ish hike.

2 months ago

Great loop with beautiful views no matter where you look. We completed this loop in 2 days, although 3 may have been more leisurely. Plenty of campsites at Alice lake, probably our favorite views on the trip. Make sure to take a dip in the lake. Very refreshing (and cold!) after a long hike in. We noticed minimal choices for camping spots at Farley so decided to bypass and just hike out on day #2. Would have loved to stay longer and explore lakes beyond this loop. Also of note: seems as though most people were hiking this route counter clockwise and heading straight for Toxaway. We opted for the opposite and did clockwise staying at Alice. Fair amount of people on the trail even for the week. Bugs were out at dusk near the water but nothing a little DEET wont take care of. LEft with only one bug bite!

Excellent family hike with my 2 year old strapped to my back. Great views at the turn back point and all along the way.

2 months ago

I kind of like the place but man did I get bit by some vicious flies! It was hard to know though because I didn't really feel anything at the time. But over the next several days they got worse and even went through that oozing phase out of the middle of the bite. Damn! Pretty nice soak though once you find or adjust the water.

Great loop! This was our first time and we went to Alice lake first. Most people were going the opposite direction. Spent 2 nights and 3 days, splitting it into 6 miles per day roughly. So many pretty lakes and waterfalls. Plenty of spots to camp along the way. Mosquitos only seem to come out at night near water. We used 100% deet and it is nasty stuff but keeps them away. Late July meant warm nights. Loved this challenging hike! Bring your walking sticks.

2 months ago

My first solid backpack trip. Did 3 nights. July 20-23. Snowfield Pass was the the toughest part, but it was free of snow. I was plenty warm in my down bag at night since it was warmer than I expected. 100% Deet keeps the mosquitoes from biting. Plenty of water. Limited camping at Farley Lake. I broke it into four 5-mile days.

2 months ago

Overall a great trail with some pretty amazing views, this would be good for a two night trip but I had to do one night since the mosquitoes were so vicious, make sure to bring some good bug repellent. I would definitely do this loop again but in the later season.

moderate hike, short but with elevation change. great camping

Awesome backpacking area. Lots of water in the form of lakes, ponds, streams, and waterfalls. The views are amazing! Definitely a 2-3 day (bring plenty of mosquito spray). Not as much people as I thought there would be but all were friendly. If you have time, and are able, try the Snowyside Peak Scramble.

trail running
2 months ago

I loved this hike/run. I agree with others that it’s longer than the 17 miles indicated in the description. I tracked it at over 20. Last week in July meant the trail wasn’t too wet, though I had to remove shoes for one crossing. I went counter clockwise and thought the views were beautiful. Managed to run much of the route, apart from the rocky / craggy /scrabbly sections. Mosquitoes not a problem at all. Not crowded- Came across only about 8 groups along the way. Everyone cheerful and chill. Highly recommend starting early as car park at trailhead fills up and the heat was coming in by about 11-12.

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