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Park on the Moraga side and hike down for no parking fee, more fun anyway. My fav hike in the area

We just this trail this morning. I’m a once a week hiker and we went as a group of 13. We did the entire red highlighted track. In the end it was more like 7.5 miles. We considered this hike...HARD as it was long and took us through several incline hills. We started at 8:04am and completed it at 11:10am. If I hiked a lot, I would agree it’s a moderate rating but if your a beginner I would say it is hard. For beginners take the Alhambra Creek path which cuts across. From the parking lot go through the gate and at the open field take the trail to the left instead of the right side and follow the dotted lines. It will still give you a workout but not as difficult. It’s still a great hike. Lots of shaded trees and a beautiful view at the top of the hill.

I Originally planned to run one easy lap on the 5 mile rolling hill loop, but being that it was only 80 degrees out and overcast, went for two laps at ten miles. Great quad/hamstring/glute and calve stressing mountain trail! There were only two other people that were walking the trail. Extremely lightly trafficked!

We were there on a Sunday and hardly saw anyone- nice. It is pretty exposed, so make sure you are prepared. We did the loop clockwise, which I would recommend.

Beautiful trail. Some very steep hills. Great for exercising! Over all a wonderful sunday morning workout.

I’ve walked this trail many times. There are two steep climbs

You have to park on the side of the road to access this hike since there is no public parking lot. The trailhead is at an equestrian center, but it’s not clear whether the public can park there or not, so I just parked on the street.

There are no redwoods on the first section of trail and the scenery in that section was very dry in early September. Eventually you get to the redwoods which while it’s the most interesting part of the hike, still never offers any expansive views.

There are some fairly steep climbs for short distances, so if you are taking someone new to hiking prepare them to expect that. It’s not the most difficult thing ever, but this trail does have some climbs.

Overall, there weren’t enough views for me to want to hike this more than once.

Very nice hike. If you have knee issues, make sure you wear your braces before you start. The trail is not marked, it is a combo of all of the other trails. Will be back.

Don’t underestimate this trail. It is intense with steep climbs which makes for a great workout.

1 month ago

it’s a nice trail. I don’t think it’s moderate, it’s closer to “hard” in my opinion. about 60% shade, but otherwise no shade at all. hiked during noon-3pm and 87F, doable but was hoping for more shade

on Grand Sunol Loop

1 month ago

Had a great hike, will be returning in winter/spring to see when everything is green. Just an FYI it was $5 to get into the parking area, not sure if there are other free parking areas and the park didn't open until 0800, that put us a bit behind on time but still enjoyed the day

Beautiful hike. Its relatively moderate unless you are running the trail. Perfect distance. Not too long or short. Bring plenty of water and enjoy this gorgeous trail!!

Nice, nearby hike with one steep section. Probably best to go in the early morning and not anytime after it has rained as it would be tough on the downhill.

Tough with steep hills. Go in the early morning.

We've started this loop anticlock wise.
Still believe was a smart decision.
I wouldn't rate it hard, more like moderate/medium.
It is 8.6 miles not 7.1.
Either way you go you are going to hike in the sun for 1.5 miles, the rest is just beautiful shady redwoods.

Beautiful and lightly challenging.

2 months ago

Nice views, lots of variation in elevation, vegetation. Great workout. If hot take at least 1 litre/person water.
Need shoes with good traction. Be careful of poison oak.

Great hike at the time... Packed a lunch with a gf. A few views to the west that you won't see anywhere else.

Great scenery and stout elevations changes. cool shade on hot days.

Really great views, but be prepared for some very steep hills that undulate up and down consistently throughout the hike. Bring lots a water. Lots of options to cut the loop short and link up to the paved reservoir loop path below if you keep an eye out - a good option if you need some shade and easier terrain.

Good share on the trail in the first and last mile in the Nature Area, but know that dogs are NOT allowed on this portion of the trail. Once you are out of the nature area, the trails are much busier and exposed, so bring plenty of water! There was also a LOT of poison oak along the way and overgrown plants blocking portions of the trail, so dress appropriately.

Once you get up the views are glorious! On a clear day you can see all the way to SF! The second half is through cow pasture.

Fantastic local hike with great views

Great moderate walking trail, completely paved with excellent views of the Lafayette Reservoir. All doggies big and small or leashed. And all of them were friendly. Drinking fountains along the way-clean out houses – benches. Next time I go I will take a picnic lunch, sit to view the Lafayette reservoir.

Very beautiful area once you cross over the ridge into the East side of the trail. Tons of redwoods and ferns, very shaded, and much less traffic. I would highly recommend this loop.

Did it my friend and were in all wrap coz of little shade. It was a nice area and hilly.

Great for a tough hilly run! The second hill (around 2 miles) is the hardest section, but around that are some great rolling hills

Great trail. Not much shade on the first half of it, but as a result you get excellent panoramic views. Note that there are no dogs allowed in the Tilden Nature area (first and last mile of the hike) so if you have a dog you'll have to approach from a different angle.

Lots of wildlife: many cows, a deer, a snake, a bird carrying a snake, etc.

Gorgeous. Amazing views, moderate effort with the hills, varied scenery—tree shaded area, rolling hills, etc.

Good hike. Nothing spectacular.

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