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18 hours ago

Great views! The 1.6 miles comes from going to the trail to the left of the parking lot, going to the end, then going to the trail to the right of the parking lot, and going to the Point! In my opinion, the better views were to the right of the parking lot, but you should definitely do both!

Very easy walk that you have to do if you are in Death Valley. Lowest point in US!

If you want a slow beginning and then a harder but beautiful end, take the trail in a clockwise direction, taking Gower gulch to Golden canyon.

Hiked mid October 2018 - Beautiful hike with stunning views from the top. Moderate elevation gain till the last mile where the trail switchbacks to the top. Worth every step! Group of 6 of us went up. Didn’t see another person during the whole 6 hour hike. The road was really rough getting to the trail head. Would recommend a high clearance vehicle.

A budy and i went up surprise canyon last week. It was about 15*F at the coldest. 40’s during the day. Took us (experiences hikers) 8 hours to get up. This was my 6th time to the city. Unfortunately on this trip there were signs of vandals. Taking photos submitted to LAPD via a friend with Panamint city. Other than that please don’t under estimate the difficulty of this hike. It’s only 6 miles one way but it is hell. Non stop up hill. Be prepared. And be safe.

Fairly easy hiking. Amazing views. Otherworldly looking into the volcano.

Amazing views from the top. Good hiking boots needed for rocky portions. Steep inclines. Some patches of snow/ice (January) but no special gear needed. Took us 4.5 hours round trip with stops. Much of the hike was in the sun in midday, so layers were good. Great drive on the way in.

21 days ago

There were some icy sections but they are easily avoided without any special equipment. The vistas are really nice, though not as expansive as from the Telescope peak hike as you are at lower elevations and hiking through more forest. The last ridge before the summit is especially scenic. Very windy weather! Didn't get to spend too long on the summit due to the high winds.

El viaje fue muy increíble y este lugar es encantador, el blanco de la sal es tan bonito, es un buen lugar para fotos, lo recomiendo mucho.

21 days ago

I hiked telescope peak on 12/28 and as the previous reviewer stated, trail was quite icy (not enough snow to kick steps). I managed to bare boot the hike almost to the top with careful footwork but wore crampons for like 2 miles on the descent. Microspikes would be a better option than crampons - if you want your crampons to stay in good shape - because you go through sections of ice mixed with rock. Ice axe was a little useless due to the lack of snow to self-belay with, but trekking poles were helpful for extra balance.
I bagged Bennett and Roger on the way back, which is fun - you get cool vistas of the mountain you just climbed!

So, I attempted this on Dec 26th 2018 without snow gear. It was a dumb idea! Trail was iced completely over in places and, being on a bluff, it became treacherous very quickly. Bring the right gear!

22 days ago

The trailhead is south of the parking lot, but not clearly marked. Follow it south up the hill before turning left into the canyon. The highlights of the hike were all the skinny slot canyons veering off from the main canyon. Most involve some rock scrambling, but nothing my 8 year old couldn’t handle. The end of the trail was not worth reaching in my opinion.

This hike will have ya sayin ooohbabybaaaby even tho it’s pronounced yuubeebee and little heebee just a tip. It’s dope, honestly the highlight is little hebe once you get up on the ridge a bit away from it. You can see the full crater shape and it’s just gorgeous. The larger crater is a giant hole in the ground. Hike down and back up if you hate yourself. Scotty’s Castle is closed atm so I’d only do this one if you’ve already seen all the big hits in the park since it’ll take you 2 hours round trip of driving to get to it. If you have a serious 4x4 there’s the racetrack up there, but I wasn’t even tryna see if my crappy Outback could make it over those crazy Death Valley roads.

The highlight for me is the early parts (pre-climb) of the Joshua tree garden, which is the largest in the world. Peak is cool, but that garden is the best. Saw a cool deer runnin around up top. If you can catch a sunrise in this area your mind will explode from pure beauty. Camp by white cross right across the road if you can.

We loved the feeling and sense of being small in such a large environment. The canyon walls are very steep and beautiful. It was slightly difficult walking on the gravelly rocky terrain and that made it feel more of a “slog” at times. However this hike just gets better and better as you head into the canyon. Was not too crowded however there were others there.

We did this hike first thing in the morning, and had Gower Gulch to ourselves. Golden canyon was so crowded until you get to red cathedral then we had it to ourselves again! By the time we got back to our car at Zabriskie point that parking lot was packed. So go early and hang in there because the whole loop is awesome! It has a little bit of everything-rock scrambling, colorful rocks, high canyon walls, some flat easy walking as well as some ups and downs, and fantastic views!

I loved this hike because it was not crowded! We saw maybe 2 people during the very busy week after Christmas. The colors of the rocks change with the sunlight and shadows and I realized that the multi colored rocks are not isolated to the artist palette area! It was very windy at the top which made it challenging, yet all the more surreal. Definitely a hike that can make you feel small in the world!!

Great feeling

Hiked in April 2018. If you are in DVNP then you have to visit Badwater Basin - the lowest point in the US. The walk is easy and flat - the adventure for us were the winds - winds that held us up as we leaned in and made visiting the pit toilets an adventure.

Hiked in April 2018. The sand dunes are another must see in DVNP. You feel like you are in another world. Walking in sand can be a challenge and the wind was fierce along the way. We were covered from head to toe with a layer of sand by the end of the hike. Bandanas and sunglasses were a must.

Amazing trail! Loved it. Go right when the trails forks (see photo), you should be on the rights side of the wooden structures/tanker that you pass at the beginning. Dogs will get some burs in their feet but it's the desert, so that's expected. Thank you for letting us hike this beautiful land!

Great experience! The salt flats were incredible and there was great light for photos

29 days ago

I was going to give this a 3-star review as there wasn’t much to see in the 2-mile hike in other than unspectacular canyon walls. The isolation, as mentioned by others, is nice but not a game changer in it of itself. What is a game changer is the view at the end overlooking Artist’s Drive. There’s a hiker-created trail past the official trail that goes another several hundred feet up the mountain. “That” view is spectacular. If you stop at the end of the trail marked on this map, you’ve probably did yourself a disservice.

Short, mostly flat hike around some rocky outcroppings. My girls loved it (partly because it was perfect 60 degree weather in late December), even the 11 year old, who struggled a bit with the rings up through some narrow stretches of Banshee canyon. Take the hike clockwise and you'll wind up going up the rings, which are there for pretty short stretches. Short walk from Hole in the Wall campground.

29 days ago

After initial gravel, you could do this hike barefoot -- it was like walking on dry beach when we were there in late December. It gets steep toward the end as we ascended the highest dune on its spine, and then you can walk or slide down the even steeper face, which was a lot of fun. We were huffing a little on the way up, but I'd rate this moderate overall. Beautiful 360 view at the top.

Like the devil's golf course, this was a truly unique landscape. I ended up walking the .8 miles out to the end of the path

on Telescope Peak Trail

1 month ago

Hike it on October 18th 2018. Beautiful trail enjoyed it thoroughly!

1 month ago

Climb sand dunes is always fun. Easy access, and be careful with sun even in winter.

5 stars for a sunset view! After a long day of hiking this was a nice end of the day stroll

1 month ago

Hiked this trail on 11/22/18, started from Mahogany Campground. We drove up with a 4x4 but also saw non-4x4 climb up (including a Tesla model 3!) the dirt road. We started the hike at 11:30a, completed at 5:40p, so 6 hours trekking up. Bring layers, enough water and enjoy the views!

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