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It's a nice little trail with a surprisingly high "mountain" compared to the area around it. It isn't really challenging and doesn't have the best views but it's definitely a fun trail that is pretty hidden in Durham/Chapel Hill. The best part for me is being right next to New Hope Creek which can be really relaxing and beautiful at times. Be warned of lots of roots/rocks and one small river crossing, which there is a few logs to climb over.

Mainly flat with slight grades. Can cover good miles if you have the time. Great place to cycle, run, walk, roller blade, or really any other non motorized way to get around. Nice connection to downtown Durham. Partly paved and hard packed gravel. Very nice, and fun.

great but short interpretive trail in duke forest. simple, but educational and a good look at the scope of the Piedmont. it seems some posters have missed the trail completely and only walked on the fire road. that's too bad.

great interpretive trail in Duke Forest

I do this trail so often. it is my favorite loop in the Triangle.

one of my favorite triangle trails. great little rock scrambles too.

Great trail. Definitely need good hiking shoes as there is an abundance of rocks and roots along the trail. One water crossing needed to complete the trail and a short section of rocks to climb over along New Hope Creek

trail running
7 days ago

This was my third time. The trail is a bit confusing & you may take a few scenic routes because it is actually parts of trails that are connected. That said, there is tons of wild life! Today we ran into three different kinds of snakes both on the trail & in the water. One of them was a copperhead-we’re still alive! We also saw different colored butterflies; crazy shrooms; & salamanders. The abundantly mossy path lets you know it is sparsely traveled. About halfway through, there are some rocks you can skip and sit in the middle of the creek to stretch and soak the sun. It may only be a handful of rocks to climb over, but for a trail run, it’s the right amount of adventure. The steep gravel road on concrete bridge road is challenging if you’re trying to run. Once you’re over it- your thighs will feel like the most powerful thighs.

It’s was very fun and pretty easy, Nice for an afternoon hike... went with some children who enjoyed it a lot as well

Did this trail in combonation with holden mill, today on recommendation of a very nice lady at the office? Followed her directions to do a figure 8, starting with the right branch of buckquater then crossing over to stay with the river on our left, then coming back with the river on our right. Went with a friend and our 3 dogs. We all had a blast, we were in and out of the river to play. A bit more traffic as the day went on but not bad until we got back to the beginning of the trailhead where everyone was in the river. We will definitely be back.

Moderately challenging trail, but not so difficult that you wouldn’t want to bring children. Dog friendly but be prepared to bring water for your dog as there aren’t any water fountains.

The incline is decent but not too difficult. The trail is a series of loops that lead to different vantage points and adjacent river walks. The views at the top is nice, but not amazing; with plenty of large boulders you could sit down and rest.

25 days ago

Flat and forested. Cool swampy feel on the sides. Really phenomenal birdwatching at the end where it juts into a marshy area of Jordan Lake. It was really pretty buggy. There was also a bit more trash than many places, but it looks like they periodically clean it up with volunteers. This is on gamelands, bit well marked at the entrance when deer season is. And no hunting on Sundays, anytime.

Great short afternoon or after work hike.

It's an easy trail. Nice little loop walking by the river.

Great hike to see the historic Pump Station ruins and great view of the river with lots of rocks there. We continued west on the trail and kept going on the Laurel Trail until we were across from Bobbit Hole (see the chimney ruins). The trail to that point was up and down ... sometimes along the river and sometimes branching away a bit. At the chimney ruins, there is a trail that goes down to the river where we were able to cross to north side of river by hopping rocks and then walked east on the Bobbit Hole trail and then Cole Mill Trail. We kept going east Pea Loop and Dunegun loop trails until we were across from the Pump Station trail, Crossed the river again, rock hoping, and then returned to the Pump Station parking. Fun hike.

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1 month ago

Good trail but runs in to a neighborhood

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail. Went out around dusk and saw three Copperheads within ten minutes. Two and four-legged friends use caution as the sun goes down.

Easy 3 mike loop.
You’ll see dogs and families on this trail. Mostly flat with one maybe two inclines. No trash cans along the way, be prepared to pick up after your dog with strong odor trapping bags until the end of the trail when you come across a bin.

It’s a beautiful little trail with lots of shade.

1 month ago

The garden is beautiful and there’s always something new to discover! Check it out!

1 month ago

Have only briefly walked on this trail, but followed advice from neighbors and friends to not walk trail alone. Heading north into Downtown Durham can get rough on the path.

The trail goes under and follows high tension power lines. At one point you travel under the metal tower legs of the power lines. The trail is not well maintained. You can hear the interstate highway at every point on the trail. The overlook trail takes you to the edge of an old rock quarry that overlooks the power lines. Not exactly a commune with nature. Can't figure out how this became a North Carolina State Park.

Perfect easy hike,

1 month ago

I really liked this trail ... my favorite so far in the Duke Forest. Got a great view of the New Hope Creek.

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1 month ago

Great Trail. No streets. Paved or good gravel. Lots of trees for shade. love it.

A relatively quick, and moderately challenging trail, with a nice variety of views. I use this as my go-to training trail as I ramp up my carry weight. There's a fair amount of traffic here, including people out for a walk and folks with their dogs (no complaints from me on that count!). This is only problematic in some stretches of the trail that can be fairly narrow. The views transition nicely between tree canopies, the Eno River, a former rock quarry, and then a worthwhile panoramic view from the top. As a heads up: Don't expect a jaw-dropping view of the river. This stretch is very brown, and offers barely perceptible movement. Better river views can be had a few miles away at Eno River State Park if that's your preference. I suggest starting the trailhead at the top of the parking lot, instead of the one down the gravel road. The start takes you fairly close to I-85, and you'll hear a good bit of traffic noise for the first 10-20 minutes, but the further you get into the woods the more it fades away into the sounds of nature. It's cathartic. You feel like you're actually taking a mini-break from society. Plus that way you don't have end by coming *back* to highway sounds. The trail winds up a steady incline, before winding down to the river. At that point it starts a steeper climb back up. You can hop off on a little spur to check out the old quarry, or continue up a steep incline toward some power lines, before entering back into the woods. An optional climb to the top will provide the great view you see represented in the photos. Fair warning: This trail system is very accessible, so you will find a good and steady number of other guests there who will be far less sweaty than you. The rest of the trail is fairly easy. After a moderate incline through a beautiful tree canopy, you'll crest a hill where the trees start to open up. From there it's an easy, gentle walk back down, highlighted by two ponds you can optionally stop off to look at. All-in-all, it's a great little hike that has a little bit of everything.

trail running
1 month ago

I love this trail because it's short, it's a loop, and it's usually pretty quiet. I love taking my dogs here and I like to read the labels on the trees

Nice walk in the woods. Narrow trail. I would go again later in the day and let someone else clear out the spiderwebs. I would also be more careful about following the blazes as the signs were a bit confusing. I wish I had taken a map with me.

Fantastic trail for the area. I'd recommend hiking as much of the new hope creek trail down by the water as possible, going all the way to erwin road following the creek.

Do note, though, the .8 section of trail between concrete bridge and wooden bridge passes across an incredibly steep and rocky hill. This hill section is unmarked and I would not try it without going down on all fours and it's pretty hairy even then..

Trail came as advertised with some good views as well as a short walk along the Eno river. There was one unobstructed view if you took a side path to a look out area. The cliff that you overlook is a by product of a long ago quarry and you would not know it without the signage. All in all a good hike while not extremely strenuous enough ups and downs to get your blood flowing.

trail running
2 months ago

Great loop! My dog loved the Eno river running along the trail so she could jump in when she got too hot. The signs and blazes make it easy to follow. Wonderful spot!

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