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À Nice trail along the river with smooth but certain slope. No difficulty. A nice falls at arrival

this was an amazing hike. the views were incredible. the ruins at the end were a fantastic finish. I really cant describe how awesome this hike was.

the drive to the trail head wasn't to bad. I made it in a 98 Honda crv which has 4 wheel drive. it was slow going (about 2 hours) but totally worth it. I did scrap the bottom of the small SUV a couple of time.

Enjoyed this beautiful gem on a Sunrise Hike Today! I would rate this Hike as easy/moderate...We Did It in 6 hours. Beautiful small waterfalls, enjoyed following the river bend, leaves falling from the trees, etc. Came across quit a few paw prints (mountain lion or bobcat) along river, cows grazing, birds chirping, people horseback riding and a few hikers along the way....this hike is amazing, you won’t be disappointed! Bathrooms on Trailhead, No Fees.

Must do loop.

The trail isn’t too difficult at all. There were some extremely wet/slushy spots that made some parts rather slippery. The waterfall itself was nice, and the water was still a decent temperature to swim. Scenery is nice, but again, nothing out of this world. Wouldn’t rate this hard like AllTrails has it, but it is a decent hike. Happy to have done it, wouldn’t be one that I did twice.

Awesome trail! My profile picture is from this trail. Well worth it.

Thought this was a great and beautiful hike. Challenging but mostly just due to the overall length. No cell service but AllTrails was able to track my location the whole way which was really helpful in a couple spots.

Beautiful hike... couldn’t find the loop trail

Loved the challenge!! So beautiful! Can’t wait to go again! The waterfall left me speechless

22 days ago

Worth every step to the top! You can start this hike at the visitors center (the only option I had during the shutdown). I hiked 12-27-18. You will probably need yaktraks or some type of snow spikes.

Amazing hike today. Due to government shutdown, road is closed just past the campground. Only trailhead access in Chiricahua’s is via lower rhyolite trail at visitor center. There was increasing amounts of snow on the trail starting about a mile in, due to trail on north facing slopes. Some areas 3 inches deep. Trees and branches beautifully coated from recent storm. Nice snow scenes in heart of rocks loop as well. This trail will be slick in next day or two. Hiking poles recommended for anticipated icy conditions.

a very pleasant surprise!!! did the trail counter clockwise. first approximately 3.5 miles was typically az desert with wide open views. next approximately 4.5 miles was wanderly through washes small creeks. fair amount of shade. the last bit of the trail was more desert. I clocked the hike at 9 miles on my garmin. I did stop and wander a couple of times. overall it was a pretty easy hike. would definitely do it again!

We had a great time!! Did a two-day, one-night backpacking trip. Had planned to go just to Charlebois Spring and back, but ended up adding a loop - on the second day, from Charlebois, we continued on the Dutchman Trail through Marsh Valley, then linked up with the Terrapin Trail, which then took us back to Bluff Springs, and from there we competed the loop via Dutchman to Miner Summit and back to the parking lot. Springs were flowing and were beautiful with fall colors! Great views especially on Terrapin Trail and descending from Miner Summit. Perfect for a short backpacking trip!

Decent hike. Not too strenuous and the views allow for serenity and a sense of solitude once you disembark from the beaten path

1 month ago


We started @ 10:30, park warden asked if we had head lamps but finished @ 4 pm. Many hikers going to view point then back, carried on to the loop! Views are beautiful and trails keep you alert with loose rock and shale! My new favourite hike!

Going down is the warm up. Get prepared to hike back. Do the extra mile at the end for the waterfall.

Started around noon and finished at 5:20. Great hike, I did hike clockwise first up the Fremont ridge. This seems to be a popular hike to the ridge ran into a dozen people or so. But after the ridge I didn’t see a sole. Pure wilderness solitude!

Super easy & rewarding hike!

Don't do it unless you are in shape and have the time to get in and out before sunset... driving down the roads to get there is slow and full of ruts

1 month ago

Great trail, ruins are amazing. While the last mile is tough, I would not say that this trail is very difficult, but rate it as moderately difficult.

1 month ago

Great hike, the ruins were awesome to see. Would rate as moderate though. Drive was long and a bit rocky in areas but the views coming back down (cloudy on the way up) were amazing.

Good hike for the experienced. I tend to always get dehydrated on this hike. Be smarter than me and bring electrolyte rich food and liquid. It's a great workout

My 5 and 6 year old loved it. Short, easy hike to the waterfall. It was beautiful!

Figured this would be like most other desert trails that I've done but was pleasantly surprised! We hiked clockwise and much of the first half of the hike was through pretty green terrain. We also had problems following the trail about 3 miles in as much of it was washed out from the rains that we've had. It was an enjoyable hike and not difficult. It took our group almost 4.5 hours with breaks.

Did the loop clockwise today, solo, 102-104-234-235. Started at 10 am and got done by 4:30 pm. Used 1.5 l of water though had total of 3 l. Weather being perfect (60 F) helped. Not many people on the trail after the saddle point. Markings with cairns can be subtle. The map from AllTrails helped a lot. Overall, an awesome hike!

Perfect day for this hike. Beautiful scenery the throughout. Did the loop clockwise and was surprised at how rugged the trail got on the return on 234 and 235. It took just over 5hrs total time. I carried 2 liters of water and trail snacks and had plenty left at the end. I will definitely do this hike again.

trail running
2 months ago

Trail shouldn’t be ranked as hard. Beautiful scenery!

Hiked the trail counter-clockwise on a weekday. I've done parts of the trail on a weekend & there's usually lots of cyclists and horsebackriders. None today. Saw 2 cows. I clocked the hike at 10 miles on an Apple Watch & my friend clocked it on a Tom-Tom at 9 miles, so the posted distance on this website is was shorter. Some parts of the trail (near mile 5) were not easy to find, but we looked for footprints & bright coloured tags on trees for assistance. My fave part was where there was an oasis with ponds of water & lots of smooth rock. I would def do this hike again!

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