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17 hours ago

great trail with lots of different types of environments, pine and Moss to Marsh and oaks... pretty cool

The trail now has nature cards placed randomly on the white trail. These should be great for kids to discover and learn. Nothing beats a hike in the fall.

9 days ago

Nice, very quick easy to moderate climb. Nice views of the lakes. Would be a great climb with small children.

Veryyyyyyy difficult to follow any kind of trail.. but the viewpoint on the way up and the summit provide some beautiful views

Beautiful setting. Easy walking and super dog friendly. We enjoyed a nice quiet bit of time with nobody in sight and my dog loved having the opportunity to run in the fields!

Very pretty. Easy for kiddos. I had my 22 month old walk it :) very nice bridges as well!

26 days ago

On the shorter side for a hike but it was a beautiful walk in the woods relatively easy too. Lots of leaves on the ground right now so pay attention to that

Pretty steep initally for about 10 to 15 minutes then it becomes a nice moderate incline. Quick hike. took me about half an hour to get to the top. Beauitful views. Lots of cool mushrooms around. Worth it.

I have always loved these local trails! Beautiful, well maintained and peaceful.

1 month ago

Great forest walk with a bit of variety. Colors are almost finished changing, lots of leaves on the ground. Nice crunchy walk with my dog on a hot fall day. Running water made her happy and my car nice a muddy!

Love this place! Good for the pups!! There is a geo spot out here too!! Left a note of course! ♥️

on Tumbledown Mountain Trail

1 month ago

While this app is helpful, the Maine Mountain Guide should be everyone’s go to for info before this hike to avoid any surprises. The Loop Trail is very strenuous and dangerous if wet. Having said that, my son and I did Loop Trail up, then the Brook Trail down, only because of the “Chimney” portion, and I think climbing up the metal rungs is easier than coming down. I would advise no dogs on the Loop Trail because of this spot, but that just my opinion.
Once you reach the Tumbledown Boulder (which you can’t miss) you start to gain most of your elevation. This is were it starts to get strenuous. It stays that way until you reach the “Chimney “ The blue blazes in spots were sometimes hard to locate but the beaten path helped guide us. Once past the Chimney, it levels off shortly, then it opens up to the metamorphic rock that you can see at the top, then eventually you can look down on Tumbledown Pond. This hike can get very crowded so we left the parking lot by 8:30 am, and were at the top by 11:30, seeing only 3 others. At the top there were a few people scattered about but didn’t feel crowded. After 1/2 hour or so taking in the beautiful views, we came down the Brook Trail. A lot of boulder scrambling at first, followed by some rocky and muddy spots, then what looked to be like a dry riverbed. Then it eventually turned into a tote road. We made it back by 1:10. 4 1/2 hrs round trip. Once back on the road, it was evident at how busy it can get with the amount of cars along the road.
Don’t let the elevation fool you. This is a very strenuous hike no matter the trail to the top. Read the guide, plan accordingly. Don’t just rely on this app as evidenced by others who were “surprised” at what they encountered. Also, have fun! This hike has amazing views!

Great Hike! We took Parker Ridge Trail up and came down Brook trail. Lots of cars at the parking lot, but only saw one group of hikers on Parker Ridge as they were coming down. Got to top, lots of people and dogs. Beautiful views. Roundtrip mileage with these two trails came out to 6.29 miles which is longer than the mileage noted on any trail info we had seen. It was a bit challenging at times because we had our dog with us. He did great and we've renamed him Mountain Goat!

Super tough
Great hike
Wasn’t expecting the ‘chimney’ with my dog
Carrying a 70 lb. lab up that wasn’t fun
He made it
Not super dog friendly unless you have a harness and a sling for your 4 legged friend
We used a sweatshirt as a sling. Loved the pond at summit - did this with two kids, 11∧13, and my husband. Will def go back

nothing too exciting, but very peaceful. nice big red maple. only saw one other couple

1 month ago

no viewpoint

Loved this trail! Such a good hike but definately would not bring my dog again! we had to carry her up several spots, especially through the chimney section.

We went on a seemingly nice day but about a mile and a half up (which felt like so much longer due to the steep trail up) it started thundering, lightening and raining so we felt best to turn around and try again another day. From what I experienced, it was a great hike but pretty challenging with the incline. Can't wait to try it again soon!! P.s. If you find yourself having to turn around make sure you have good shoes to grip the rocks, it is very steep and slippery when wet!

This was a great hike. I didn't think it was all that hard. It had a mix of things on the trail from woodsy along the Debouillie Lake, to huge boulders as part of the trail, to the gradual climb and switchbacks. The views from the tower on top of Debouillue Mt. were beautiful. The whole Debouillie Land Area is beautiful!

Great easy hike. Wonderful views! It does sneak up on you as you are driving. Very easy to pass right by it. The parking is a little iffy

Easy & short with rewarding views!

1 month ago

There are all kinds of trails in this area that neither AllTrails nor the paper map you can get at the trailhead show. As is typical for a suburban trial system, several different groups appear to have created their own trails for their own purposes in hiking, biking, or snowmobiling. A decent hiking trail, mostly flat, some water crossings and a watering hole and low-level waterfall to take in over lunch. A much better mountain-biking, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing series of trails. Watch for bikers; we had to step off the trail and let some by. Incredibly well-maintained bridges. We got "lost" in the network of trails several times, but then again I was looking to explore the trails not shown on the maps. I did not start marking waypoints until we were well into the hike, so I omitted marking a yellow trail we took and a green one we did not.

Nice hike, moderately paced with great views at the top. Currently lots of logging trucks traveling fast on the main road to the trail, so be alert.

1 month ago

easy hike through the Forrest....however was misled, there was no view at the pinnacle, a pile of rocks. i do understand there use to be.

Great trail leading to fun waterfalls. Very kid and dog friendly.


Short, fun, beautiful trail. The trail head sign doesn't say you can bike it, but it doesn't say you can't either. If you choose to make sure your bike is well tuned, your tires are fat with thick tread, and u have full protective gear on. There are some steep, short descents with sharp turns.

Well marked. Can smell both ocean and pine. Good for families but must pick up ones feet as several sections have many exposed roots.

I found getting to the top challenging. Definitely worth the trip

This trail was more challenging than I had expected. I hiked it alone and wish I had someone with me. I lost the trail twice near the top due to fewer blazes. The chimney was more of a challenge than I had anticipated as well. Again if I had someone with me it would have been easier. I would not recommend kids or dogs on this trail. Still a great hike though.

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