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Beautiful water views. Perfect walking area for a dog.

11 days ago

Not sure where you are supposed to park, we definitely just made it up. other than that trail was nice, well marked and varying levels of elevation to keep it interesting. we had fun, walked with small dog who loved it.

amazing scenic view when you make it to the top

Nice range of inclines. Roller coaster hills make it “uphill both ways”. You can make this trail a really rigorous hike or at a slow pace still gives a good legs (and heart) workout. Nice range of pine and deciduous, and vistas. Now if they could just relocate Logan airport (flight noise) and Rte 128 it would be perfect.

I live 5 minutes from this campground and try to get out as much as I can - even if for only the short loop! Peaceful trail, never busy! The 8 mile loop is a good workout in wet/snowy weather.

trail running
20 days ago

Rugged challenging traverse, akin to some trails you might find in the Whites

Great dirt road, enough elevation change to make it aerobic and long enough to be fun. Lots of friendly people and dogs. Make sure you take a few of the side trails. Mammoth Rock is very interesting and Dean Pond is beautiful.

Agree very rocky. Must wear sturdy shoes with good grip. A great workout though I love the varied up and down. Great hike to keep in shape for summer hikes in the Whites. Love that it’s so close. I’m 59 and not an athlete by any stretch. You can do this.

23 days ago

Made two loops, first just followed loop and park trails around, second followed swamp, mammoth rock, grouse, and whistling cave.

Park and Loop trails are nice and easy to walk around, great starting point, probably 3 stars on their own.
The real fun were the outer-lying trails, definitely 4 starts, would most certainly go back. Still fairly easy trails, mostly level terrain excluding a few areas, but much more enjoyable.

fun with family

Great hike and views. Very rocky and steep. Coming down treacherous if you are not sure footed.

Lots of trees down.

First time visiting. Chasm was closed because of ice, but great views of it and great trail. We did Charlie’s loop trail, but a few other trails that connect which can extend your loop. Well maintained and marked trails. Def worth the visit.

This trail is beautiful but it is definitely challenging!

1 month ago

You’ve heard the expression it’s a cold day in hell, well today it’s a cold day in purgatory. It was a great hike. This place is beautiful year round. Great hikes for all skill levels.

I enjoyed this trail for a family hike. Wide enough for us all to walk together. It is good for dogs too! A bit icy. Only one big hill st the end of the loop. Good hike fir hikers of all levels

This trail is really good.in the snow and cold weather it is really hard.but when it is sunny it is easier.you should wear hiking boots on this trail because it has a lot of water on the ground. but overall it is a really relaxing and fun trail!

Great trail. 3 options. 1.6 mike blue loop. 4.8 mike orange loop (which is trail listed here) and 7.6 red loop. Great trails. Good parking. Year round. Blue loop trail is free from hunting but always wear orange in hunting season. Great views, well marked, and peaceful. Check it out.

2 months ago

Nice easy walk.

Went here with a 9 and 3 year old hoping for an easy path- there were too many places that the 3 year could not handle. Great trail, had to stop 1/4 of the way and turn back bc kids got tired.

Will definitely come back, sans kids.

Very easy trail if you hike like we do.

Many of the paths are overgrown with thorns!!

Many of the paths are poorly marked and could be quite confusing if you don’t pay attention.

Gorgeous! Highly recommend.

rock climbing
2 months ago

Okay, so I'm still a beginner hiker...this was hard! I really enjoyed myself, don't get me wrong, but yikes! There's a lot of climbing boulders, up and down. Looks easier for kids and people in great shape...but great exercise!

This one is a more challenging hike (but I am a beginner) at points it gets very steep but the views at the end make it worth it

First time unplanned exploration so this review is just based on a very small piece of the forest. We spent most of our time on the old cart roads but the few single track trails we found we're more of a 4 star rating. Whisteling Caves Trail was the highlight of this short hike. l look forward to exploring more.

Would have probably been more fun going clockwise, but great trails. Easy to feel lost in nature right outside a city.

beautiful trails. went with my husband son amd Mother in law. it was a beautiful day

So much fun!

What an excellent trail!!
I was in the mood Sunday September 30 for a moderate trail and decided on this. I was glad to have dressed appropriately with my hiking boots and trekking poles as there are lots of rocks, roots, water hazards and gradients to challenge me. I did the 6 mile as I didn't have time for the 8. Go early and stay on the orange trail (8 mile). The trail is well marked. Pay attention to your footing!! Enjoy!

Recently got interested in foraging. Decent number of mushrooms and other funghi around. Just need to climb learning curve so I don't poison myself. Cheers!

Beautiful hike and great for kids and families.

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