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5 hours ago

Great sunrise spot looking out to sea and back over Honolulu. Was really busy even at sunrise with at least 50 people or more. Did this walk on Monday 10th December. Car entry is $5 and if on foot is $1 per person. Definitely worth the price for the views. It toke us 15 minutes to get to the top with no stops.

on Manoa Falls Trail

5 hours ago

Lovely short hike up to the amazing falls. $5 for parking at trailhead and was fairly busy on a Monday 10th December. The path is very easy to follow and is a little slippy at times and rather muddy.

I didn’t know I would be charged, but was willing to pay to support the maintenance of the garden and education center. I was solo so I also paid $5 to hold my gear while I swam in the waterfall pool. You had to wear a life jacket and there was a lifeguard but I understand they do it for the liability. Water was nice and cool.

So Beautiful but so heavily trafficked. Go super early on a rainy day. Very easy

Tourist crawl with amazing views.

Relatively easy because it is well paved. Entirely uphill. Very crowded with two way traffic. The biggest issue is that the crowds are mostly tourists who all have different ideas about what side of the trail to be on, how close to be, how much of the trail is ok to fan out on, and how fast to go. There is a stretch of the trail that goes through a cave, which, if you’re the kind of person who gets claustrophobic in elevators, might be a little uncomfortable. Lots of stairs and the viewing platform is very narrow and crowded. View at the top is totally worth it!

Crowded and touristy, but still a classic. I like to go in the late afternoon when most of the tours are gone.

an easy but muddy trail. beautiful waterfall at the end after a wonderful jungle like trail. saw many folks with inadequate footwear...this trail has muddy slippery spots! please dress properly and keep an easy hike fun.

Even though this hike is a must see for Honolulu/Oahu it's not much of a "hike" good elevation and workout with a view, that's it.

* WAY too touristy. Lots of folks who have no business going up will be there. No trail etiquette in the slightest
* Paved all the way up. Badly at that. Times were you will trip and fall
* If you're a hiker, take the "hard" route when it comes up. Stairs to get the blood flowing.
* Views are great. Crowded. Tourist spot in tight quarters.

It was raining and windy, but the views were totally worth it. The trail can be slippery when wet so would recommend good shoes.

2 days ago

Incredible trail, not too crowded and great photo ops if you are into that, especially if you aren’t afraid to adventure.

I went right after sunrise and was the only person on the trail. It felt like I had been dropped into another world! The foliage was incredible and the views were wonderful. I would highly recommend this trail but a few things to know: 1. Bring bug-spray! There are tons of mosquitos 2. The trail is very very slippery even when it hasn’t rained in a while. It’s basically thin layers of mud on smooth rocks most of the way up. Wear shoes with grips and keep your hands free to help with balance in case you slip.

A nice and family-friendly hike that offers a beautiful waterfall as a prize at the end. Witnessed a proposal.

It is an easy hike, however, it has a narrow path at some points of the hike and there are points where there is oncoming traffic (due to it being heavily crowded) and u cannot pass the person in front of you. Took about 20 minutes to reach the "summit". The whole path is paved. Entrance Fee- Not sure about the Parking fee, but I hiked up to the gate it self and it was a dollar. On Saturdays, if you go in the AM for the hike, you can enjoy KCC famers market right around the corner.
The stairs (towards the last part of the hike to reach up top) in the pictures are optional, but more fun. There is an alternate and an easier path as well. Definitely worth the view if you are visiting HI for the first time such as in my case.

good trail and nice waterfall, not my favourite hike, but its a good one.

Steep, muddy, beautiful waterfall,

I rate it low because despite the fantastic view up top, the trail itself it just one long paved route out in the open with nothing much to look at inside of the crater. After doing it I can’t say the view was worth the effort.

7 days ago

Did this back in March with mom and brother, absolutely gorgeous and easy hike. When we went there were a lot of people at the waterfall end but the small trek was well worth it for how beautiful it was during.


Most of the listed trails are very easy to do. Its best to combine them for a longer hike.

Good family hike and beautiful views. Didn’t think the waterfall was very impressive but the walk through the trees and foliage were awesome. Bring $5 cash for parking.

8 days ago

Pretty views and hike

Easy hike. If this was a free hike I would give it 4 stars. Nice waterfall at the end. Paved path with some history and scenery. Overall I think its worth the cost.

Easy paved hike. Be aware this can get very busy. There is a fee to park and it fills up often. Nice view at the top.

Still one of the best hikes on the island. Safe hike some muddy areas. Nice waterfall at the end. There are additional trails near the top but they are pretty long so be prepared if you plan on hiking to the top.

Do it as early as possible to avoid massive crowds. Finished by 9:30 and the tour busses were lined to get in. Views and stairs are worth it though, and this is more of an easy hike.

I walk this path quite often. It’s got nice scenery and a very easy path to walk, not what I would consider a “trail” but worth a nice stroll.

11 days ago

Hiked this trail on Thanksgiving! Great hike but I would rate it as moderate not easy d/t slippery rocks and mud. Our group did ok with kids and baby carrying , but we saw a couple people slip and fall. Beautiful hike!

Nice hike to an impressive waterfall! Muddy and wet. Do not wear flip-flops, you will be sorry. The arboretum nearby was also nice.

Hot hike during the middle of the day, but the views are worth it. Bring water.

14 days ago

can be busy and muddy, with frequent rainfall. I swam in the waterfall and it was magical

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