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It is a very steep and rocky climb but you should still be able to cruise. Well worth it at the top.

Well maintained. Decent amount of traffic. Great views along the coast.

Fun hike! Definitely more steep at the top, but lovely view

It was a tough hike but the view was worth it. I enjoy hiking but do not do it often enough to consider myself in hiking shape. It took me 2 hours to get to the top with plenty of breaks and just under 2 hours to take white cross down. Would definitely recommend wearing sturdy hiking shoes and the trekking poles were helpful for the way down but would be best to have the ability to secure them to a pack when rock scrambling.
After the hike we went to nearby Peterborough. We ate at Harlow's pub and had some beer at Post and Beam brewery. Both were awesome

Really liked this hike... pretty difficult but doable

Beautiful trail and scenery.. unfortunately, too many off-leash dogs makes it an unpleasant place to hike.

Went up White Dot and down White Cross. Dot is tough. Some tricky sections of straight up rock. Very strenuous but doable. Also great views as you break through the trees. Going down on Cross was wet. Running water over many of the rocks on the trail. Would probably go up and down Cross next time.

The only decent view is covered in grafitti. The trail itself was very rocky and washed out in some places due to the recent rainstorm. Parking is extremely limited. Also make sure to bring bug spray.

9 days ago

9 days ago

awesome trail, and clearly marked.

My first hike 3rd or 4th grade with David Ellis my best friend and his parents.. I felt like I fit, I completed something, didn't have to lie or be embarrassed.. I hiked as a teenager then a mom and if I did everything wrong I know that I did one thing right.. getting outside and playing together with my mini fam, friends, and someday one of my boys will be a girls David Ellis and feel like a champ on top of a mountain!

Fun but tough hike. As others have said there is quite a bit of traffic but most people are very pleasant and I never had more than a brief pause (which was usually welcome) Definitely a front loaded hike with great views at the top.

easy, 45 min one way without speeding.

Loved it. A lot of people though.

great hike. wonderful views

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21 days ago

Will definitely be back. Lots to explore!

Adventured to New Hampshire to hike Mt. Monadnock!! Took me 60 minutes to ascend from the bottom at 1,375’ to the top at 3,165’ and the actual hike was around 2 miles straight up. The last 0.7 miles is steep with a lot of rock!!! If you bring little ones though you’ll prob have to add an extra 60 minutes onto your hike, at least! Awesome hike with beautiful views though!! You can see into Vermont & Massachusetts from the summit. Took me around 50 minutes to descend. If your into hiking, I highly recommend it if your ever out this way; you won’t regret it!!!

It was somewhat challenging on the descent.

This was our first hiking experience and we loved it! We are beginners, we go to gym twice a week or so, but we are not hikers. It took us about 2 hours to get up and 1.5 hours down. Take plenty of water as we ran of ours half way up and it was a bit challenging! Lots of people on the top, but we loved chatting with other hikers on the way, people were super nice and were telling us stories about how their 6-year old kids did this hike so this was additional motivator for us. Overall: great trail, a bit challenging but definitely doable, make stops to rest and drink plenty of water, you’ll be so proud of yourself when you reach the summit!

Very nice walk with my two little ones. Very pretty views of the water.

I may have broke my phone and toe on the way down but still my favorite hike

Excellent trail for a nice spring day hike.

Hiked Tuesday July 10th beautiful day how ever trail was very hard and I was not aware of that involved a lot of very tough climbing and very steep but very beautiful view one thing I ran out of water about halfway up and I brought a lot so due to difficulty be sure to even over pack the water! Very kind people I met along the way!

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1 month ago

Really pretty but wish there was more shade.

I hiked this trail last summer with a group of friends. It was my first hike up a mountain and this was an amazing trail. Lots of friendly people along the way. Not exactly an easy trail but was well worth the trek up to the summit amazing views along the wY and at the top it’s break taking. I’ve been a fan of hiking up mountains ever since. Love it!!.

We completed the trail on Saturday. The weather was excellent and we finished in under 4 hours. Definitely go with the red dot on the way up, as this trail is a lot steeper. The views are excellent. We did not really need a bug spray. I would also recommend proper hiking boots because there are several parts that do not have too much friction and tennis shoes will make you a bit uncomfortable.

Hiked this as our first big mountain family hike on July 7th with our 7 and 10 year olds. They did well going up White Dot and down White Cross... but I'm afraid of heights and found White Dot to have a couple spots that were straight up rock and too much adventure for my taste. Coming down the White Cross Trail, it was intense, but not as wild as White Dot. To do over for those of us enjoying a challenging hike, with out scaling up flat rocks, I recommend using the White Cross trail. White Cross trail was also less busy. White Dot we had to wait in line as we all made our way to the top. Lastly, I can offer that kids in tow (kids towing us up) it took us about 2 hours from parking lot to the summit. A well populated hike, great challenges, and spectacular views from the top. We could even see Boston beautifully!

Nice easy trail for a walk after work. Saw a few fishers on the trail so hikers keep an eye out.

Beautiful views all the way up. Took white dot up to summit then took white cross down, pretty tough climb both ways. Wicked windy up top.

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